Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tijuana: Two 'CJNG' lieutenants of 'El Gross' detained

Two of El Gross detained

Prior to a calm weekend in Tijuana, one with a rising number of tourists, two men, aligned with a cell responsible for many killings and atrocities in Tijuana, Colonia Sanchez Tadoaba were detained.  They work closely with, said to be confidantes, of Arturo Herrera, El Gross, a Teo like figure who broke away from Los Aquiles, and formed an alliance with CJNG.

El Cabo
El Gross and El JP have flooded Sanchez Tadoaba with crystal and heroin, dispersed in retail quantities to the addicts of Eastern Tijuana.  Allegedly, the cell, in coordination with CJNG and other contacts traffics cocaine, meth, and heroin into the United Stated through San Diego. 

In addition to the crystal, they have bloodied the colonia with bodies, some dismembered, bloodied, beaten, stuffed in drums, green blankets (messages to La Rana) in their fervor to stake their claim in the city.  They hung banners demanding their respect from Arellano Felix leaders, they hung banners against Los Aquiles.  They have become the newest crew in Tijuana. 

El Gross, JP, and a loose collective of other independent cells form what is known as CTNG, Nueva Cartel De Tijuana.   

Los PEP detained the two men, both 35, one known as El Cabo, Reynaldo 'N" from Los Angeles, and Victor Hugo 'N" from Tijuana.  They were traveling in a 2005 Honda, without plates, and carrying 235 grams of crystal, and high powered weapons, and ammunition.  PEP indicates El Cabo was second in command to El JP.  

Their arrest and the details call into question their operational capacity, or the PEP intel, if the second in command of CJNG's primary cell is riding around selling crystal.  Also, though many news reports published CJNG, their birth place alone calls this into question.  These are the ranks of Gross' cell, men who came up in the organization in the post Teo era, working for former CAF leaders, who flipped to Sinaloa.

If Cabo talks, and he is close to JP and Gross, this may lead to an arrest of the pair soon.  Or, perhaps money will be exchanged, and Cabo will soon be out again, like so many of the Tijuana cell leaders with enough clout and cash to always end up on the street again, until they are executed, or taken to Mexico City. 

A kind of casual, imperfect but still a brand of peace has has set into Tijuana, which may not hold longer then a day or so, but there have been fewer executions and bodies dropped in the last few weeks.  

Sources: AFN Tijuana, Zeta Tijuana