Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tijuana: Two women tortured and murdered, thrown on side of the road

Tijuana: Two women tortured and murdered

I've written a lot of these posts, not as many as those writing for AFN, Zeta, Frontera, and all the others who report the daily killings, the tragedies, the death, the brutality, but likely a few dozen over the last 5 years.  

I can write about the early morning mist, or the frigid cold that clings to the region, the frost and bitter winds that must sweep through the Tijuana/Rosarito road in those morning hours.  The morbid tranquility of two bodies, silent in death, the contrast of the serenity of early morning and the bodies getting colder by the second, warm flesh, red blood, fighting a losing battle with the frigid air.

The bodies were found near Real Del Mar.  

I don't know if it's easier one way or the other, or whether I care about what's easier. I don't think I do. I want there to be meaning.  Meaning in saying two men, possibly a mother and daughter, were beaten, and executed, then tossed on the side of the road.  

I don't know where the killing and violence ends, a void of anger, sadness, regret, hopelessness, bitterness.  Two women were murdered.  Two women were tortured.  And they were found on the side of a road.  

Maybe they were in involved in the trade.  Maybe they were someone's family.  Or maybe that is all that matters.  They were someones family.  They are.  There will be a funeral.  These women were loved by someone.  They mattered to someone.  The fact that they ended on the side of the road, bearing the marks of torture does not betray their humanity.  

But, it betrays ours, if we callously dismiss them as undesirables, or if they were indeed involved in the retail drug trade.  The tendency of a society is to tune out, to clean and crop a picture for instagram, take a Snap of some inane or enviable activity, turn up the music, dismiss, demean, dispose of the images, or the visuals that come along with beaten and bruised body parts and bullets piercing flesh.  

I don't do that.  You take it in, and process it.  Let it tear through you like a shot of liquor, let it singe your tongue, and burn your insides.....let it sit for awhile.     

Sources: AFN Tijuana