Monday, January 23, 2017

Colima:Saturday 7 decapitated Bodies discovered in taxi, Sunday 5 more

Javier Guest reporter  for Borderland Beat  and Siskiyou_kid second report

Seven bodies were found in an abandon Taxi, in Manzanillo, Colima.  Passerby drivers called into the emergency center on Saturday at about 6AM, notifying authorities.

The stolen vehicle was abandoned on the Manzanillo Colima to Cihuatlán Jalisco Highway.

Inside the Taxi were the decapitated bodies of males and one female, accompanied by a narco message.  The contents of the message was not made public, but was signed by CJNG and reportedly the bodies were members of the Sinaloa Cartel.

On Sunday, five more bodies with signs of torture were found on a dirt road near the community of Punta de Agua, in Manzanillo.

The five bodies, belonging to four men and a woman were reported to police by people who were passing by.

When law enforcement authorities arrived at a field near the road from Manzanillo to Camotlan de Miraflore, they confirmed finding five dead bodies, which for the moment the identities are unknown, but they has visual signs of torture and beatings.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the bodies showed marks of torture. Around a pile of three bodies to placards [narco cartulinas] with messages were left; one linked the victims to a criminal group (CJNG)  and threatened to continue the killings.

At the scene various police agencies arrived to start the appropriate investigations, and the bodies were transferred to SEMEFO for autopsies and for full identification.

Manzanillo closed 2016 placed among the municipalities with the highest rates of premeditated murders in the country.