Saturday, May 26, 2012

“Please, just let him go:” Woman searches for husband after "Zeta" home invasion in Texas

McALLEN —  The sound of shattering glass coming from the family’s front door caught Marina Morfin’s attention that fateful Friday morning. 
“I thought it was my dog,” the 36-year-old said almost two months later. “And when I got out of the room with my little girl behind me, that’s when I had three guys in my  living room pointing guns at me, yelling at me, telling me not to move and that they were from the Zetas.”
Morfin and her 4-year-old daughter were caught in the middle of what authorities say is a drug-related home invasion that ended with the kidnapping of Morfin’s husband.
Authorities, however, never mentioned the assailants claimed to be part of one of Mexico’s bloodiest cartels.
The Zetas have orchestrated some of the most gruesome massacres in the country’s recent history. Members claimed responsibility for the slaying of 193 immigrants found in mass graves last year in San Fernando, a small town just 70 of miles south of Brownsville. They most recently dumped 49 dismembered bodies along a highway in the oil refinery town of Cadereyta and have contributed to the more than 50,000 deaths since Mexican President Felipe Calderon waged war against drug organizations in 2006. 
The three gunmen who stormed into Morfin’s home March 30 were highly skilled and organized, she said. They wore matching camouflage outfits that included caps and face masks and spoke only in fluent Spanish. 
“They told me who they were and they told me not to look at them, so I closed my eyes,” Morfin said. “I was so scared. I really thought they were going to kill me.”
The mother of three tried reasoning with the men, telling them she owned nothing of worth.
“We’re not coming to get anything,” they told her. “We’re coming to ask your husband a couple of questions.”
Armando Morfin, 40, had left the house about five minutes earlier. He usually drove his 8-year-old son, one of his 4-year-old twin daughters and other neighborhood children to school at 7:30 a.m.
He owned a landscaping business that provided “no luxuries” for the family and he was sick, Marina Morfin said. Doctors diagnosed him with multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, in December.
“Not once did they ask me for his name. Not once did they tell me his name,” his wife said of the home invaders.
But Armando Morfin was listed as a criminal associate of the drug underworld in various law enforcement databases, authorities said. Public records indicate he was sentenced to eight years in prison for a second-degree felony of possession of marijuana in 1999.
Yet, he wasn’t home when the alleged Zetas arrived — only his wife and 4-year-old daughter were.
The masked men ordered Marina Morfin and the child to a room, where they asked the woman to lay face down on the floor.
“They were trying to take my girl away from my stomach and I told them, ‘If you take my girl away, she’s going to start crying.’ And that’s when one of the guys said, ‘Well if she starts to cry, you’re going to get hurt,’” she recalled.
Marina pleaded with her attackers and persuaded them to let her sit on the floor with her daughter between her legs. They blindfolded the woman, gagged her and tied her hands and legs in front of her. Then the masked men did the same to the 4-year-old girl.
“Next thing I know, I hear him coming and he gets off the car,” Marina Morfin said about her husband. “And that’s when he opens the door and yells out loud, ‘What the (expletive)?’”
A struggle ensued, with the alleged Zetas overpowering Armando Morfin.
They grabbed the family’s cell phones and car keys before leaving Marina Morfin with some final words.
“He tells me not to yell, not to cry and not to call the cops — that my husband would come back in a half hour to untie me. And that’s it. He never came back. I had to untie myself,” she said as she began to break down.
The gunmen drove away with her husband in the family’s minivan. An irrigation worker found the torched vehicle in a field near La Blanca about 30 minutes before the kidnapping was reported to authorities.
Armando Morfin has yet to be seen.
“We haven’t heard anything,” his wife said. “We don’t know where he’s at. I don’t know what happened to him or anything.”

Marina Morfin and her children no longer live in Texas.
“My family was scared for my life,” she said. “We think they might come back for us — for me.”
She struggles to speak to her children about their father’s whereabouts.
“I don’t know how to explain to my kids what happened,” she said. “I haven’t been able to sleep. I cry. I don’t know what to do. I have three little kids with me, and I see no end to this.”
The twin girl who endured the ordeal also has problems coping.
“She gets scared a lot and she doesn’t talk,” her mother said. “If she sees me scared or sees me crying, she’ll show me with her hands what happened to us because she saw that they tied me up and she saw that they tied her up, too.”
Her daughter is one of several children present during violent home invasions throughout Hidalgo County. According to Monitor records, at least six children have been present in three of the six fatal home invasions documented within the past two years.
Saturday marked the two-year anniversary of a home invasion in San Juan during which a 3-year-old boy watched as his father Roberto Hinojosa, 21, was gunned down. His grandmother told The Monitor last year the child was undergoing therapy and counseling.
The Gulf Cartel allegedly ordered the hit after Hinojosa stole more than a ton of pot from the drug organization, authorities said.
Four of the six home invasions that resulted in deaths since 2010 are connected in some sort to drug trafficking, according to Monitor archives. That’s a little more than 66 percent.

It’s almost impossible to determine how many home invasions are reported throughout Hidalgo County — or anywhere else for the matter.
Many police departments throughout the United States do not keep track of them and are not obligated to do so. Those in Hidalgo County are no different, with only a handful of them keeping record.
The offense is usually classified as either a robbery or aggravated assault in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, making it difficult to quantify because not all aggravated assaults and robberies are home invasions.
For people living on the U.S. –Mexico border, the lack of comprehensive data on the subject creates misconceptions and confusion, especially when the occasional violent ones make headlines.

Marina clings to hope.
“I have to have hope because if there’s no hope, there’s no life,” she said. “I know he’s going to come back to me. He has to. He has three wonderful kids who love him and I adore him.”
She celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary about two weeks ago — alone.
And even though she continues to wait patiently, she knows she may never see him again.
“Thank god that they didn’t touch me. They didn’t do anything to me or to my daughter,” she said. “I just don’t know what they’re doing to my husband.”
Armando Morfin’s family is offering a monetary reward for anyone with information leading to his whereabouts.
“Please, just let him go,” his wife pleads. “I don’t know what he’s done wrong that they had to take him away. Just let him go. He’s sick. He’s more use to us than to them. His kids need him. His family needs him. I need him.”


  1. This just boils my blood, this is what makes me want to deport all illegal Mexicans. Keep their shit on their side of the border

    1. My parents are Mexican I'm American. I too hate this shit. Fucken zetas all big shit but now that they are kicking there as in Nuevo Laredo they are running to Laredo can find some halcones on the end street of Sierra vista in a trailer they are like 6 and you can see more of them by Santo niño.and that guy they caught in Nuevo Laredo I think last name campos working with zetas and some gang in Laredo tx caught by us marshalls and marines.i ask my self if he had been on the run for 6 years when zetas didn't have no problem in Nuevo Laredo now that they are kicking there ass makes me believe he was the one that called the US Marshall's to make it look he was caught.

    2. You are a true idiot...zetas getting their ass kicked in nuevo laredo....doesnt matter where the zetas get attacked...the zetas are kicking cds and cdg asses all over MEXICO!!! I live in mexico...cds and cdg are the same bullshit,yes cds kills innocents,yes they extort and all the bullshit!!! So niether is better than the other...but more and more people continue to side with the zetas....why??? Because cds is the cause of all these deaths!!! Thinking they were going to win the plaza of...MEXICO,well,we all know now the truth! Not even with help from the government will chapo win a damn thing!!! Hasnt even won ciudad juarez after 5 damn years!!! Damn cartel should be ashamed!!!! On the contrary,cds continues losing ground,even in Culiacan,their supposedly base,yeah right,EVERY DAY MEMBERS FROM CDS ARE BEING GUNNED DOWN,ONE BY ONE,AND LITERALLY I AM SAYING EVERY DAY! So....critisize all you want,most of you people that respond to borderbeat dont even live in mexico. Truth is...the zetas continue coming out on all you cds fans...wake up and smell the coffee.

    3. That Campos Guy was the one who had Texas,syndicate cell in Laredo TX they botched a,hit and all ts members ratted n are in prison I,think hes the,one,that killed Jorge,Gomez,aka la Mona borderlandbeat had an article on this a while bak.

  2. And Obama and Congress continue to do nothing.

    1. Sure they do, they continue to give hundreds of millions of dollars to a corrupt government.

    2. JUST LIKE BUSH!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mexicans are delivering drugs,all across the USA, they ARE the Drug pipeline for Democrats across the USA, HELLO who is it that does not KNOW THIS? So what is the big deal that it is some kind of a Story that Mexican Narcos Enforce in the US DUH!! NO SHIT this has been going on for 20 years?? You think the ARMY of lawn care guys etc Came from Fairyland? that they LOVE you?? Democrats control the Fed they suck up to any claimed minority and protect their vote base GET IT ? Hello

    1. Just like you republicans & you whine for having to sign & pass a background √ to get Your gun

    2. @10:05 justabove...
      You have fallen down the path where you have no idea how to get out. This path is a path where conspiracy runs deep in your day to day view.

      I am not saying there are no conspiracies. I am saying that everything is some big cover up that goes all through all governments is a joke.


      It's kind of hard to believe because you see one crack in the system and then there MUST be cracks everywhere.

      Change your self tactics and find solid proof before full judgement is made. Seek the truth. Don't distrust everyone and everything but care on trusting as well.

      SERIOUSLY... Once you go down the path of conspiracy it because of life long struggle to keep it at a healthy level.

      I say this with intent to help but not an intent for putting you down. To put you down would be to put myself down because I was there at one time.


    3. Si a ustedes pendejos no les gusta lo que nosotros hacemos en el valle pues dejen de llorar y traten de parar nos. Nosotros somos los que somos los dueños del valle y todo el norte de mexico. Y para que sepan ya su ginebrino gringo no nos puede para tampoco.

    4. Tas bien pendejo quien piensa que eres no son duenos de nada

  4. This sucks, but nothing is gonna happen the us is to scared.

    1. this shi is too scarey even for the USA. it means a new type of war that the usa is not willing yo confront....or handle.

  5. Hey Gustavo, I bet the guys who did this were not illegals. How about beating on corrupt politicians and law enforcement (all US citizens by the way) who are on the cartels' payroll? All along the border they are corrupt - too much money to be made from illegal drugs. Your anger is completely misplaced.

  6. Wow! Those poor children.
    From the zetas reputation, it's a miracle the wife and children are still alive.

  7. Ok, before we start the racist shit again, this was over marijuana people! Fucking pot! Not Meth, not Coke, not heroin! Jesus Christ, legalize the shit already! This poor fucker was trying to make a little extra cash selling WEED! I said WEED! I seriously doubt he would've jeopardized his family selling trying to push meth,heroin, or coke! Alcohol is even worse and yet we are fucking wasting time and money with GRASS! And if your one of those people who say marijuana is a gateway drug your just a fucking simple minded idiot! Wake the fuck up and legalize and tax the goddamn shit like alcohol! Fucking dirt weed, now he's dead, straight bullshit!

  8. Everytime i take a glimpse at bb its more racism against the essays. These fools cant fuck with us so they go after yall. Its like the white supremacists love gettin mouthy on the web. What yall need to do is do it in spanish so these bigots stop posting dumb shit.

    1. No, us people who are not fluent in espanol need to know what's really going on. I know there are some dumb fucks who pipe up but you need to let that shit go. Some of is really do care what's happening in Mexico! And I'm white, peace bro!

    2. I agree with the posting in Spanish to filter out the dumbasses who speak out of corrupt viewed judgement.

      Problem with that is that by speaking Spanish only filters out people like me who have used BB to educate myself. To help me get more informed about these horrific events which I then tell people around me in my day to day life so that others to can learn about these things.

      Getting the word out is important and is at the very heart of everyone who writes on here. They are not doing it for fame because they risk their very lives by that. They do it to get the word out so that others like me can learn if this all so that one day maybe things will start getting better. A hope that people in Mexico can feel safe and live a happy life.

      Do you wish to hinder that for Mexico? I don't think you do. We need to learn to talk things through even if it's hard to do at times. Arguments are often in the heated state before they get better. We just need to try to learn to talk instead of fight. It will take time to change this.


    3. It doesn't matter it's been three years and he's not home. We just want him back that's it. 💔

  9. Shut up u ignorant people, they all play ignorant until something happens and then they act like they are all goody two shoes, sucks for the kids...

  10. Gustavo, you said "deport all illegal Mexicans. Keep their shit on their side of the border". What happened is horrible. The Zetas are the lowest of the lowlifes. But there are an estimated 13 million illegal Mexicans living in the US. Many of them having lived there 10, 15, 20 years, working, raising their families, not dealing drugs. what do they have to do with what the Zetas did to this family and cause you to want them all deported?

    1. Watch "a day without Mexicans" aside from the corniness it was very interesting.

      Mexican former pres Fox once said, "theres not doubt that Mexicans, filled with dignity, willingness and ability to work, are doing jobs in the US that even blacks won't do" (paraphrased)
      Who else would take the jobs at the salary that they are paid? They helped rebuild new Orleans after the hurricane. And I'm sure many many got scammed by contractors with the threat of having immigration called if they caused a scene after a job was done and they weren't paid.

  11. Black gangs do home invasions every Night targeting random people in houston, katy dallas etc. watch the news. At least mexicans/sicarios have respect for the children and mother

    1. You mean these particular sicarios? If you think Mexican sicarios don't harm women and children, you are misinformed to say the least. Do some research on cartel murder victims who were children. These particular scumbags had the brains to realize that if they did something like this on american soil and ended up harming a child , they'd be in a world of hurt from the American government to their own gang.

  12. Mexican sicarios have no respect for women and children otherwise they wouldn't kill kids and tie them up. I know first hand as me & my pregnant wife were kidnapped by these pricks in Monterrey last August I got shot and they slapped and punched her! And we had nothing to do with drugs they just use mob rule, calling me gringo when I'm not American.##### racism I dunno if the Americans could sort this problem out as in Mexico as well as a corrupt country on all levels it's a huge culture problem as things such as gloryfiying the narco clothes, the Banda coridos, but if the Americans are sending money to a "corrupt govt" where does it all change? Mexicans blame Americans, Americans blame Mexicans it's the fault & responsibility of both countries! Mexico needs to stop the lax attitude as pasale to everything ( I mean esp the police & celadores, boarder patrols, transito) no more bribes, sure the yanks consume drugs but that doesn't mean the Mexicans as people need to get involved & kill each other this is what the Mexican people don't understand! Also Mexicans maybe seem reluctant to let Americans help in Mexico because of the past. But I miss Mexico, the food, my friends, my job ( I was a teacher & my wife was too) but being back in Europe I know there's drugs in every city but not on a scale like in Mexico. Unless you've lived in Mexico it's hard to comment on the drug problem. Peace desde Europa

  13. "lito"britoMay 27, 2012 at 4:07 AM

    it is not the illegals guys..don't you all know our govt will give a visa to a known criminal...but deny the average honest Mexican...the big narcos on the Mexican side have counterparts on the US do you think the drugs get passed all over the USA..not by illegals...but by the visa holding or US citizen is not like the Mexicans just dump the shit on the American side and it just sits there...

    why do you think it is so hard to come here legally...and so easy to come here illegally...the same guys make the profit exploiting Mexicans on both sides


  14. no end in sight.
    this drug dealer just got what he deserved. he should have stayed single and that way he would not have traumatized his wife and children.
    oh and all you legalize cheerleaders need to get abducted by one of your suppliers. maybe they will let you go when you tell them how good their "WEED" is rofl.

  15. This was no random home invasion. The man was dealing with the zeta. He knew what would Happpend if he fuck up. And for his wife she should start looking for the money that her husband hid from her.

  16. I'm from the uk, when I tell people over here about this stuff goin on over there they don't belive me, seems worst than what's goin on in afghanistan, hw comes obama doesn't mention a word of these things, border or no border mexico is a part of the u.s, iv seen the map

  17. it's a lie, the guy and his family lived in an afluent neighborhood. A landscaping business doesn't generate that kind of profits, much less revenue. The reward that's being offered is tainted cash. This just shows that if you do a civil wrong, any cartel will come after you and the country that one resides in doesn't matter.

  18. Mexicans bangin on about RACISM?
    Now that is a classic.And now we got fuckers sayin post in Spanish?Its an English speaking blog you fuckin Racist Mexican.There are many,many,Spanish speaking sites,these are opinions being voiced by US citizens,Mexican/American too,who are horrified and scared by this bullshit,and people start calling people racist?It is because a lot of the opinions come from white people,so now who is racist.Can they have an opinion?Is that ok with you people

  19. Mexicans are the most racist people i see on here without a doubt."Whiteboy,whiteman,cracker,gringo"imagine if it was white people behaving this way?
    They routinely say it without no problem,but it is still racism,but if it was the other way round?

  20. man is nothing new for hidalgo county home invasions have going on since 1992 on on forth but back then they called them sudo-cops or something like and in dallas the zetas have kidknapping people for ransom and debts but it dont get reported if you want them alive and i always felt a group of them killed 2 person which was a home invasion for drugs they stabbed to death and slit thier down to the spine and that was in 2005 .so i personally kno they been operating all that bumping about the u.s.a needs to stop.cause r there and you dnt even realize it.and guess what they are not all illegals.even american soliders get corrupted what three months ago those soldiers out of texas. but thats how it is people with no common sense want to blame others and wash thier hands that way.

    1. Totally agree with you it happens way to often here in south texas but for those of you who dont live down here you wouldnt know what crazy shit happens here in our bordertowns

    2. Yes agree..its funny how people in here post their opinions like they really know what's going on.born and raised in the RGV I can tell you this is nothing new..the corruption has been seeded in this area since a long time..there's tons of shit that happens everyday here that isn't reported..

  21. Black gangs target any vunerable familys in the U.S.A. everyday! Watch any local news and the home invasions happen everyday by african American citizens

  22. He OWNED the landscaping business. That means he could be rich enough to live in the affluent neighborhood and not a drug dealer. Perhaps they were extorting him.

  23. this shit happens in every race.stop being ignorant blaming others find a solution and stop feeding energy to the problem. cause its in your backyard.

  24. mexican cartels are in the u.s.a. look at this report and with that kind of wieght u can bet ur ass thier no honor amongst thiefs

  25. in this case the perp is only charged with burglary with intent to comit a felony aint that some shit

  26. Por si ustedes no sabian, el apellido Morfin viene exclusivamente del estado de Michoacan y algunas partes que Jalisco colindan con Michoacan....pobre mujer e hijos....que lastima por ellos

  27. They cannot start killing innoncent people on USA, because the USA will launch their army to Mexico and take care of these little bastards.

  28. why would the usa send soldiers this way there in not in mexico those are american brewed crininals

  29. @5:24am & @1:01pm You don't know what you are talking about, it just takes time for the government to nail your ass. Keep at it and you won't reach 40.

    No sabes de lo que hablas, solo tienes que esperar para que el gobierno te agarre bato. Sigue asi y no llegaras a vivir a los 40.

  30. home invasions in the usa do happen by these cartels or kidnapping these were my friends

    DALLAS, Texas - Dallas police continued to seek clues Friday in the slayings of a member of a Lower Greenville restaurant family and his longtime roommate, both of whom were found bound and stabbed to death in a Far East Dallas home.

    It took police two hours to find the victims while they traced a 911 call made from a cellphone that was routed to Mesquite – a problem that emergency agencies often face.

    At 1:14 p.m. Thursday, Mesquite police received an emergency cellphone call from the home of Pietro "Pete" Eustachio Jr., 30, and Arturo Lua Meza, 29. Mesquite authorities did not describe the content of the call, other than to say the phone line was left open for some time.

    Authorities were able to quickly find the cell tower from which the call originated, but it wasn't until 3:15 p.m. that they determined that the phone belonged to Mr. Eustachio and arrived at his home in the 8400 block of Capriola Lane in Far East Dallas, police and family said. The front door was closed but unlocked. The two men were found upstairs, both bound and stabbed to death. Mr. Eustachio's throat had been cut, according to a police report.

    "From the moment the call came in, we made a diligent effort to find out if anyone in possession of that phone needed help," said Sgt. Shannon Greenhaw, a Mesquite police spokeswoman. "Cellphones are a great thing and have probably saved more lives than anyone could ever know, but there are limits to them."

    Members of Mr. Eustachio's family, which owns the popular Pietro's Italian Restaurant on Richmond Avenue just off Lower Greenville Avenue, said they understood that the police had trouble responding to the 911 call.

    Police said a small amount of methamphetamine was found inside the house. Records show that Mr. Meza was arrested in 1995 on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance and unlawful carrying of a weapon, prompting authorities to investigate for drug involvement.

    "Whatever the suspect or suspects did or wanted, it was confined to the rooms upstairs that were in the care of Arturo," said Sgt. Salverino. "I can't say at this point that the murders had anything to do with narcotics."

    While records show no arrests for Mr. Eustachio, officers were summoned to the house on Capriola Lane three times in 2003. Twice, Mr. Eustachio apparently threatened to commit suicide after disputes with his girlfriend but later denied wanting to harm himself to officers. The third call involved a custody dispute with Mr. Eustachio's girlfriend concerning the couple's young son, police said.

    Shelia Urquhart, who lives down the block, said Mr. Eustachio had been upset that his girlfriend moved out about a year ago and had taken their son.

    "He was really mad about it," Ms. Urquhart said. "He had problems with his baby's mama and her new boyfriend. He told me about a guy making threats, saying, 'You can't come over, you can't see the baby.' "

    Sgt. Salverino said that the girlfriend has a husband, but that he has been in immigration custody for weeks.

    "It's so early in the investigation, we're leaving all our options open," he said.

  31. The wars are just a sham this is global domination this is suppression to its hardened core.This is what the devil does best(ZIONISTS).Mexico has a drug culture to suppress its hearts and minds Mexico knows what it is doing and America teaches the bull that's why there were cia agents teaching torture tactics or CIA planes going down filled with cocain.And American banks washing 70% of the dirt money this is lobbying for profit aswell a lot of crime family's make money and there on both sides and in all sectors.The scale is so huge it's biblical the world will suffer this is 2012 and the world is changing we can all feel it.KILLUMINATI

  32. It amazes me how everyone comments as if they knew him and his family. You ALL take this opportunity to speak up and show your hate. Have some compassion. We should educate our own children on legal and illegal drug use.


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