Sunday, August 21, 2016

Reports of Chapo's son set free after kidnapped in Puerto Vallarta

By Texcoco for Borderland Beat
Range Rover seized at La Leche
Note by Chivis:  The respected RioDoce Sinaloa newspaper, broke a story yesterday that kidnapped Alfredo Guzman, son of El Chapo was freed.  RioDoce has excellent Sinaloa sources and usually are correct in their stories, but have jumped the gun in the past.  Based on their reputation, mainstream Mexican media followed by republishing the story, attributing it to RioDoce.  Anabel Hernandez added that her "Guzman family sources" also reported to her that Alfredo was freed.  But she also cited the same family sources in her early reporting information on the kidnapping, which turned out to be false.  We are not sure about the release, as there is no confirmation a full day later,  but we though we should at least advise BB readers what is being said.  The latest and the superseding 22 page indictment against Alfredo (Alfredillo) I have added at bottom of begins below

Unofficial sources reported that Alfredo Guzman Salazar was released after five days in captivity from being kidnapped by armed men in a luxurious restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Two different sources confirmed to Ríodoce weekly newspaper, about Chapo's son, although there is people saying that Ivan Archivaldo, the eldest son of Joaquin Guzman, El Chapo, was also among the kidnapped victims in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, on the early hours of Monday 15, they were all released.

So far there is no information about where they were released, but sources say that they are all unharmed and some already in Sinaloa. So far no authority finding confirms release of six people.

For the Attorney General's Office (PGR), which this took control of the investigation on this case week as the victims are still missing.

Alfredo Guzman Salazar, 29, was deprived of his freedom along with five others in the early hours of last Monday at the La Leche restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. On Monday the State Attorney confirmed the identity of the six people, and attributed the kidnapping to a criminal group operating in the region, referring to the New Generation Jalisco Cartel.
Guzman Salazar is required by various authorities in 2009 had turned an arrest warrant issued by Judge Ruben Castillo of the Northern District of Illinois, accusing him of importing drugs into the United States from Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico.

According to the record 1-CR-09-00383, Alfredo Guzman Salazar not only coordinated the movement of drugs into the United States, also guaranteed the payment of money from the sale of the drug, same as it was returned to Mexico, particularly in Culiacan, Sinaloa .

It also explains the file, the Alfredillo was who coordinated the logistics for the smuggling of drugs and worked for his father, Chapo, but also for Ismael Zambada.

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