Monday, August 6, 2012

Zetas Narco Banners: "We Are Not Dividing"

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Narco Mantas (banners) signed by the Los Zetas cartel appeared over the week end in multiple states. 
The message on the mantas is essentially the same; refuting the persistent rumors that the cartel has been subjected to infighting, in particular between its leaders;

Heriberto Lazcano aka "El Lazca" or "Z3", and Miguel Trevino Morales aka "Z40".  Lazcano is a leader from the founding group, Trevino was hired when the Zetas became the enforcer group for the Gulf Cartel. Trevino is a brutal leader and said to be responsible for the cartels diversification into kidnapping and extortion. 

Trevino is often the target of taunts in narco mantas of rival cartels, as they refer to his stint as a car washer.

The photos are of the mantas  hung in Saltillo, the capital of the Mexican state of Coahuila, a Zeta stronghold and in the vicinty where one or more of  the Los Zetas reside.


LOS ZETAS NO SE DIVIDEN”. Se unen más que nunca en contra de los informantes Pitarrones. Eso de la división ES CAMPAÑA BARATA de los informantes.
Attn  Unidad Zeta
Mas unidos que Nunca
“Sufragio Efectivo no Reelección” B9223601
The Zetas are not dividing.
We are more united than ever against the blowhard informants 
The division is just a cheap campaign of the informants.
United Zeta
more united than ever
"Real Democracy, No Reelection"  B9223601*
*NOTE: This slogan was the battle cry of the Mexican Revolution, which began in 1910. The phrase "no reelección" refers to the president at the time, Porfirio Diaz,  who was in his sixth term. Under the current constitution, Mexican presidents are allowed to serve only one six-year term called a "sexenio". They cannot be reelected. In Mexico, the phrase is commonly found at the bottom of documentation, however has no relevance to the content of a document. 

ADDITIONALLY, a reader contributed this analysis, which I find plausible:
"What they mean by democracy and no re election is that they have a good leadership structure and that the main boss is lazcano and he is the one that runs them,  "B-9223601 that is similar to Lazcanos signature that number is the number that was assigned to Lazcano while being a GAFE"