Monday, January 22, 2018

Mexico has an answer to the violence; women steal your husbands weapons when they are at work

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat from Reforma
  • Mexico asks citizens to turn in weapons
  • Children trade play guns for stuffed animals
  • Stiffer penalties for possession of  weapons

War Toys for Stuffed Animals
The Head of Government’s the Voluntary Disarmament program, Miguel Ángel Mancera, called on women, to take advantage when their partners go to work,  destroy  any  weapons that are in the  home..

"Ladies, when the husband goes to work, remove those weapons and we will take care of destroying them.”

“Mothers,  you have to take those weapons out of the house, to the grandmothers who have helped us a lot, I’ll never forget a grandmother who said, after  taking advantage when she was alone, ‘here I bring you this gift’, and arrived  with five long guns.”

Starting today and until next February 1, the Metropolitan Cathedral will be able to accept  firearms and cartridges, which will be destroyed by the country's military forces and in return the citizens will receive monetary compensation. 

In this program, which was allocated 25 million pesos and will travel the 16 delegations, children are also summoned to deliver their war toys and receive stuffed animals.

Mancera, the chief of the program,  received rifles and ammunition from citizens, which he inspected and then gave them the corresponding money.
At the start of this strategy, Mancera took the opportunity to reiterate his call to the Chamber of Deputies to approve the law that places harsher penalties on those who carry firearms.

"This culture of peace we have to spread, we again make a respectful call to the Chamber of Deputies to approve as soon as possible this law that aggravates the penalties for those who illegally carry firearms. Injuries and sometimes cause  death for having these type of instruments that carry nothing but a message contrary to what we want to spread, "he said.

Since the beginning of this strategy, the capital's government has already destroyed more than 33,000 firearms.