Thursday, June 27, 2013

Manta: Cd. Victoria Zetas Upset Over Arrival of Plaza Boss Appointed by Z40

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Mantas displayed in Ciudad Victoria
CD. Victoria, Tamaulipas.-This Thursday the city was blanketed with organized crime narcomantas, one in Calzada Tamatan,  another two blocks away from the Government Palace, and one more on the Lopez Mateos boulevard which was taken down by state officials.
In said narcomantas, members of the Zetas Cartel from that plaza complained about the arrival of a plaza boss on appointed by Z40.

To the public’s opinion

We want to manifest our /Zeta Disapproval/. A high ranking leader from Nuevo Laredo threatens to provoke more violence.

He is Regino Gutierrez Moreno. He was sent by MIGUEL ANGEL TREVINO EL Z-40. We want him to leave the same direction he came from. We already have a leader here in Victoria. We know there will be retaliations. But we are /UNITED AND PREPARED/. No fucking ??? is going to come here and claim what is rightfully ours.

What a badass huh? Skinned and fed to him! He better go and chase his own hare because we have this one already. To be clear he is being protected by the SECRETARIO DE SEGURIDAD ESTATAL RAFAEL LOMELI. He hides him and even lets him roam around freely as if he was a police officer.

We want the governor to know that this will bring more violence and we will not let him take control of this plaza, even if he was sent by Z40. We would rather risk our lives instead of losing it by betrayals.  


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