Sunday, June 23, 2013

Zacatecas Violence as Zetas and Golfos Fight for Fresnillo

Borderland Beat by "Zac" and Chivis

"El Pelón in Custody

Violent Day in Zacatecas leaves a balance of ten dead criminals, a criminal arrested and three policemen detained by the SEIDO.

After 24 hours of intense armed confrontations between antagonistic groups of organized crime in the North border with the municipality of Fresnillo in Zacatecas, military authorities reported ten suspected criminals shot dead, 8 during Thursday´s shootout between zetas and CDG.
Two additional criminals were killed today by members of the Mexican army, and the arrest of an alleged criminal nicknamed "El Pelón", who was wounded by a bullet impact.  Also reported is  the arrest of two agents and a commander of the Municipal police, who were transferred to the city of Mexico by agents of the attorney specializing in investigation of organized crime (SEIDO).
The violent day started on Thursday afternoon, June 20, and has forced the mobilization of troops of the eleventh military zone of the Mexican army, the 97 motorized infantry battalion, the navy of Mexico, Federal Police, Federal Ministerial police, State police and staff and experts of the forensic medical service. 
They maintained an operative on the 45 Federal road on the stretch of the municipalities of Fresnillo to Rio Grande as well as the roads of the state´s Northeast and the connection to the States of Coahuila and Durango, fearing new clashes between members of organized crime, who are mobilizing in the area according to reports from locals.
After the joint operative, four recent model vehicles, fire weapons of exclusive use of the armed forces and sophisticated radio equipment were secured.
It´s been confirmed that on Friday 21, at 4 pm, there was a clash between soldiers from the 97 infantry batallion and members of organized crime that started in the heart of the urban area in Fresnillo, the chase started by the Chedraui supermarket towards the colonia Lomas de Plateros and up to the exit to the community of Plateros.
By the CECYTEZ (college for scientific and technological studies) 2 criminals were shot dead by the military. The remaining criminals managed to escape through dirt roads leading towards Cañitas de Felipe Pescador municipality.
This vehicle laden with suitcases, clothes and 6 dead Golfos-in the same clash 2 dead Zetas
Amid a total secrecy about the events, it became known that the military personnel deployed on a dirt road nearby the community of Plateros arrested members of the Fresnillo Municipal police attempting  to take in their patrol car a local zeta leader (possibly the new plaza boss in Fresnillo after the recent arrest of el Cachetón) to a hospital to be treated from a bullet injury, in a failed attempt to evade the check points of the federal authorities.
Another version of this scenario is that after the military learned that the officers had transported El Pelón to the hospital for his injuries they immediately dispatched to the hospital.  Seeing the officers were very nervous they opted to interview the men where it was determined they were accomplices of the wounded narco. (Updated information has the number at 8 police accomplices of Zetas)

two dead sicarios
It´s worth mentioning that on June 7, after a threatening message signed by CDG left with 3 executed bodies and addressed to the municipal police in Fresnillo (warning them against working for the zetas) only 40 agents in the whole municipality showed up for work.
Authorities of the Attorney General of Justice in Zacatecas PGJEZ, and the Attorney General of the Republic PGR, keep silence about the details of these clashes and the result of the anti-crime operative’s arguing that there is an ongoing investigation
In the middle of a political meeting and almost in front of dozens of PRI militants, a heavily armed command stormed to kill former Mayor, José Ramírez Román, who was a teacher and a well-known politician in the municipality of Saín Alto, which is located in the Center - North of the State 120 kilometers away from the city of Zacatecas.
The preliminary report from local authorities and Civil Protection indicates that the attack occurred at 20:10 hours on Friday 21.
José Ramírez Román served as Mayor of Saín Alto in the triennium from 2001 to 2004 and since then remained as an active militant of the PRI and promoter of local politicians.
The Attorney General of Justice of the State still has not issued an official report on the assassination.
Unofficial reports of two men dead and a woman seriously wounded is reported  the balance of a clash between suspected members of the "Zetas" and the CDG in Fresnillo.
Close to 11:00 am, clashes between members of opposed groups of organized crime, which are currently disputing the Plaza of Fresnillo, Zacatecas.
The groups clashed in the streets of Fresnillo, ending in Carrillo Puerto Street, near La Vacula, in colonia Esparza, where a navy blue Saturn, manned by several criminals, crashed into a parked truck.
 Criminals had already shot the sedan and the wounded occupants crashed into the pick up, witnesses mentioned that they opened fire on the vehicle again and then left the place.
Inside the car there were two criminals dead and a woman was seriously injured.
A rescue unit arrived, attending the wounded woman who was transferred immediately to a hospital, while paramedics certified the absence of vital signs in the other 2 car occupants, leaving the authorities to conduct investigations.
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