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"Hollywood" Helped Chapo's Twin Betrayers Become Major Traffickers

Saturday, November 10, 2012 |

Borderland Beat

Windy City Kid contributed this interesting tie-in that relates to my post "The Twins Who Betrayed Chapo.  Interesting backstory....Paz, Chivis

Many people have stated that the twins would not have been able to move 500+ keys a month if it wasn't for "Hollywood", he was one of their main customers for 250+ keys at a time. He was their primary distributor for the black street gangs on the southside as well as other midwestern states and east coast.
The twins had a number of customers in chicago and Milwaukee would be fronted 20, 50 a week. But few customers like Kiley that would be fronted 100 keys - 1/4 ton at a time.

Feds: International cocaine ring tied to Henry County .  Windy City Kid
The Flores Twins Largest Customer

His home in Atlanta above, and below where he was living at the time of his murder
He bought two houses next door to each other — including a six-bedroom, six-bath, brick home worth $769,000, according to Henry County property records. He also bought a three-bedroom home, worth about $93,000, and had it bricked to look just like the larger house.
He put up a large fence around the two homes, complete with a gate and call box at the entrance —the only one on the block .
But as fancy cars — Porsches, Maseratis, Ferraris, Mercedes — came and went in the middle of the night, neighbors began to think differently of Murray.
“Beautiful cars, cars you dream about, would come in. There would be tons of cars and then nothing, no activity,” a mother of two who lives in the neighborhood said Friday.

This week, neighbors learned what is behind the gate.

Federal prosecutors say Kiley Murray, 37, is part of an international cocaine trafficking ring tied to $1.8 billion in drug sales. He was arrested Wednesday when police raided his Scarborough Road home in Henry County.
“He was a customer of a Chicago distribution crew-The Infamous Twins- that was getting cocaine wholesale from the Mexican cartels,” said Randall Sanborn, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

Murray is charged with conspiring with others to distribute five kilos of cocaine and one kilo heroin, according to a federal indictment.

Murray is now on his way to Chicago, where he will appear before a federal judge for a detention hearing, Sanborn said Friday.

“I knew something wasn’t right because he seemed to have more money than God and they never worked,” the mother of two said.

Neighbors asked their names not be used for fear of their family’s safety.

On Friday, parents in Murray’s neighborhood spent the afternoon chatting at school bus stops about the raid and wondering what will happen to the gated mansion that has since been seized by federal prosecutors.

It’s unclear if Murray’s family is still living in the Ellenwood house. There was no answer at the home Friday afternoon.

The neighbor said she came home from taking her children to school Wednesday and saw about 20 police cars at Murray’s house. A white box truck was backed into the driveway while officers loaded furniture, computers and filing cabinets into the truck.

After filing the truck, a U-Haul pulled up and took more of Murray’s belongings, two neighbors said.

Henry County Police said they also seized three vehicles, including a BMW and a GMC Denali.

“They were there for about five hours,” said another neighbor who lives a few houses down. “I thought it was strange they were going through his garbage. But it was trash day — literally.”

Neighbors said neither Murray, nor his wife or three children — including a teenage son, a teenage daughter and a little boy — used the pool, gated basketball court or large yard at the home.

“They never came outside. People came in to do their lawn, their pool, everything. I don’t even know if they checked their own mail,” the mother of two said. “The kids weren’t even allowed outside to play.”

Murray was one of 43 alleged drug leaders indicted this week by the U.S. Attorney as part of a federal crackdown on narcotic sales between the U.S. and Mexico. The indictments include 10 Mexican drug cartel leaders, said Laura Sweeney, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Justice.

Investigators are working to seize $8.65 million that Murray and his conspirators made from drug sales, according to the federal indictment. They have already seized the Ellenwood home and six properties in Chicago.

Murray, who also goes by the names “Cali,” “Kal” or “Hollywood,” worked with several other drug traffickers in Chicago, according to the indictment. All of the other arrests were made in Chicago and New York, Sweeney said.

In addition to the arrests, police are working to seize a total of $1.8 billion in cash proceeds from the drug sales, said Patrick J. Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

The Chicago ring, which Murray was affiliated with, handled 1,500-2,000 kilos of cocaine a month, Fitzgerald said. They used submarines, private planes, cargo ships and tractor trailers to transport the cocaine, prosecutors said.

18 Months Later....

Kiley Murray of the 11300 block of South Calumet Avenue was pronounced dead at the scene of a drive by shooting, according to a spokesman for the Cook County medical examiner's office.

Preliminary reports said Murray was walking to his house shortly after 9 p.m. when a white vehicle pulled up and two male suspects jumped out, police said. One of the suspects shot the man.
As of Wednesday, nobody was in custody in connection with the shooting. Chicago police are investigating the case.

Murray was out on a $250,000 secured bond at the time of his death. He was arrested in Henry County in August 2009 and later transferred to Chicago, where he was indicted on charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 5 kilos or more of cocaine and 1 kilo or more of heroin, said Randall Samborn, a spokesman with the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago.
 A month later, Murray was released on the secured bond and was under electronic monitoring and home detention from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

He was later allowed to remain free until 10 p.m., and the electronic monitoring was discontinued in September of this year, Samborn said. Murray also was allowed to travel between Chicago and Atlanta. He had a status hearing scheduled for next Tuesday, Samborn said.

"We don't believe there was a trial date set," said Samborn, who declined to discuss Murray's death.
Click to enlarge




also known as “Cali,”
also known as “Kal,”
also known as “Hollywood”

Violation: Title 21, United States Code,
Section 846


Beginning in or about 2000, and continuing until at least in or about January 2009, at

Chicago, in the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, and elsewhere,

also known as “Cali,”
also known as “Kal,”
also known as “Hollywood,”

defendant herein, did conspire with others known and unknown to the Grand Jury, knowingly and intentionally to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute a controlled substance, namely, 5 kilograms or more of mixtures and substances containing a detectable amount of

cocaine, a Schedule II Narcotic Drug Controlled Substance, and 1 kilogram or more of mixtures and substances containing heroin, a Schedule I Narcotic Drug Controlled Substance, in violation of Title 21, United States Code, Section 841(a)(1); In violation of Title 21, United States Code, Section 846.


The SPECIAL FEBRUARY 2008-2 GRAND JURY further charges that:

The allegations of the indictment are realleged and fully incorporated herein for the purpose of alleging forfeiture to the United States pursuant to Title 21, United States As a result of his violations of Title 21, United States Code, Section 846, as alleged in the foregoing indictment,


The interests of the defendant, subject to forfeiture to the United States
pursuant to Title 21, United States Code, Section 853, include, but are not limited to, approximately $8,650,000.

it is the intent of the United States to seek forfeiture of substitute property, including but not

limited to the following, under the provisions of Title 21, United States Code, Section 853(p),

as incorporated by Title 28, United States Code, Section 2461(c):

the property located at 428 Scarborough Road, Ellenwood, Georgia, 30294;

the property located at 5527 S. Peoria Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60621;

the property located at 7565 S. Hoyne Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60620;

the property located at 612 W. 111th Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60628;

the property located at 11316 S. Calumet, Chicago, Illinois, 60628;

the property located at 8319 S. Green, Chicago, Illinois, 60620; and

the property located at 8308 S. Green, Chicago, Illinois, 60620.

All pursuant to Title 21, United States Code, Section 853.


Sources: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Archive; Windy City Kid

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55 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Imagine if all these seizing miney and properties from cartels and those who launder their money took place in mexico! and all that money could be used for new infrastructure. schools. crime and drug addiction prevention programs. but for that almost the entire mexican upper class would have to be destroyed. for they are the ones who launder narco money. the big shot lawyers who defend narco leaders. the big time mexican empresarios who launder drug money trough their empresas. The millionare politicos who protect and are themselves cartel members. and the failed judicial system. dont even get me started there!. but sadly this cannot be done for they are the ones who rule mexico.

Anonymous said...

These fools made to obvious. Driving exotic cars while selling dope. This fool is gonna rat. Wait and watch. Drug dealers that live the fancy life, always rat!

Anonymous said...

? This makes no sense. They arrested him, he was on his way to face charges, and then was killed? If he was in custody, how the hell was he shot out in public? Please clarify.

Anonymous said...

A little conflicting they say he's on his way to Chicago to stand in front of judge and towards the end of story he's pronounced dead.

Chivis said...

sorry...maybe i screwed up...let me check.

Chivis said...

ok...sorry about that! I found an article that gives clarity. He was out on bail when he was murdered in an obvious "hit"...gee wonder who ordered that one

I posted the new part under "18 Months Later"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the effort of putting the story together but its very confusing. First, you dont introduce the main character at the beginning of the story until half way down the story, then he gets arrested and a few sentences later he is gunned down? And what happened to the "chapo's twin" part? You mentioned flores brothers once and dont explain much about them and what roll they played in the whole story. Again, thanks for your effort but proof read before you post!

Anonymous said...

They got rid of a new snitch before he could talk. Quick hit order straight from Mexico

Anonymous said...

Omg didn't you just read he got shot he dead man you must be one of the dumbest person on this bolg son of a bitch man lmao!!!!!

Chivis said...

It is odd the differences between forum reader and mainboard. not one person on forum questioned anything of this post....curious

see the intro from WK? that is how this fits, people questioned the network being that big and making that money. this is a backstory, filling in info and explaining how they generated that size volume. hence the title

had he lived he could have most likely cut a deal that would have lessened the sweet deal the twins is said to have received.

Snoopy said...

The greed is stunning. Billions and they just can't stop. Retire, get a new ID and live the life of luxury in Singapore or somewhere like that. Jesus Christ these guys are a piece of work.

Anonymous said... smoke..

John said...

Snoopy: Have you ever moved on that level? Especially when you come from absolute poverty/nothing, when you all of a sudden find yourself pulling in hundreds of thousands a week, it's hard not to want to throw your money around. It's just a much of a rush to some as the game itself...pulling up to the strip club in a Ferrari, getting treated VIP by every girl in the joint while you blow $10-15k in $1 bills and having everyone in the place just staring and watching the show.

Please note I am the complete opposite of this and I am happy only having to talk to 2-3 people and have no other friends. My wife is enough company for me. I don't feel the need to flash anything. But I HAVE known many of my friends who DID feel the need to do so and when I would go to the titty bars with them for their birthdays, I would get that rush from making it rain all night in the club; but at the end of the day even though it may be fun, that shit only lasts so long when you on front street like that.

Just like this guy, both of my friends I used to go to those clubs with are both in prison now. One for being part of a 10lb heroin seizure out of Chicago and for being part of a ring in South Bend, IN and Indianapolis, IN. The other for being pulled over with a kilo of coke and $73,000 in cash in Indianapolis, IN after returning from Oakland, CA the day before.

It's ironic because in the game the flashy ones do it for the attention, but all that attention is what makes the police want to look into them more.

Snoopy said...

John: I didn't come from poverty nor have I ever moved anything outside of selling some of my weed to my friends. I agree with what you say, I just dont understand why they self destruct.

A Mexican kid that was a dishwasher at my wife's work got busted with something like 72 kilos of coke and like $100,000 at his house. He worked full time as a dishwasher and she said that he was quiet and kept to himself. She couldnt understand why he worked for minimum wage. I told her that he probably didn't have a choice in the matter. He was probably ordered to have a job by his boss to stay low key and under the radar, otherwise he would probably be kidnapped and smuggled to Mexico to answer to the boss. She did mention that he always seemed to have nice gold chains and stuff.

A friend of a friend has cousins in california that grow weed outside, tens of thousands of plants at a time. One year, he asked them to front him 100 lbs. He sold it within a month. The next year, they came by with 400 lbs, dropped it off, and told him he better have the money when they came back in six months. Now every year they come by and drop off 400 or 500 lbs, whether he wants it or not. They say "see you in six months, dont fuck it up". He said his friend is so paranoid that he buries the cash in his yard for 3 or 4 months in case the house burns down or he gets raided. I told him that he probably has no say in the matter, a boss probably found out that he could move product and ordered his cousins to dump it on him, or else. He said, they wouldnt hurt him over it, they are his cousins. I told him that his cousins probably have no choice in the matter. That they might be killed or forced to come up with the money out of their own pockets if he blows it.

Still another guy my friend knows moved a lot of mexican brick weed. This was back in the 90s. I remember him bringing lbs to my friends house when I was there. They were compressed into balls and shrink wrapped. He would just carry them in his hands like heads of lettuce. The guy was a friendly guy with a nice family, but obviously did not want to see faces when the money was changing hands. My friend said the guy had a ranch in mexico and stuff, and that all he did all day long was sling lbs, morning noon and night all day long. He said the guy moved 50 or 100 lbs a day. He said the guy was rich. I asked him, why does he openly take so many risks when he obviously made tons of money at $900 a lb, my friend didnt understand why either. The dude eventually got busted with tens of keys of coke and a half ton of weed at his house. Obviously the guy had no choice but to move the product or answer for it. He was obviously afraid of someone to take that much risk.

I guess you have to be at the very top to actually sling money around like that. Otherwise you have to answer to someone who will kill you if you don't produce. What a fucked up trap to end up in. Refuse and you die. Move product and eventually end up rotting in prison. I feel sorry for people who end up trapped like that. I tell people I know who sell weed and stuff, dont work with Mexican dealers. Once you are hooked in there are only three ways out. Death, prison or the witness protection program.

Anonymous said...

They let him out in $250,000 bail

Anonymous said...

He was already talkin.

Anonymous said...

You are a real genius, advertising your criminal activities online just to brag. You know how easy we can get your info?

Anonymous said...

He was probably killed by some gangsters that thought he would rat them out for pushing his coke. I doubt CDS ordered this hit, once the Flores bros were arrested CDS cut their losses. Murdering some black dude in CHi isnt going to improve their bussiness.

Anonymous said...

@8:26 PM You never know what the dude knew. He was slinging a lot of weight, he had to know a LOT of bad shit on people. He probably knew where warehouses full of dope were, etc. Ruthless bastards, those cartels.

Anonymous said...

He was on bond bro 250,000 then chapos men killed him

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! At least she took the time man why are you so critical if you learned something she deserves a thank you

Anonymous said...

He must have met el chapo, they don't want too many stories out about people knowing el chapo or meeting him otherwise he loses his mythical orah and mex will be forced to arrest him it will be like well if people can go into your country not speaking Spanish and meet chapo, why can't you when your the government!?! Because the truth is HE DOESN'T HIDE

Anonymous said...

And my friends friend and uncle and his cusin and he's TIA and the grandma took some weed from me and smoke it all and didn't give me none ...fuck up shit...dude what's ur point pendejo.

John said...

@November 10, 2012 8:22 PM:

If you are referring to me, I don't do anything that is illegal. I work in the medical marijuana industry in California and I keep myself far under what the feds would start to consider "on their radar." I have friends who chose a different path, however.

Anonymous said...

I'm notifying you to the FBI and the DEA.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Snoopy

Anonymous said...

if they're all bad as u say why is there is a war? Travel to Mexico and get first hand knowledge don't talk out u r ass and above all ,don't generalize.

Anonymous said...

And my friends friend and uncle and his cusin and he's TIA and the grandma took some weed from me and smoke it all and didn't give me none ...fuck up shit...dude what's ur point pendejo

People like u and ur family need to add some fentynol to the weed.

Useless like roaches in a crawlspace

Anonymous said...

Chivis don't post dumbass complaints.
Morons can't you read? Chivis did not write this. And it is fine besides. would braille help?


Anonymous said...

It is to the point now where more than half the people posting have no idea what they are talking about. Most of these comments are so far out of wack, i dont know what to say

Anonymous said...

I remember these guys driving around little village in bentleys...unreal

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

US street thugs got a firsthand view on how the cartel handles rats.

Anonymous said...

don't forget to publish all the supporting comments of you and your forum"peeps""friends"

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to give an assist to the government who builds these guys up, flood the country with dope and mayhem, and busts them as if they give a fuck for anything besides money and control.

Anonymous said...

Chapo ordered him killed?? Thats a pretty dumb assumption he's from Chicago he dealt dope to gangbangers I'm almost 100% certain it was one of his own that killed him or had him killed..He was probably PC for the feds already it was a matter of time before they got him the streets of Chicago are very unforgiving.

Anonymous said...

Medical Marijana is still illegal as you do live in the US and are required to abide by federal laws which holds marijuana to be illegal.

Anonymous said...

US street thugs ain't seeing anything new I'm sure, From the looks of all these cartel guys I'm more scared of the Samoan bangers out hear in Cali than those skinny dudes in their UFC shirts down in Mex. Samoans will EAT you and are on average 250 lbs. My buddy is a cop and Hits go down every day in the hood.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A Mexican cartel would eat any Samoan gang alive

Anonymous said...

AGAIN with these story editors .tell them to fuck off Chivis It's not as easy as seems.

Anonymous said...

This is Very Very Entertaining; since 80% of you don't even know 1/10th of what's really going on..!
This guy "Hollywood" is just a spoke in the wheel of life as far as "Chicago Land" go's. I'm sure he knew the game well enough to know that he had NO BUSINESS walking around on the streets of Chicago with what was going on in his case and that he was definatley suspected of working with the Fed's which means he should have been laying low either way; "Not Walking Around" Unarmed
and w/out at least one or two heavies. I have no sympathy for a guy that made millions and wanted everyone to know it!

Anonymous said...

Chapo is not the only person in the cartel capable of ordering a hit

Anonymous said...

NO!! This is how chi~town takes Care of snitches. We've doing this since way before the pussy cartels came in with their weak ass dope.

Anonymous said...

"Weak ass dope"

You must be 9 years old. Who do you think supplies "chi-town" with narcotics???????

Anonymous said...

@1:46am........not without guns,nope!!!

Anonymous said...

thats the way it works in every city every mexican that has a connect always has a connect in the hood. its business people dont be surprised i dont think chapo had this guy killed no way the twins had him wiped out so he wouldnt talk or some of his own people so he wouldnt bring down the house that would mean alot of his guys would go down too.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm nine and a half. Learn me though! Teach me please. How does it work? You seem to know everything about the cartels from San Diego to elpaso and miami to boston. Jesus forest you must have an i.q. Of 160... Vete a la berga. Elvis se la rifa

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of "Kiley Murrays" in every state from Miami to San Diego to Seattle to Boston
then down to New York back again to Chi Town then down to Atlanta and back to Florida. This has all
ways been the case and all ways will be. When ten get (Popped) there's twenty more waiting to take their place. It' good old capitalism at it's Best..! The American Dream, nice cars,nice clothes,plenty of women at your beck n call,nice homes,everything is Ace's until the cops come a knockin at your door and your closest friends set you up so they can get outta a jam or want to be in your place or all the above..!

Anonymous said...

Hollywood was and informant and snitches lay in ditches. To bad the he couldnt figure out the twins set him up

Anonymous said...

1:10 you are conveniently forgetting that big as it is,the take the Mexican Jack's get to keep is a pile of beans,compared to what all the partners put in foreign banks and invest in foreign countries including the USA,the cayman islands,HSBC,Sweden
etc,coupled with straight honest money they steal form the public trough...
All that money they never see it again,and those that take it,use it to investi-buy in the banana republics they got it from in the first place,further eroding their economic well being...

Sean Irwin said...

U got that right!

peter jones said...

I'm actually from Chicago and knew "Cali" personally.He was a cool dude I saw him 45 minutes before he was killed he jokingly said to a friend of are's about a bet they made he said he would dead before he collected on that debt how ironic....I'm not making excuses for his lifestyle but that's how the nature of the beast works.

Anonymous said...


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