Friday, August 1, 2014

I am (Rafael) Caro Quintero

Chivis Martínez Borderland Beat

Corridos are songs that send news or a story, set to simple polka like music. Beginning in the 1800's they became popular, but it was during the Mexican Revolution, when corridos became essential, more so as a way to funnel news to the mostly illiterate population. The corridos sent news of major events, celebrated victories, grieved loses and gave recognition to the heroes of the revolution. A sample is Corrido del General Zapata, (Corrido of  Emiliano Zapata, also called Atila of the South)

Moving ahead to narco times, and today.  Corridos are used by cartels to send news, threaten or boast about their activities or give a nod to a narco  deemed a hero.  The  corrido above is supposedly a message from Rafael Caro Quintero.

Convicted of the murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena, the 62 year old Caro Quintero, who co-founded the once powerful Guadalajara Cartel, was released from prison last August.  His court ordered release was on  based on grounds of court "irregularities".  This enraged the U.S. due to the warrant out for his arrest.  Mexico has claimed it was a "mistake" and has since issued a warrant for his re-arrest.  
This corrido was recommended and translated by Borderland Beat reader "Saul"

 "I Am Rafael Caro Quintero"

Thanks to Graduates
everyone who supported me
I thank God I'm free
number 1 all have nicknamed me

I am Rafael Caro Quintero
I have new plans and new secrets
to live as a person of honor
Life is tough when you are charged this is true
the moments in prison as well

My Friends and women
are always here with me my people that I cherish
It was 28 years and if something I was to pay them I already have
Time for me to leave

I hear whispers of another country calling me
they do not scare me, because I still have value
and it will not be so easy to bring me out of here
because I owe them nothing.

hello my brother my grandest friend Rafael
it gives me pleasure to see you today
things are not like before, you see it
there are new people, new generation
the "Plebada" these days have no respect
if you owe, there's no mercy no forgiveness
only to see as you fly through the air
they will shoot you, take care and may god be with you.

I thank you, look my time to leave has not come
I will be happy while living,
also when I leave this life
as I was born to die
Since a young boy I knew what I wanted
good friend, when bad be careful
maybe you will see me walking the streets
I retire I'm Caro quintero