Saturday, February 6, 2016

“La Nueva Familia” in Michoacan declares war on CJNG

On the early hours of Saturday several narcomantas were hung on strategic locations and all signed by an alleged criminal group “La Nueva Familia”. On this narco banners the criminal group declared war to Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

The narco banners were hung on the municipality of Zamora, which alerted the public, who informed the authorities to take charge of the situation.

This created a strong mobilization of the state police, Federal Police and Mexican Army to removed the banners.

In white cloth in ad with black lettering, brings a shield with two crossed rifles and eight stars at the top, in the middle stands for La Nueva Familia Michoacana on the state map and reads:

“Se les avisa a toda la sociedad de Zamora y sus alrededores que comenzó la limpia de gente que apoye al “CJNG”, así como los que anden extorsionando, robando, secuestrando, violando y matando por paga. La limpia ya empezó y el aviso va para todos sin piedad, se castigará al que esté contribuyendo con estas lacras del CJNG, atentamente: La Nueva Familia”.

"We are informing all Zamora society and surrounding areas that we will start the elimination of all the people who support the "CJNG" as well as those who do extortion, robberies, kidnapping, raping and killing for hire. The cleaning has started and the notice goes for everyone, the punishment will be merciless to those contributing with these scourges of CJNG, Att: La Nueva Familia. " 

Meanwhile the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) is already working on the investigation of the banner incident to clarify the facts and he reported through his Twitter account that a person was arrested.

In a series of tweets, the PJGE reported that these blankets have envision the creation of a new criminal cell, a preliminary investigation was launched, resulting in the arrest of a person who has already been presented to the prosecutor to resolved his legal status.

On the other hand, security is maintained in the places where they found the narcoletreros looking for more people involved.  

This news article was translated from Proceso