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Death in Durango: 2 die in San Dimas

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 |

Two men were found shot to death in San Dimas municipality Tuesday, according to Mexican news reports.

According to a news report posted on the website of Milenio news daily, a Mexican Army road patrol found the victims near the village of Minitas.

They were identified as Mateo Perez Guzman, 25, and Israel Niebla Perez, 28, both of Tayoltita in San Dimas.  The victims had been shot about the torso and left aboard a Jeep Cherokee SUV.

San Dimas municipality has been the focus of some drug related violence in recent years.  Government workers have suffered threats and vandalism at the hands of local criminal gangs just this past spring.  Several executions and deaths in gunfights have also been reported by Mexican press in San Dimas since 2010.

Meanwhile in Durango city, Durango state police seized 160 kilograms of marijuana in a raid Tuesday.

According to a news report which appeared on the online edition of El Siglo de Durango operatives with the Durango Direccion Estatal de Investigacion (DEI) served an order or apprehension at a residence on calle Canoas in Zona Centro.

Detained at the scene was Gustavo Hernandez Nava, 53.  It is unclear in the report if Hernandez Nava was the object of the detention order.

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18 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Is Mexico Safe

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who is fighting in Durango or who controls what? No one seems to knoe

Anonymous said...

I think sinaloa controls part of the Sierra by sinaloa Juarez to and zetas also I think I might be wrong idk but I kno there's mini cells that people from Durango formed.

Anonymous said...

June 12, 2013 at 8:21 AM
"Does anyone know who is fighting in Durango or who controls what? No one seems to knoe"
Dude,isn't Los Ms the main men in that square,aligned with CDS?They are the ones who were threatening El Flaco Salgueiro/GN?M10 El Mayito and his brother M11 El Flaco,also ran GN.Some of this is so complicated going back years,families etc.Some of our Mexican bros might help out if they know ?

Anonymous said...

s Mexico Safe

Boring, who F-ing cares!

Anonymous said...

We need the 3rd story of the tj war!!!!

el gallo negro said...

There are a few zeta cells in northern durango but for the most part Cds controls most of it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah no one wants to control Durango!!! It's just a pile of dirt!!!

Anonymous said...

Sinaloa Cartel controls the State of Durango.

Anonymous said...

CDS vd CDJ itsjust CDj is very quiet. and Mayo has a large part of the government on his side but CDJ,BLO,and Z have shown to not be easy prey.Very violent and dangerous state if you are involved in drug trafficking or an outsider.Media is under control by CDS

Anonymous said...

Right, no one would want to control tje SIERRA MADRE,because powerful cartels wouldn't be interested in the production of OPIUM,and marijuana,METH not to mention huge poverty and completely no government, yup i guess your right( SARCASM)

Anonymous said...

M10,M11 estan con el Dos Letras.Se fueron con los beltran y los carrillo estan cazando la gente del chapo y el MAYO

Anonymous said...

The Herrera clan have been with the Juarez cartel for over30 years. Juarez controlled durango until chapo. Mayo and the rest form. Sinaloa cartel. Sinaloa control west of the Sierra to tepehuanes. Armando corral (head of Herrera clan and brother of poncho. Herrera (green shoes killed in club in Juarez in the 80's)corral and Juarez invited zetas to Santiago area. Chapo cleaned up the area. Juarez now with the zetas are attacking chapo in sinaloa. In the near future an attack to get the golden triangle will occur. If zetas. Get durango expect the same treatment like the border towns. Chapo leaves durango alone so I prefer chapo.

Anonymous said... who would be interested in that who careshahaha broke ass chuntarenses

Anonymous said...

The LA Times has a short but interesting article on el numero uno today.

Anonymous said...

June 12, 2013 at 7:12 PM
"M10,M11 estan con el Dos Letras.Se fueron con los beltran y los carrillo estan cazando la gente del chapo y el MAYO"
el Dos Letras..So 10,11 are true?They not aligned with CDS anymore?Is that what the mantas were tellin everyone?"Plaza has a new owner"Is this fallout from GN fight/Cabreras,Salgueiro,they went down as well.C,mon dude dont bounce,speak a little more?Am i wrong on this? ten cuidado bro,

Anonymous said...
Very Inteligent ASS :) : who would be interested in that who careshahaha broke ass chuntarenses
DURANGO is not important to broke ass pendejos like you.
For "Some" people, is an important state.
I'm leaving a link that has some important names there, people that have been with the Cartel for a long time 9Few generations).

Anonymous said...

Are people Challenging CDS in Sinaloa cause there has been some heavy heat in Sinaloa and the name El Dos Letras keeps poping up

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