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10 Tons of Marijuana Dumped Off California Coast and 2 Tons off Ensenada

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 |

6.20.12 UPDATE: Read the report from the US Navy,  details HERE

Borderland Beat:   reports are all over the place 10, or 12 or 19 tons....whatever,  alota mota...
and in the waters off of Ensenada, Baja California Mexican Marina retrieved 2 tons.  Link for that story at the bottom of this post.  "Someone" is losing tons of MJ  each week.  Paz, Chivis

Navy Plucks 19,000 lbs of Mota Out of the  Ocean

US Navy Retrieving Floating MJ
UTSD by Nathan Max
An aircraft carrier group recovered an estimated 19 tons of marijuana that had been dumped into the Pacific Ocean over the weekend by three boats off the California coast, the Navy said Tuesday.
Nobody was apprehended and the three boats sped off after dropping their load, said Lt. Aaron Kakiel, spokesman with Naval Air Forces Pacific. Crews from the aircraft carrier Nimitz, guided-missile cruiser Princeton, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 6, Helicopter Maritime Squadron 75 and the Mexican Navy picked up 186 bales of marijuana that apparently was en route to the United States. The Nimitz Strike Group is operating in the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast conducting carrier qualification operations.
“The coordinated response of all hands involved was phenomenal,” Nimitz Strike Group Commander Rear Adm. Pete Gumataotao said in a statement. “The combined efforts of each of our strike group components demonstrated the flexibility and capability that defines how we conduct business.”
Shortly before 2 p.m. Saturday, starboard lookouts on the Nimitz spotted two boats about four nautical miles away. When helicopter crews flew in for a closer look, they saw two 25-foot single-engine boats, which began dumping 80 black hefty bags, each filled with about 100 pounds of marijuana, the Navy said.
A little more than three hours later, an officer of the deck on the Nimitz spotted a third boat, which also dumped its load into the ocean. The bales were eventually transferred to the Coast Guard and brought to shore.
“This crew’s response was amazing,” Nimitz Commanding Officer Capt. Jeff Ruth said in a statement. “To operationally shift gears quickly and safely from carrier qualifications to a real-world response shows what true professionals work here.”

Note: AP is reporting 2 boats and 10 Tons, 6 Tons off one boat and 4 off the other.  No news source is reporting less than 10 Tons...

Sources: UTSD-San Diego Reader-SDT-AP

PGR Transporting Marijuana Found n Ensenada Waters

Additionally: Mexican Navy (Marina) found 2 tons floating off of waters near Ensenada.
See Havana's post on BB Forum about that find HERE


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14 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Clearly you were NOT a Math major Mr. Chivis :)
1 ton = 2,000 pounds
19 tons = 38,000 pounds
But thanks for your work,wonder if this was high grade stuff
or Mexican dirt weed?

Anonymous said...

Chapos nephew was killed in Culiacan Sinaloa.

It said to be members of the Beltran Zeta Carillo alliance who killed him.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it was brick, high grade is grown in the states.

Anonymous said...

Definitly a mistake.. And dirt weed for sure

Anonymous said...

1 tone = 2200 lbs

Anonymous said...


Chivis said...

You are correct...I did not write this, however this is reported straight across as 10-12-or 19 tons. andtwo in Ensenada. I don't edit text of a news source. as i stated at top, no sure but it is a lot.

as for information on worries more is on the way to your local supplier....Paz, Chivis

Miami herald:19T
ABC :10T
Fox: 12T

Anonymous said...

If it's floating in the ocean, it's dirt weed. The kind you buy in a lump, a lot like a dirt clod. It's full of stems and seeds, all smells like shit and gives you a headache, grinders were invented so you can break up. The "good stuff" comes in a huge bud much like flowers, it has a fruity smell and is sticky as hell. Weed is like beer. Those who really love it will grow their own, have a card and but the good stuff, or know a grower who will sell on the side. It's another plant all together. If it were beer, think of it like 19 huge crates of Keystone Light just fell into the ocean. Yes, there is many who would drink it, but then again people drink antifreeze too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were metric tons 1000 kilos = 1 tonelada.

Anonymous said...

Thiink it was chapos load?

Anonymous said...

Yes sir I agree! Commercial weed is what was! Like finding cases of budweiser floating around!lol! Newcastle or Victoria perhaps would be equal to the stuff!

Anonymous said...

Many heads shall be removed cuz of this!!!:)lol!

Anonymous said...

Thats Baja California were chapo and arellano Felix control more then likely its the arellanos trying to find a new way to cross being desperate...Chapo has some disposable aircraft, tunnels, bride border people, submarines

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sicilia is bring his protestors to San Diego soon. Maybe he would like to comment on this to the people of San Diego.

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