Monday, February 15, 2016

Sinaloa: Police Find 13 Bullet-Riddled Bodies

Photo by: Miguel Dimayuga

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

A total of 13 people were shot to death and found on Saturday inside two vehicles. 

According to the newspaper El Debate, the attack occurred in Tepeguaje, municipality of San Ignacio, Sinaloa during an ambush on the edge of the Piaxtla River, at the height of a place called Los Brasiles, on Friday afternoon.

Along with the bodies, consisting of eight men and five women, authorities found a wounded minor. 

A group of people who were travelling to Tayoltita, Durango found the bodies and reported the authorities.

According to El Debate, at approximately 08:00 hours on Saturday, Mexican soldiers went to the site of the discovery to confirm the incident.

The newspaper also adds that agents of the ministerial police as well as forensic experts of the attorney general arrived at the scene.  They located around 200 AK-47 shell casings over a radius of 60 meters.

Supposedly the gunmen shot at the victims from the top of a hill, which made them easy targets.

The victims were identified as Saúl Gamboa Nevárez, 20; Gabriel Robledo, 18; Adán Alfredo González Mariscal, 25; Maurilio Fonseca Mariscal, 23, and José Luis Gamboa Vega, 30,  both from La Caña and Salomé Cebreros, 25, resident of the syndicate of Ajoya.  The women’s identity are unknown, the paper said.

The bodies were picked up and taken to the Forensic Medical Service where they will carry out an autopsy.

Photo by: Juan Luis Vargas
According to the website of Zeta Tijuana, the community where the discovery was made is located in a mountainous area characterized by disputes of local criminal groups trying to take control of drug trafficking routes.