Friday, September 30, 2016

Chapos Brother and sons responsible for military ambush

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"El Guano" injured

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The sons of El Chapo are being blamed as the perpetrators of the attack against the Mexican military. According to the state governor, Mario Lopez Valdez, in the convoy was 17 soldiers, five of whom died, 10 more were wounded and two were unhurt. Also wounded is a paramedic whose condition is listed as “stable”.

A rescued person was using an alias of  Julio Oscar Ortiz Vega, but reports from Culiacan state he is in fact is Aureliano Guzmán Loera, brother of "El Chapo" Guzman.

A source in the Sinaloa prosecutor's office revealed that Aureliano, better known as "El Guano" was the injured person moved by ambulance in the ambush against the military.

Aureliano was apparently injured during the clash with soldiers in the Tayoltita area of the mountainous area of Badiraguato.

The wounded “El Guano” was taken first to hospital in Badiraguato where he was treated, and later  transferred to Culiacan.

The ambulance was escorted by two Hummer of the Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional (SeDeNa) (Secretary of National Defense)  (SEDENA) and a patrol of the Municipal Police of Badiraguato.

Through a press conference, the commander of the Ninth Military Zone, General Alfonso Duarte Mujica, acknowledged that in the area where the first confrontation in Bacacoragua and other surrounding communities such as Huixiopa occurred, there is a conflict between Aureliano Guzman 'El Guano' and 'The Mochomito' eldest son Alfredo Beltran Leyva, who are vying for control of the crops of narcotics in the mountainous area.

Reports are saying that El Kevin of CDS was the injured person; others say both Chapo's brother and El Kevin were hurt.  At least one supposedly was hurt, el Kevin who was being transferred by ambulance to a Culiacan hospital escorted by Mexican Army and Municipal police.  He was hurt and captured in the Huixiopa clash a week ago..  That means that Chapo's brother may have been hurt in the attack of yesterday, or also in the previous clash.  El Universal, and others are now reporting on the clash, but nothing is confirmed fully.