Sunday, January 28, 2018

Reports of commander "Betito" killed in Reynosa shootout with Marina

Chivis Martinez or Borderland Beat info from El Mañana and Menytimes

Note: There are questions surrounding the photo of the person social media identifies as Betito a CDG leader.  MenyTimes blog questions the validity of the claim.  Pointing out that members often replicate tattoos.  Sometimes to create confusion.  
Here is the story from El Manana

In a gun battle against elements of the Secretary of the Navy ( SEMAR ), four armed civilians were killed.

Unconfirmed by the authorities, at the close of this edition, there was the persistent reporting on social networks,  that among the civilians killed is the leader Humberto or Steven Loza Méndez, aka Betito or Betillo one of the priority objectives of the Government of Tamaulipas  State, for which it has an offer of a two million pesos reward.

It was around 17:10 yesterday when it was reported that the armed forces surrounded an address located in the streets Cuarta con Amor of the Las Palmas neighborhood, behind the Maternal and Children Hospital.

Graphic fotos on following page.

At that time, armed individuals, who were hiding in the house, opened fire with high-powered weapons against the military authorities.

Immediately, the Navy personnel repelled the aggression and overcame  the armed men.

At the end of the confrontation, the authorities cordoned off several blocks around the house where the armed men were shot.

At the close of this edition, there were no official sources that could confirm the death of the leader Humberto or Steven Loza Méndez, alias Betito or Betillo, in the confrontation  with elements of the Secretary of the Navy, leaving only unofficial versions and commentaries in the social networks.

Who is/was “El Betito”?

Steven Loia Mendez alias “Betito or Betillo, was the nephew of Juan Manuel Loia Salinas, aka “El Toro”.  Upon the death of Commander Toro, Betito was elevated to commander to dispute the control of the Reynosa Plaza. 

Betito was arrested by the states police in 2015, but was released a few days later.

On December 10, 2017, the Tamaulipas Public Prosecutor’s office offered the reward of 2 million pesos for information that would lead to his arrest.  He was wanted for crimes of homicide, kidnapping, extortion and affiliation with a criminal association. 
El Toro