Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Guanajuato: 7 Dead in commando attack including 4 police officers (video)

Thank you Tu Fren... from Proceso

CELAYA, Gto.- Seven people, including four municipal police, a Transit employee and two employees of a gas station, were riddled by bullets, when armed  individuals aboard four pickup trucks attacked in Apaseo el Alto.

Around midnight Monday, at a gas station located at the corner of Daniel Ángel Ortega and Guadalupe Mandujano streets,   four Tahoe trucks arrived with a large group of men with long guns, who began the gun assault.

The employees managed to throw themselves on the floor. However, several members of the command approached and shot the two in the head, they died at the scene.

Two local police officers on patrol arrived, alerted by a call that informed them of the gunfire, but were received with gun blasts  and also died at the gas station.

The agents were identified as Mario Patiño Núñez and Uriel Alejandro Carbajal. A private security guard was injured.

Subsequently, at least two of the aggressors' trucks drove to Avila Camacho Street and reached a  guardhouse of the Municipal Police, which they blasted with gunfire.

An employee of Municipal Transit who was in the interior was hit by bullets and died instantly.  The woman, was identified as Irma Guadalupe Durán Durán,

Following these murders and the kidnapping of the two preventives - Gelasio Martinez de la Cruz and Joel Lara Paredes - an inter-municipal operation was implemented with the support of state and federal agents..

However, at seven Tuesday morning, the bodies of the two abducted police were located, discovered riddled with bullets, on the Acámbaro-Parácuaro road.