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Tamaulipas closes prison in Miguel Aleman

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 |

By Chris Covert

A prison in Miguel Aleman municipality in Tamaulipas state has been closed, according to an official government announcement.

In an announcement posted on the government website of Tamaulipas, the Secretaria de Seguridad Publica del Estado (SSPE) said that the Centro de Ejecucion de Sanciones (CEDES) prison in Miguel Aleman has been closed and its remaining 152 inmates transferred.

Only nine days ago a total of 12 inmates were released from the prison in an assault by 15 armed suspects.  The suspects had entered the prison during early morning hours of February 26th, held prison officials and guards at gunpoint, and released 12 inmates.  No shots were fired and no one was reported hurt in the incident.
You can read about the February 26th prison break in Miguel Aleman by clicking here.
Wednesday's announcement said that 148 inmates serving time for state charges were moved from the CEDES to another state prison in Reynosa.  Four federal prisoners were moved to another federal facility in Matamoros, also in Tamaulipas state.

Mexican Army and Policia Federal (PF) troops provided security for the transfer.

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12 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Any idea which cartel was involved,anyone?

Anonymous said...

How can this happen Pinches policias pendejos use your weapon's call for back up, oh I forgot you don't have phones in Mexico. Que culitos

Anonymous said...

Es la primera avertencia de El para los que esten haciendo atentados en Victoria.

A si les van a pagar y les van a pegar donde mas les duele.A si que se apasiguan o se lo va cargar el payaso eso.

Atte:Doz Fronteras

This is the first warning from him for all of those that are not respecting.

And heating up Ciudad Victoria either get on the ball or u little show is over.

Two Borders

Anonymous said...

Good Post,,

Anonymous said...

hey anybody know Eduardo Ravelo is in india and fbi team comes for him and indian police said he is living here and changed his name bt they dont know before few days ago that he is most wanted bt now police search

Chivis said...


Anonymous said...

Inche mojarra.. U get ur back wet crossing the border.. And after a couple of months you forget were you're from.. C.T.M

Anonymous said...

I couldnt belive it I live like 20_30mins away... No word.on the street yet. But thisarea is puro cdg.. If I hear anything ill post it

Anonymous said...

There was a high power shootout in nuevo lerdo. 6 are capture. 2 of them are injure. ORRAAHHH. Including 21 in la laguna are in costudy. 2 of them are freaking minors. I brought you a story chivis. ORRRAAAAHHHH Or should I call it buzzkill bullitin.

Anonymous said...

Please do,stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Orrraaahhh? As in what the U.S. marines say? Or is that some kind of spanish slang?

Anonymous said...

March 7, 2013 at 4:20 PM
"I brought you a story chivis. ORRRAAAAHHHH Or should I call it buzzkill bullitin"
Yeya man,keep it up brr.Just supportin .

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