Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Doctor Mireles Might Soon Leave Prison

Translated by Chuck B Almada for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article October 17, 2016
Written by Francisco Castellanos

#Liberen a Mireles #LiberenaMireles

Judge grants appeal on Doctor Mireles' case due to an omission in the revision of evidence.

Morelia, Michoacan- The defense of the ex leader of the Autodefensas, Jose Manuel Mireles Valderde, through attorney, Ignacio Mendoza Jimenez confirmed that an appeal (amparo) had been granted so that the federal justice could again revise the evidence in the case. According to documents, the defense accuses the Second Tribunal Unitario of the 11th circuit of negligence when analyzing the evidence presented during a motion to dismiss hearing.  

"The solicited constitutional protection should be granted to the complainant, to the effect that the responsible declare void the requested resolution and issue another in which there is an analysis of the evidence This order was issued by the First Unitarian Tribunal of the 11th circuit during the ruling for the indirect appeal hearing 32/2016-III, which consists of legal size sheets.

 “It is required to make a new analysis (of the case)

The ruling was revealed this morning by the lawyers of Doctor Mireles and by the local deputy of the Citizens Movement (Movimiento Ciudadano), Daniel Moncada, who has continued to closely follow the Autodefesas movement in Michoacan. Moncada affirmed that this ruling has exposed the ineptitude of the Second Unitarian Tribunal when they ignored certain evidence in the case.

It was also highlighted that It's the magistrate that has liberated many criminals. This same magistrate has given us a list by name and cartel of all the criminals that it has freed, but in the case of Mireles he said it wasn’t possible because this is a case that has a lot of tiny details. He recognized that it wasn’t a legal subject, this according to the Citizens Movement Deputy, Daniel Moncada. During a press conference he highlighted that after reviewing the evidence, Mireles might regain his freedom.  

Attorney Ignacio Mendoza explained that with such evidence, the one that stands out the most is a document signed on January of 2014 by the then federal commissioner, Alfredo Castillo where he pacts with Autodefensa groups in the area. There are also several other documents that shows that the government endorsed the registration of weapons to the comunitarios, including those weapons that were of exclusive use to the military.

 "Also exhibited are over 30 videos, forensic evidence, and statements from government officials and ex autodefensa leaders about the agreements made with the government.

During the conference, Mendoza explained that the appeal (amparo) that was granted today shows that once again that Mireles has had every single of his rights violated. “He’s a political prisoner, legally speaking, by a process that has failed to recognize the evidence. It’s very grave.”

Mireles was arrested on June 26, 2014 in la Mira, municipality of Lazaro Cardenas along with 80 more autodefensas during an operation carried out by the Federal Police and Mexican Armed Forces. There were no shots fired during the operation and according to some local medial outlets, there were up to 600 military and police officers that participated in the operation. Mireles was accused of possession of narcotics and carrying weapons made for the exclusive use to the military. Mireles was then sent to the maximum security prison, Cefereso 11 in Hermosillo, Sonora where is he currently held today.