Saturday, March 9, 2013

New commander takes command of Mexican 10th Military Zone

By Chris Covert

A press release by the new commander of the Mexican 10th Military zone, published in the online edition of, said that people near the La Laguna region can expect military checkpoints in the region.
General Lissum Foullon

Thursday, General de Brigada Georges Andre Van Lissum Foullon took command of the  10th Military Zone which headquarters are located in Durango city.  The new appointment replaces General de Brigada  Jose de Jesus Hernandez Rivera, who was appointed commander of Operativo Laguna, the new security operation began late last month.

In terms of the type of commander the newly inaugurated president Enrique Pena Nieto wants as he prepares to stand his military down from security duties in Mexico's drug war, General Lissum Foullon is as good as it gets.

According to Mexican news sources, General Lissum Foullon was born in Mexico City on May 15, 1956, and joined the Mexican Army September 1st, 1971.  He formerly held command of the Mexican 2nd Motorized Cavalry Regiment in Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas.  Among his other duties during that time he had conducted a weapons buyback program in the city that year.

General Lissum Foullon was promoted to General de Brigada in November 2010, and was appointed command of the Mexican 4th Military Zone based in Hermosillo, Sonora in 2011.

General Lisson Fullon was also military attache in Spain, a prerequisite for top military commands in the Mexican Army.

The general held command during the Tubutama, Sonora gunfight which killed 24 gang members in July of 2010.  Two months after the end of that bloody dual, he commented the local gang activity in his zone of operations was unlike other areas in Mexico. He commented that, " systems, the state and municipalities, have been working properly and that's one of the parameters that we can see."  The report began by saying southern Sonora state was one of the safest in Mexico.

During his tenure as commander of the 4th Military Zone he appeared to be the go-to guy for local news about the military, never at a loss to tout the activities and achievements of his command. 

Mindful of the civilian component of his duties the General was also quoted in a Sonora state newspaper as saying that education was the key to fighting drug trafficking, saying the rural areas are vulnerable, but adding that federal and state support for those area have improved.

But for the gun battles in Tubutama, the area of operation of the 4th Military Zone is basically a backwater.  His new command encompasses most of Durango state including the capital city of Durango as well as the Durango side of La Laguna, currently a hard case for security and one of the most violent regions in Mexico.

His holding command of the 4th Military Zone  two years, apparently his first Military Zone command since making General de Brigada, speaks well of his command since Mexican Army general staff do not appear to like trouble and prefers to keep good commanders in place to train troops.

General Lissum Foullon will have his work cut out for him as the Operativo Laguna security program gets into place.  At the moment, Mexican press is reporting that Mexican Army units will continue to cross attach with local and state police units to improve control and cross training in La Laguna.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. I am assuming CDS owns him too

    1. that's what I was barley gonna say before I saw your comment..I bet chapo asked pena nieto to place him in that area so his future operations there can be well secured..looks like theres gonna be a show going down on the 10th military zone..

  2. Yeah, but which cartel is he with?

  3. He was in charge when tubutama happpend he's under beltran leyva payroll.

  4. This is how chapo works he turns in a cabrera then those who were loyal to cabrera start fighting those members that chapo send in to clean up the plaza they get greedy and they get alot of heat and now he calls the military to clean his men and by the way kill zetas or any other contra that wants that plaza chapo job is pretty tough hahaha and then he gets to do it all over again

  5. Um,yeah CDS meng

  6. Is this General's name Van Lissum Foullon as in Foullon war on JAGL's enemies, I mean cartels?

  7. This general actually hit pretty hard CDS in Sonora, Most likely he was trasfered because he also kept at bay Los Zetas when they tried to gain control of Sonora.

    Its obvious why this guy was chosen for La Laguna, he knows the zetas and the chinolas, he fought against them in Nuevo Laredo and in Sonora.

    He is highly respected in Sonora.

  8. There can only be one chapo, this comandte will take out isidro for the midget.

  9. whatever cartel he is with it isnt the AIPAC cartel

  10. What is last name all about Van Lissum Foullon ? French or Dutch? Must of caught hell as a kid growing up.

  11. Just watched a story on Fareed Zakaria 360 on CNN about drones. Apparently China used a drone to kill a drug dealer in Myanmar, the way we use drones to kill terrorists. Maybe Mexico can make a drone, or give the U.S. permission, to hunt down some of these cartel leaders. Make fried capo for dinner.

  12. Not every general is bad dumbfucks .

  13. "He formerly held command of the Mexican 2nd Motorized Cavalry Regiment in Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas."

    Does this mean that he is owned and paid for by the Zetas? God knows the Mexican military have done nothing to take control of NL.

  14. What kind of educational background does this General and what type of experience before the military that would qualify him for his high position?

  15. one can join the mexican military at 15? is that still possible? or have they raised the enlistment age??

  16. ^^^ what type of qualifacations for this position?? i mean look at his moustache? that has to count for something like a masters degree in military leadership.

  17. I take this as good news, the situation in la laguna is out of hand and this man has a good reputation and seems to be more willing to keep in touch with society than most militars in similar positions, I believe this is a very positive thing because by gaining the people's trust more people will be willing to denounce the criminals, or perhaps I'm being naive...time will tell.

  18. I dont think the cartels wud like the drones very much as they r nasty things and it wudnt matter how many vehicles in a convoy of narcos a drone wud take them all out at once and then some.they wud never hear um comin either.but for killing innocent ppl thats probably what they deserve

  19. What is last name all about Van Lissum Foullon ? French or Dutch? Must of caught hell as a kid growing up.

    His name is French, Belgian and Spanish, presumably of that extraction.

  20. This guy is chapos cousin....lool

  21. @12:52pm how many missiles from drones have killed innocents i wonder.....maybe hundreds...maybe thousands,lets put them too good use and destroy convoys.

  22. What kind of educational background does this General and what type of experience before the military that would qualify him for his high position?

    He was promoted rapidly making his second star in two years, and by holding command of the Cuatro Zona Militar for two years.

    From what I gather SEDENA likes their commanders to stay in one spot. Don't make trouble. It helps with training and I suspect with doctrine formation, where a commander's experience in one zone can be applied nationwide.

    As for the general's education, I could find nothing on SEDENA's site, but I suspect he has an advanced degree, albeit none of the news articles I have seen have mentioned it.

    A zone command is just one echelon, command wise, than the highest, the military region. A lot of commanders in the Mexican Army have spent year in various zone commands, and from what I have found, you don't get those without several more years of field commands, such as battalions and companies.

  23. Wat does JAGL stand for?

  24. March 10, 2013 at 9:35 PM
    "Wat does JAGL stand for"
    Jokers Asking Generic Ludicrosities,,,,,thats what it stands for,,,,
    not Joachim Arturo Guzman Loera,,,,,honest.


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