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Bloody Zacatecas: Fighting continues between Los Zetas and Gulf Cartel

UPDATED:  Mea Culpa Maxima for not including an acknowledgment of the anonymous sources in Zacatecas.

 Zacatecas top cop denies news reports of massacre

By Chris Covert

A total of two individuals were shot to death in separate instances in Zacatecas state Saturday and Monday, according to Mexican news and anonymous correspondents.

However, La Jornada news daily has claimed that at least 14 individuals died the midnight gunfight which took place in Guadalupe municipality.

An anonymous correspondent in Guadalupe claimed that a small gunfight took place, also adding, "it is not uncommon to hear gunfire isolated colonies away from the center, but there is no official information or notes from the press on the matter."

According to a news account published in El Sol de Zacatecas news daily, a gunfight erupted between local Los Zetas and Gulf cartel gangs on midnight Saturday in Guadalupe municipality in Rincon Colonial colony near the intersection of Calzada Solidaridad and Vialidad San Simon.

Units with the Zacatecas state Policia Estatal Preventiva (PEP) while returning to base were diverted to the scene, but were fired on by an unknown number of armed suspects. The unit was forced to withdraw from the scene, but was ordered back in once the shooting stopped.

Police found one individual shot to death inside a pickup truck and two others nearby who surrendered to police.  A subsequent search turned up two other suspects who were also detained.

The gunshot victim was identified as Eduardo Ivan Hernandez Martinez, 23.  The three detainees were identified as Martin Gerardo Perez Campos, 19, Benjamin Muñoz Garcia, 27 and Mario Jonathan "N", 17.

Police secured two AK-47 rifles from the dead victim and one more from one of the detainees.  Police also seized four weapons magazines, 79 rounds of AK-47 ammunition and the vehicle.

The Zacatecas state Secretaria de Seguridad Publica (SSP), General Jesus Pinto Ortiz  issued a press statement denying the La Jornada Monday report of a large massacre.

Mexican cartel shooters on both side sometimes make lavish use of the tactic of evacuating their dead and wounded  as a security measure.  Zacatecas state two months ago was the focus of a commitment by at least one publisher, Luis Enrique Mercado Sanchez -- former Partido Accion Nacional (PAN) deputy and publisher of Imagen and El Centinela -- to move news of shootings from the front page to other sections.  The reason given was not to give the idea to visitors that Zacatecas state was engulfed in drug and gang related violence.

An incident which took place in Mexico state last summer illustrates the extent to which drug gangs and government officials -- separately and for their own reasons -- attempt to color events.  In one municipality reportedly some 30 individuals were killed over a two day period, which Mexico state authorities deny, even in the face of contradicting accounts by local residents that a large number of killed and wounded were witnessed.

The Mexican federal government has made it very clear to the press that it will control how and when information will be presented, sometimes going as far as slow walking information to the press.  The federal government has legal requirements that it must publish information  relating to security matters, but apparently how that requirement is fulfilled is left open to question.

In a separate incident which took place Monday the owner of a gas station in Sombrerete municipality Monday.  According to a news report which appeared on the website of Zacatecas En Linea, Ramiro Murillo was shot three times, once in the head and left by his pickup truck.  The victim is the father of Cecilio Murillo, candidate for mayor by the Partido del Revolucionario Institucional (PRI).

Senor Murillo was reportedly kidnapped Sunday, but had failed to contact anyone before he was found dead.

In other news, gunfights have taken place in Zacatecas Sunday during a cultural festival, according to an anonymous correspondent.  Gunshots were heard  near Lomas de Bernardez.  No reports have been published on whether anyone was hurt in those incidents. 

Over the weekend Zacatecas city has been the site of a festival activities of which included use of fireworks.

According to the correspondent: "...there were fireworks [which] burned down a house in the center [from a] spark apparently from rockets, [during the] the shooting, so who knows if he had used the chaos between the fire, people, drums, concert and others. The shooting was not at the center. This time was concentrated [near the] security forces."

Special thanks to our anonymous sources for the comments and insights in Zacatecas

BorderlandBeat.com reporter Chivis Martinez contributed to this news account.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for Rantburg.com and BorderlandBeat.com




  1. I would like to give a thank you to our diligent source on the ground in Zac for providing us with great information and pointing us to additional information...thanks ZAC...Paz, Chivis

  2. i La plaza se está calentando! Esta riña entre La Letra y La Federacion ya es una guerra civil. Ya nada los detiene. La sangre se esta derramando a nivel naciónal en todo la repulica. iDespiertate EPN, se esta derrumbando el país!

  3. Zacazetas sounds better than Gulfotecas...dont you think?

  4. Chivis what's the deal in p.n and acuna daily murders and no one reports nothing?

  5. I hear the Gulf cartel are force-recruiting,have they lost that many in the last so many months?

  6. Excellent reporting. Scary how the new government is so shady about the drug related situation. Without brave people in the cities we would be feed bs. I can only hope that the Zetas and the Gulf cartels kill each other off. And,that no innocents are killed in the mayhem. Great job. Peace,Texas Grandma.

  7. hmm 07:10 could not access the forum got 404 .

  8. What's up with the forum?? When I go to my bookmark for it there's just small text that reads "it works!" And nothing else.

  9. tierra del narco has fallen to the narcos/gov't


    Buggs is working on the problem

  11. im not comment on this news but im asking is aware that blogdelnarcosincensura has a video of cdg killing zetas and summerging them on acid but the administrator is asking for 5000 likes and tweets, can borderland find the video and post it so viewers can watch it and tell the administrator of blogdelnarco que no mame dejese de chingaderas

  12. sorry I am working on Acuña and want to incorporate information of the freeacuna movement in the post. But honestly I am slammed with work this past weeks and broke my foot on top of it all, so I am behind. But it is coming.

    I know about the violence and almost daily balaceras and the deaths in Acuña, I also know that Acuña violence is rarely in the media.

  13. many have looked for the video. Now the word it is a hoax. as for the blog asking for likes to see the video, perhaps they want the likes? perhaps they do have it but I doubt it, no one else does. but who knows?

    By The Way: sincensura, BDN, and mundo are all the same people

  14. Zacatecas is Zs40/42 vs Zs Taliban/CDG C.U. /Knights Templar and other local groups....ATTE. ThinkTank 28.7 N.V

  15. Does anyone have any idea why I am no longer receiving my subscription to BB in my e-mail? I have been receiving it with no problems for a couple of years now. If I attempt to re-subscribe I am told that I am already subscribed...very frustrating. Please help.

  16. Guiso is puttin a body into an oil drum pourin gas or whatever on that shit and burnin it up,the sludge left is where guiso come from,not acid

    1. I think you are wrong my friend

  17. guess we have to outlaw machetes, axes and acid after watching that bloody gift video.
    some sick dudes just need to cleanse the earth of that vermin. by any means necessary.

  18. I just saw the video and it looks very real to me.

  19. You said '... over a two day periods.' This should read, 'over a two day period', over a two-day period. I know days each consist of intertesting cyclic things. Here, we are talking about when, not "whens". It sounds like the corridos you listened to said "It is a ride of two days journey to the ranch of Erlingo." You thought to yourself, "A journey is... (say), a trip!" You evidently forgot that that is what a period "is". That is the source for the 'S'. It stayed and became the 'S' of period-'S'. Pablo joins the Mexican Navy.

    1. Is this the grammar nazi? We are not in english class so talk about something on here that actually matters or at least something that people are interested in.that was not something anybody even cares about so cut the grammar lessons

  20. I have the video but deciding to post or not. I hear it is the same as Diablos family vid but cremation of dismembered parts.

  21. Diablos family received a blow to the head then decapitation. In this video they just received blows by axe and decapitation and dismemberment also diablos family was 1 by , this is all the same time it's just I think More aggressive when comparing.

  22. Chivis
    "I have the video but deciding to post or not"
    Chivis,its entirely up to you,but you do know it will be seen elsewhere and where do you draw the line?Next time you may post other material because it was not as bad,but still involved humans being killed?Shall BB not show anymore distasteful videos at all?This is about the Mexican narco tragedy and showing it to the world,do we really need to be another censored site.Anyway,,,your call.

  23. March 27, 2013 at 4:23 PM
    Say what?Did you forget to take your meds again?Keep calm,it doesn't matter a whole lot if someone made a spelling mistake,honest it doesn't,in the scheme of things it does not matter,you are having an episode?Those things on your skin are not really there,those letters persecuting you are not there before your eyes,it is all in your bonce.
    Call a family member quickly,quickly,hurry now,,,,,,

  24. you broke your foot? lame. feel better

  25. Don't worry Badanov-if we can't pick on you for something, we'll be torturing li'l havana or vato for practically nothing. And sometimes we get all over Chivis too! Why? Because that's what we seem to do for the simple reason WE CAN. And there are some incredible idiots who read about Mexico. Don't 'cha know it!

  26. Just saw the video .hopefully they were not innocents .CDG vs ZETAS killings are diabolical

    EL Ninja de Sinaloa

  27. ThinkTank there are no templars in Zacatecas, no other local groups either as far as I know, unless you are talking about the recent rumors of vigilante groups, but those I think are fake

  28. This is very interesting from a observer not in Mexico, some thoughts thought.

    While CDG and Zetas are waging a all out war with each other, how come no CDS have been killed?

    Doesnt X20 hate CDS as well? since his former leader M3 was killed? Pretty sure Chapo was in on his death since he didnt want to align.


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