Thursday, May 29, 2014

Musician Tito Torbellino killed in Obregon, Sonora

By Chivis Martinez

Musician Tomas Rascón, 33, whose stage name is Tito Torbellino, was riddled with bullets from 9mm firearm having been shot  by multiple gunmen, while dining Red Cocina Oriental restaurant in the Sonora city of Obregon . 

He was killed at point blank range at 3:40 PM this afternoon.

Reports from witnesses revealed that Tito Torbellino was alive when  transferred to  a city hospital but was dead on arrival.

He was scheduled  to perform a concert tomorrow night  at the  Obregon Expo, his last concert was in Hermosillo, Sonora.  His parents were both born in Obregon. 

While in Phoenix last week he celebrated his 33rd birthday.  On his facebook he expressed happiness at being surround by his family "even my son".  [above]

On that day he posted this  comment on his facebook page:

"I thank  God for another year of my life and for all that He has given me. Thank you to my children, family, friends and my  fans everywhere. Thank you for all the gifts and  good wishes. I didn't think I would get to this age. I promise to be calmer and less careless. jajaja. On my way to Bakersfield to do what I like, singing for my public. The celebration is just starting."

Guasa on forum posted this foto