Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tijuana: Girlfriend & brother of 'El Karate' de CAF attacked

Girlfriend & brother of 'El Karate' de CAF attacked

In an afternoon, daylight attack, loved ones of Carlos Gonzalez, 'El Karate', CAF operator, who was detained earlier in the year, were injured, after gunmen fired upon them from a vehicle, while traveling in a silver Malibu, California plates.  Bryan February Moreno, 24, 'Karate's' brother, who was the driver, managed to drive to the Hospital de Carmen de la Colonia Cacho. 
His passenger, identified February as 'Leslie', 28 years old, was also injured.

The shooting took place near Santa Fe Plaza, in an area known as 'Bow Tie'. Carlos Gonzalez, was detained in late Febuary presumably near Mexicali, with other men, in February bearing the same surname, February. They were arrested with high caliber weapons and kilos of crystal.  

At the time, it was said 'Karate' or 'Karateca' was second in command of what remains of the CAF structure in Tijuana, yet, this seems unlikely for several reasons, including the circumstances of his arrests.  He remains jailed, facing several murder and organized crime charges.  In the past 2 years, there have been numerous instances of CAF, ex CAF and their family members being executed, attacked, and kidnapped in Tijuana, as organizations and alliances shift, wither, and die under a changing guard.

There remains a constant murkiness to these killings, some are attributed to rival groups, such as Los Aquiles, and narco retail feuds, like the family members of 'El Mono' who were attacked earlier this year.  Others, are said to be internal settling of accounts, like the case of Logan gang member 'El Viejon', found in black bags, beaten to death, late last year.  His death was later said to be by members of his own kidnapping crew, who left a note from Aquiles, to cause confusion.  'El Illames' was shot, and injured at his other men 'Fusion 40' in Tijuana late last year, and another CAF operative was executed near his home in Spring of this year.

Bullet wounds and private hospitals, flesh seared by bullets, aliases and nicknames, killings and kidnappings play out in Tijuana, bodies buried, prayers said, death omnipresent under the glare of the city lights from across the border...

Sources: AFN Tijuana