Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Playa del Carmen: Zetas claim responsibility of Club Blue Parrot attack in narco message

Guest Reporter Javier

Yesterday the Facebook news page of the weekly “Playa News Aqui y Ahora”, was the first to report  the hanging of a manta, supposedly signed by Old School zetas taking responsibility of the Blue Parrot Club shooting, in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.

We held back from publishing the story in hopes of verifying its authenticity.  Although blogs have gone with the story, few mainstream media  published it.  

El Debate, Proceso,  was the closest to mainstream that did.  There was some regional TV and radio coverage.  Questions were raised if the manta was authentic. However since readers have asked about it, here is what we know.

A manta was hanged in Playa del Carmen in 4 locations,  Playa News took photos of the narco message before it was taken down.  The photo above is the image the news source took and published.

"Phillip” is presumably BPM Festival co-founder Phillip Pulitano.  On the Playa News facebook page they also suggest  “Fayo Z” is  Quintana Roo Zeta leader Rafael del Ángel Velez Morales, pictured below during his 2010 arrest.

Message Paraphrased: 

"This is a sign (presumably speaking of the shooting) that we are here, it happened because of Phillip-BPM, (BPM music festival) not aligning. It's the beginning; we will cut the heads of Golfos, (CDG) Pelones and Chapulines.  Sincerely,  “El Fayo” Z Vieja Escuela"
Supposedly, members of the Golfo Cartel had attempted to invade the event for the purpose of selling drugs.  That act would have provoked a territorial dispute confrontation between them and Zetas.

The alleged message of "Los Zetas" would indicate that would confirm that the killing in the Blue Parrot was a confrontation by the dispute of the square between groups of the narco and not a conflict between two individuals as authorities insisted and would like the public to believe. Nothing in this report seems out of the bounds of possibility.

Note:  A BB reader sent this comment in with respect to the Phillip mentioned in the manta message:
''Phillip" is Philip Pulitano who is one of the BPM founders and also a blue parrot owner who was the contact between BPM and Los Z's for distribution of drogas at all the BPM festival clubs de noche"