Saturday, September 16, 2017

Nuevo León: El Gafe of CDN apprehended, Rumors of A CDN split

by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

omandante GAFE, of cartel CDN, has been apprehended in Guadalupe Nuevo Leon. A suspicious truck evolved into a routine check by police were attacked by armed men who were in the vehicle, which led to a chase and shooting this morning through several streets of Guadalupe.
The incident resulted in an injured police officer and two narco criminals being apprehended.  Seized were weapons, the vehicle, which damaged in the shootout.

A woman and a man managed to escape.

"Comandante Gafe", is one of the leaders of the CDN-Northeastern Cartel, who is in dispute over Tamaulipas narco plazas.

“El Comandante Gafe" is responsible for piso [extorted tax] murders, including women and children in a never-ending war against the Old School Zetas and CDG cartels.
CDN is the Treviño faction of Los Zetas cartel. 

They are in conflict with the other Zetas group Los Zetas “Vieja Escuela”, or old school Zetas.

Although arriving a year ago in grand narco style, with a narco message and a dead body for emphasis, Gafe promised to clean the plaza for the citizens of Tamaulipas free of “all those rats” who kill and extort.

He left out the part “except us”.

It is suspected that “El Gafe” was given the moniker for possibly once was a member of GAFE,  The Mexican Army Cuerpo de Fuerzas Especiales (Special Forces Corps) before joining the dark side.

After the arrest of the Treviño brothers, Miguel and Omar, who were premier leaders of Zetas, they felt there was no option but to leave the leadership role in the hands of their nephew “El Kiko”.  While the brothers were in control, they kept Kiko on a short leash.

They were aware of his blood hungry brutality, and difficulties leading, using the power as a tool to harshly control in ways that caused the fracture in the cartel.

It is reported that Miguel and Omar, although apprehensive about Kiko in the primary leadership role, it was their credence that nothing could be trusted more than blood kinship, if both leaders were going to be imprisoned for years. Although there were a list of a half dozen more qualified candidates, in a huge error of judgment, Kiko became leader and caused havoc and a massive uptick in the old style of not seen since the death of leader Heriberto "Lazca" Lazcano.

Kiko was arrested in Texas a few months ago.

Quickly things fell apart, and the cartel split into the two factions.

It is reported that CDN has just split again into two groups.  Look for Borderland Beat to post an article soon on that issue.