Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tijuana cartel using Colombian sicarios...In Peru?

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Hugo Quintanilla, executed in Peru by a Colombian hitmen.

The man executed almost a month ago while driving his Lamborghini in "Guatemala" and erroneously identified as Omar Treviño Morales aka Z-42 by Blog del Narco was in fact executed in Peru by a Colombian sicario hired by the Tijuana cartel. (You can read Chivis report on this by clicking HERE)

According to several Peruvian news sites, Hugo Quintana Bardelli aka "Negro Hugo" was executed by a group of hit men sent by the Tijuana cartel, the apparent reason behind this was 50,000 USD allegedly stolen by Quintana Bardelli from the Tijuana cartel.

According to reports, "Negro Hugo" was executed while driving his black Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder by a group of sicarios led by Colombian citizen Enrique Rodriguez Fernandez who has already been captured and who, according to the reports, claims he did it on behalf of the Tijuana group. The hitmen used AKM rifles and Mini UZI.

Hugo Quintana Bardelli was of Italian descent, Quintana was investigated in 1999 by Peruvian authorities for drug trafficking, he was also charged in 2008 with human smuggling to Italy, taking advantage of his wife´s job inside Italy´s embassy on Peru.

Tijuana cartel in Peru

The presence of the Tijuana cartel in Peru is not new, they have a bad reputation there for committing very public executions to send messages to those who could try to get in the way of their businesses.

Back in the days of Fujimori, the Tijuana cartel was known to be a close partner of Vladimiro Montesinos, the strong man of Fujimori and chief of the Intelligence Department in Peru. In those days, Montesinos gave full support to the Arellano Felix brothers, even allowing them to use Peruvian military bases to store and ship the cocaine to other part of the world.

Vladimiro Lenin Montesinos.
According to an investigation by the Peruvian anti-narcotics agency (DINANDRO), Ramon and Benjamin Arellano Felix bought up to 19 tons of cocaine to Vladimiro Montesinos who used to ship it to Mexico via Yucatan on its way to the port of Tampico, in Tamaulipas where it was to be shipped on containers to Europe and Egypt.

Going some years forward, in 2006, the Tijuana cartel was blamed with the execution of a Peruvian judge who was in charge of the trial against 25 members of the cartel, several cases were lost as a result of that execution.

Cocaine shipment seized on its route to Belgium
In 2012, Peruvian authorities seized 1 686 kilos of pure cocaine on their way to Belgium, the shipment, worth 101 million USD, was blamed on the Tijuana cartel.

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