Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tijuana: 15 kilos of cocaine fall

15 Kilos of cocaine fall

Apparently, members of Los PEP, (State Preventative Police) who have seized over 1,000 kilos of crystal, cocaine, and heroin in recent weeks, were conducting surveillance in Colinas, Aguas Calientes, when they stopped a man for speeding.  

The man was Francisco Conteras Galvan, driving a Jeep Patriot, who had been stopped similarly in 2012, in Colonia Matamoros with 12 kilos of crystal.  Galvan, at the time was allegedly linked to La Familia Michoacana, who even in 2012 were crumbling.

 Operation Knight Stalker, concluded in December 2012 was a 3 year, long term investigation of La Familia and Caballeros Templarios, operating in San Diego, and areas like Carlsbad, through Los Angeles.  

Galvan, free and active, was arrested with 15 kilos of cocaine, this time.  The kilos bore the marking of M, and nothing was noted or reported regarding their ownership, or his affiliation.  Assumedly, they were being prepared to be broken down in smaller loads to take across the border, or crossed as one, in another vehicle.  

The price in Tijuana would be roughly 24,000 per kilo, putting the loss at around 360,000 loss, to the owner, or owners.  

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