Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Opinion: "Anonymous" Commenter's rebuttal to "Tyranny of the Majority: U.S.-fueled Instability in Mexico"

Written by Anonymous Guest Reporter 'Lurker'
Readers: I have not a clue who this anonymous commenter is. Fact of the matter is, I have never pulled a comment out of thread, to create a post. What I do know is he has been a BB follower since 2010, the same year I began following BB. He has never before posted a comment, refers to himself as a “lurker”.His commentary is thoughtful, expressive, fact-filled and a good counter to the article “Tyranny of the Majority: U.S.-fueled Instability in Mexico and the Case for a North American Economic and Security Community”[if you have not read it, please use this hyperlink] Whether or not I completely agree with his opinion doesn’t matter, it remains an excellent counterpoint.

“I think he misses the mark entirely about what really afflicts Mexico in its current condition” .….Lurker

Look man, I’ve been a BB reader since 2010 but have never written before. I’m a lurker, as many of you are, but this article really got me, so here goes my .02 centavos…..
Though I think the author made some good points with this article, I think he misses the mark entirely about what really afflicts Mexico in its current condition. He goes on to quote some great minds like Alexis de Toqueville, Rousseau and Madison, et al, but he takes their statements wholly out of context and using sleight of hand, 3-Card Monty type word tricks, tries to fool us into his globalist, left-leaning ideology that Mexico’s homicide woes are caused by US drug consumption! There’s some truth to it, no doubt, as we are the number one consumer, but it’s reeks of the same old argument the Left has been making for years – if only we amend or get rid of the 2nd Amendment, the senseless killings will stop! But, as all dictators know, once you disarm the citizenry, then rebellion becomes an easy-peasy matter to stop!

I contend that what makes the USA different from any other country is our Constitution and The Bill of Rights, and its 27 Amendments. The Bill of Rights in general is a guaranteed list of what the govt can’t do to us as citizens! Of importance to Patriots (Liberals, not so much…) is the 2nd Amendment (the right to keep and bear arms), as that is arguably one of the most (if not the most) important right that we as citizens enjoy that other countries unfortunately and regrettably do not. Currently, only USA, Guatemala and Mexico have that right (according to Google), but only in the USA is that right honored or recognized without the severe restrictions that the other two countries place upon it. Consider that the US Revolutionary War was won because Patriots were fed up with draconian British rule over them (a bunch of putos they were), so Patriots banded together, drank some Samuel Adams and smoked some good Virginia sinsemilla, and then took up arms to do something about it, not just theorize and debate it – but lock and load and play Whack-A-Mole with the nasty Red Coats! In other words – they put their anger into action! In life, nothing changes until someone gets pissed off or at least fed up with the current status quo and then decides to do something about it.

If Mexico had included the right to keep and bear arms when Carlos Salinas amended the Constitution under Articles, 3, 5, 24, and 130 (religious articles) and 127 (land reform), I pretty sure that Mexicans (being Tough Hombres) would not have allowed some methed up, narco vato locos to go around committing atrocities like what happened to the 300 people in Allende in 2011, the missing 43 students at Iquala in 2014, and the 72 murdered migrants at San Fernando in 2010 that turned into 193 bodies after exhumation in 2011, not to mention the 49 human torsos found in a clandestine grave in Cadereyta! My point is that the body count wouldn’t be 200,000 (far more than is reported by this author), the truth is no one really knows because, as he admits – crimes go unreported.

My simple point is if someone is trying to break down your front door in the middle of the night, a 12 guage shotgun, or some such weapon, would certainly make for a fairer fight – as opposed to no gun at all! We all know that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away! Hell, the Japanese thought twice about invading the mainland US during WW2 when they realized how many guns those crazy rednecks had! Hari Kari was a better option for them, I guess. Look, there’s people in Guerrero (Autodefensas), politicians and liberals call them “vigilantes” – people like Dr. Mireles that were fed up with their government  not providing security to the people, so they took matters into their own hands! Same thing I would have done! Thing is, had they had more weapons and more assistance, instead of government resistance, they’d have succeeded! The will was there, but the government came down harder on them than it did the cartels?! Go figure…

1: Legalizing marijuana would cut Mexican TCO profits by 17%. True, but also true is that had HSBC Bank been stopped, or fined a realistic number rather than the measly $1.9 billion (follow the money), from the Obama, Holder DOJ regime back in 2012 (HSBC admitted it, but the fine was only 2 months profit – so it was written off as a cost of doing business), then the cartels wouldn’t be able to launder their money with impunity like they do now either! See, I can play what if’s too!

2: Closing of loopholes that allow firearms to be purchased in the U.S. sans background check. Where there’s a will – there’s a way! Just look at Chicago with its strict gun laws – do they apply to criminals who don’t care about consequences? Strict gun laws are in place in Mexico as well – do they apply to cartels too? Because they certainly don’t give a shit about them!

3: Rehabilitation, instead of long term prison sentences for hard core drug addicts. Three strikes, many times even more! Depending on the city and state, our laws are very lenient nowadays – except for hard-core drugs. This is an internal and personal issue. In a free society, no one makes anyone do drugs – it takes a willing participant. Don’t want to go to jail or do time – then don’t commit crimes! This guy is just regurgitating the liberal orthodoxy that there’s too many people in prison for drugs. I can tell you this, 100% of them were found guilty either by a jury of their peers or by a judge who had to follow the law. We’re all free men and women, we have free will! Exercise better judgment – listen to that little guy on your shoulder who goes by the name of “Conscience” and hangs around with a guy named “Gut” when they tell you something just ain’t right.

But please spare us the lecture about globalizing the Western Hemisphere by calling it the “majority tyranny issue” as if that’s the silver bullet to the drug war! Does sovereignty mean anything anymore to this guy? For me, it rings too close to what some high and mighty Mexican politicians said after they lost the Mexican-American War of 1848: "The true origin of the war, it is sufficient to say that the insatiable ambition of the United States, favored by our weakness, caused it. No – sorry to break it to you buttercup, but Mexico started a fight with the USA after only two decades from winning independence from Spain, and then grossly misjudged the USA as an adversary – and so, with regard to all the land the USA got for its troubles, as the saying goes: to the victor goes the spoils.

Give Mexicans the right to keep and bear arms – and then see what happens to the drug war and the kidnappings, beheadings, extortion, and all that other pendehadas that is only happening not because of US consumption, but because the people can’t fight back fair and square! Did you ever consider that?