Friday, May 1, 2015

Marisol Torres, daughter of Javier Torres Félix dead

Lucio R. Borderland Beat

Marisol posted this on her Instagram account 8 months ago
El Debate is reporting Marisol Torres Urrea, the daughter of drug trafficker Javier Torres Felix aka “JT”, died this afternoon in a private Culiacan hospital. She suffered from lupus. 

Lupus is a serious autoimmune disorder for which there is no cure.  Sufferers can die of stroke from blood clots, organ failure and other issues related from an attack. It is a debilitating painful condition, common is severe pain in joints sometimes causing the patient to become permanently non- ambulatory.  Although it is genetic, the onset of the first attack usually does not present itself until after puberty, or as late as 40.  It is not an acquired disease. 

In recent days, blood donations were publicly requested for Ms Torres.

Her social network sites have been inactive for months, her Facebook account has been striped of photos.  This absence from social network could indicate she has been suffering a flareup from lupus.  Flareups can last for many months and during the flareup the condition attacks organs which can cause a failure of any organ and death. 

This is the last photo she posted on IG also 8 mos ago
In January 2004, “JT” was arrested by Special Forces in Culiacán.  In 2006 he was extradited to the United States, where he was found guilty on charges of drug trafficking. 

He was sentenced to 126 months in federal prison. 

After completing his sentence, Torres Félix was released and deported back to Mexico.

In April 2013, he was deported and the Mexican authorities were waiting to greet him with an arrest warrant as he crossed the international border. 

His charges  are; organized crime, homicide, and illegal use of firearms. He remains in prison as he awaits trial.