Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tamaulipas: Who is “El Pelochas”? And what is the conflict about?

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat from La Silla Rota, Zocalo Saltillo
Who is “El Pelochas”?
Luis Alberto Blanco Flores, "El Pelochas" or "Metro 28", leader of the Gulf Cartel (CDG), is one of the major objectives of capture in Tamaulipas. He has already been in custody three times on both sides of the border.  He was arrested twice in the United States. They deported him into the custody of Mexico. Mexico released him. In February of 2017, in a national television newscast, reported his death.

That took six month to refute, but it was in August 2017,  when confronting elements of the Army in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas. Skill and the money and influence, allowed "El Pelochas" to evade Mexican justice and elude rivals who seek to kill him. 

"El Pelochas" belongs to "Los Metros", a faction of the CDG with a presence in Rio Bravo and Reynosa. Through deaths and betrayals he was promoted and became second in command in the criminal structure. The distinction of his new command position, dropped the code/key "M"of "Metro" and now has the title of " Commander” Pelochas ".  He has the task of defending the plazas against "Los Ciclones" - another group of the CDG - and Los Zetas to maintain control of drug trafficking routes to the United States, human trafficking, fuel theft, kidnapping and the extortion.

Criminal history, shedding tears in a U.S. court

"The Pelochas" began his criminal career with CDG  starting as a “Halcon” [look out] and went on to become an assassin. He was assigned Rio Bravo.

He was arrested on July 23, 2010 in Brownsville, Texas, for "illegal entry" to the United States. A month later, on August 6, he appeared before the federal court, with Rick Canales as lawyer.

At the hearing, which was attended by his mother and wife, "El Pelochas" could not contain his tears in front of Judge Ronald Morgan. On September 22, he pleaded guilty to illegally entering the United States. He regained his freedom at the end of the year by paying bail of more than 25 thousand dollars and returned to Tamaulipas.

He remained inside the CDG and returned to the United States where he was once again arrested.

"On June 5, Luis Alberto Blanco Flores was deported at 1:15 p.m. by an international flight from the city of Atlanta, Georgia, to Mexico City, Federal District, where he was received by the authorities, since he had an arrest warrant issued by the First District Court in the state of Tamaulipas for the crime against health."

In Tamaulipas they could not prove crimes against health, drug trafficking, so he regained his freedom.

He joined Juan Carrizales cell "El 98 Carrizales", the latter had,  as command,  Juan Manuel Loza Salinas "El Comandante Toro", leader of Los Metros del CDG. "The Pelochas" supported by a subject nicknamed "El Diablo" managed to be head of the plaza in Rio Bravo.

On February 17, 2017, the authorities mounted an operation to capture "El Comandante Toro" in Reynosa. The Mets defended their leader but they had nine casualties.

Jounalist Dense Maerker reported; "The objective of the federal forces was to stop Juan Manuel Loza Salinas, known as 'Comandante Toro', head of the Gulf Cartel, with nine people dead, including a man identified as 'Arin M 35', this person was close to 'Commander Toro', also an alleged hit man identified as 'Pelochas' died.

National newspapers, including El Universal, reported the death of "El Pelochas" on February 18, 2017.

However, "El Pelochas" did not lose his life , the authorities confused him, deliberately or by mishap, with another member of Los Metros.

The hunt was continued against “El Comandante Toro” the leader of the CDG, and on April 22, 2017 he was gunned down by federal forces.

The conflict escalates
In Tamaulipas a power war was unleashed inside Los Metros, between "El Betito", nephew of "El Comandante Toro" and Jesus Garcia "El Güero Jessi", close collaborator to the late capo.

Petronilo Moreno Flores "Comandante Panilo" and Luis Alberto Blanco Flores "El Pelochas", supported "El Betillo".

"El Güero Jessi" was an operator who had all the confidence of "El Comandante Toro", since he was entrusted with the Reynosa plaza while he took refuge in Nuevo León. While he was in Nuevo León, he took refuge in one of the houses of "El Commander Panilo."

In May "Comandante Panilo" also sought leadership in the CDG and marked his distance from "El Betillo", the latter was left with only the support of "El Pelochas".

"El Betillo" and "El Pelochas" agreed to remove "El Güero Jessi" and "El Comandante Panilo" from the road to assume the leadership of Los Metros.

In June 19, of 2017, "El Pelochas" allegedly abducted and executed "El Güero Jessi".

Inside Los Metros circulated the version that "Comandante Panilo" had stolen money from the wife of "El Comandante Toro".

"Comandante Panilo" retreated and organized his men to face "El Betillo" in Reynosa and "El Pelochas" in Rio Bravo.

On August 22, 2017, elements of the Mexican Army intercepted a commando of hitmen from Los Metros who transported stolen fuel in Valle Hermoso in Río Bravo, which was headed by "El Pelochas" but after a confrontation, he managed to escape.

"El Comandante Panilo" was set up and killed. Los Metros called for a meeting and when Panilo arrived he was executed.

From Reynosa Codigo
"El comandante Panilo, [Petronilo Moreno Flores, alias el "comandante Panilo"] was killed in the daytime yesterday,  he was betrayed by Miguelito Metro 56, choco metro 90 and chiricuas 85,  in a meeting at his ranch in el ejido “el Charco”.  
"El Pelochas" maintains operations and his legend grows in the CDG and in Tamaulipas despite the fact that they already left him for dead in February 2017.


Led in Matamoros by Alfredo Cárdenas, "El Sobrino" or "El Comandante Cortez", "Los Escorpiones, allied with" Los Metros ", and assassins with  Petronilo Moreno Flores, "Metro 100" or "Comandante Panilo", who was executed on January 23.

His enemies; Luis Alberto Blanco Flores, "El M28" or "Comandante Pelochas", from Rio Bravo and "El Betito".

"The Scorpions" were originally created by Ezequiel Cárdenas Guillén "Tony Tormenta", who In November 2010 died in  a massive shootout, which led to weeks of intense violence. Although originally they were integrated as his personal guard, later they became the "armed wing" of the CDG against "Los Zetas".

The Scorpions were adapted to the image of "The Zetas", and they integrated ex- state, municipal and judicial police.

In social networks, it transpired that on January 23, Petronilo Moreno Flores, "Comandante Metro, Metro70,  100 Panilo", leader of the Gulf Cartel. considered the leader of the Gulf cartel, was executed.

"Panilo" was betrayed by people who operated in the same cell and was executed in El Ejido el Charco, south of the city of Reysosa, at the time he was holding a meeting with his subordinates. State authorities have not confirmed this version.

Various blockades and pursuits have been registered in the city of Reynosa since the first hours of this Wednesday after the supposed January 23, 2018 presumed death of Panilo. Manta’s were hung declaring retribution over the death of Panilo.
In social networks have reported that the main avenues and accesses to the city were closed. 

Approximately at 10 am, the security spokesman of the Government of Tamaulipas confirmed several blockades that took place from 08:00 on the road to San Fernando, at the height of the Benito Juárez neighborhood as well as on the bridge that crosses the canal Rodhe, the entrance to the Voluntad and Trabajo neighborhood, the Morelos, Imag, Colosio, Hidalgo boulevards as well as the Loma Dorada and Tecnológico avenues.

According to the newspaper Zócalo de Saltillo, clashes had escalated at the end of December. "Luis Alberto Blanco Flores," El Pelochas "or" M-28 ", leader of the cartel in Rio Bravo, together with Humberto or Steven Loaiza Méndez," El Betito ", face a narco-war against the group of Petronilo Moreno Flores," El Panilo "or" M100 ", in dispute over control, the newspaper reported.