Thursday, May 26, 2016

Suspect is directly involved with deaths of Adriana Coronado, father, police say

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14 y/o girl watched her father being killed, before being  
sexually assaulted, shot to death

Sheriffs executed a search warrant at the home of a man police called a person of interest in the brutal deaths of Katy, Texas  teen Adriana Coronado and her father Cesar Coronado.

Police found Jose Solis Jr., 34, to be directly involved with the murders of Adriana and her father. Adriana was found shot to death after her father’s body was found burned inside a pickup truck in March.

Solis is accused of helping to transport 16 kilograms of cocaine on commercial buses from Laredo to Houston. He's charged with possession with intent to distribute and conspiring to distribute cocaine.
The faces of a devil and an angel, Solis and Adriana
He was arrested Thursday on a federal drug charge, which is not related to the teen's death or her father, Cesar Coronado. Investigators have not revealed how or why he may be connected to their deaths.

A handcuffed Solis was escorted into the courthouse Monday by several U.S. marshals wearing bulletproof vests, days after agents raided his Magnolia home Thursday and confiscated property to be processed.

Several law enforcement agencies are investigating the teenager’s death and are looking at all possible motives, including illegal drug activity.

Solis and another man, Ramon Sanchez, are considered persons of interest in the case, and they have been linked to a drug trafficking ring.

The federal complaint states Solis and Sanchez worked for a drug trafficking organization and that DEA agents had Sanchez under surveillance since February.

Below is a video of Ariana's anguished mother speaking about the murders

The devil's trailer, 29510 Aberdeen Drive, Magnolia Texas
Cocaine was concealed in luggage and transported via bus from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, to Laredo Texas, and on to Houston.

Below is the affidavit in support of the criminal complaint