Thursday, November 10, 2016

Javier Carrasco, nephew of ‘Nacho’ Coronel arrested

Federal Police (PF) arrested Javier Carrasco Coronel, aka "El Seis", who was considered target # 104 of the 122 priorities of the Mexican Government, according to the general Commissioner of the Corporation, Manelich Castilla Cravioto.

"El Seis" was known as the head of the criminal group known as "La Corona" according to reports, he emerged after the death of "Nacho" Coronel.

“El Seis is linked to a criminal group with presence in the State of Sinaloa, In addition to coordinate other groups in the States of Jalisco and Colima".

Castilla Cravioto said that the investigation on this man allowed them to knowto know that the accused was allegedly engaged in trafficking of drugs into the United States, as well as kidnappings in tort of entrepreneurs and traders in the State of Jalisco, as well as of members of rival groups".

Carrasco Colonel is charged with organized crime with the purpose of committing crimes against health and kidnapping, and is linked to a criminal group with presence in Sinaloa, In addition to coordinating other groups in Jalisco and Colima.

He said that the analysis of information obtained in investigations, determined the location of the now apprehended in the village of Carrizalejo, municipality of Culiacán, where they deployed an operation by the Federal Police and army personnel.

He said that the capture of "El Seis" was in a moving vehicle, without making a single shot.

At the time of the arrest, Carrasco Coronel was carrying two false identifications, a pistol, a rifle, a package with approximately 1.2 kilograms of a substance with the characteristics of synthetic drug, as well as a vehicle.

The arrested and the evidence were put to disposition of the Ministry, attached to the specialized attorney in organized crime research (SEIDO) of the Office of the Attorney-General (PGR), in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa.