Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Reynosa: "Scorpions of the CDG" against Sedena leaves 1 soldier dead and 5 wounded

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat from VXT

Reynosa, Tam.- A strong deployment by elements of the Ministry of National Defense is recorded this afternoon at a maquiladora company called Kimball Electrónicos de México.

An armed commando of the CDG Escorpion group attacked elements of SEDENA in the Colonia Nuevo Reynosa, resulting in 6 wounded elements; one of them died while receiving medical attention.

The six elements of the 19th Motorized Cavalry Regiment of Sedena,  were transferred to receive medical attention.

And this regarding the murder of Comandante Panilo

The betrayal and murder of Comandante Panilo

From Reynosa codigo rojo RCR

"El comandante Panilo, [Petronilo Moreno Flores, alias el "comandante Panilo"] was killed in the daytime yesterday,  he was betrayed by Miguelito Metro 56, choco metro 90 and chiricuas 85,  in a meeting at his ranch in el ejido “el Charco”.  

They have no idea  what they unleashed.  People will come from Coahuila, Monterrey and other states to support the relatives of Panilo. Tijerina and his brother will avenge his murder.  They will come from Matamoros and Guerrero, people people with whom he had dealings with, avoid going out because beginning today they began arriving and it will be a bloody mess.  The order is to fuck those who betrayed Panilo.

We're gonna miss him. He was a good boss and here we come."

Additional photos of the clash yesterday