Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Public shootouts return to Tijuana

Borderland Beat

Last night a shootout took place in Tijuana when a group of criminals tried to "pick up" a young man whose name hasn't been revealed but has been identified as a 25 year old business owner who has previously been target of attacks against his life.

One of the attackers dies in the shootout and 3 more where arrested by the Municipal Police. This shootout happens days after several banners were left in the city allegedly by CJNG and CTNG in which they complain of the rampant kidnappings and warn of attacks against "La Gente del Tomate y sus aliados"(The people from El Tomate and their allies, Tijuano´s note: My guess is they mean Sinaloans as La Gente del Tomate and not a former Teo lieutenant nicknamed El Tomate who was a low rank member).

According to Miguel Angel Guerrero Castro, member of the State´s Attorney General Office (PGJE), the young man had just arrived from Mexico City and had been victim of previous attacks: "He knew they wanted to kill him". He denied this was a failed kidnapping and called this a "Direct attack".

The names of those arrested are: Marcos Diaz Arreola, Daniel Perez Eugenio and Carlos Ray Flores, all of them with previous criminal records and one of them is wanted in the US for homicide.

The shootout took place last night at about 11:00PM local time when the 25 year old victim, apparently the owner of several junkyards and a barber shop in Tijuana travelled with his bodyguards in the upper class neighborhood of Lomas de Aguacaliente. The criminals caught up with him and began the attack against him and his bodyguards, according to ZETA one of them was armed and was able to shoot back apparently killing one of the attackers, the others tried to escape in a taxicab but were arrested by the local police, 3 AR-15 rifles and 2 handguns were seized. The attackers were using bulletproof vest too.

The crashed vehicle of the attackers was left were another AR-15 was seized along the dead body of one of them.

SOURCES: AFNTijuana  ZETA Tijuana