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Guadalajara: Bodies and Suspects Identified

Friday, May 11, 2012 |

Ten of the bodies have been identified

GUADALAJARA, Jalisco (11/MAY/2012)
Submitted by anonymous means.

"Within hours the government first said they were 5 decapitated, then 10, then 15, then 18, now they says possibly 20. 

Do they not know how to count? Are they hiding something to the scared society? Are they trying to protect someone? 

 There were 32 the number of the abducted, there are now at least 18 decapitated + 2 others that were executed, and how about the other 12, where are they?"
* Families are expected to come to the morgue of the metropolis to collect the bodies.

* There are now ten of the 18 bodies that have been identified bodies that were found last Wednesday inside two abandoned vehicles on a dirt road located in the municipality of Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillo.

There are now ten of the 18 bodies that have been identified that were found last Wednesday inside two abandoned vehicles on a dirt road located near the highway to Chapala, in the Municipality of Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos, Jalisco.

 The 10 victims identified are:
  • Juan Luis Sandoval Camarena, 26, a waiter at 'La Iguana de Piedra';
  • David Martinez Velazquez, a waiter at 'La Iguana de Piedra';
  • Carlos Delgado Jesus Martinez, 18, student who studied Engineering;
  • Jonathan Daniel Martinez, 17, who was a student;
  • Rye Heriberto Sanchez, 25 years of age, occupation bricklayer;
  • Julio Cesar Arana Aceves, 27, resident of the municipality of Tuxcueca;
  • Miguel Angel Mata Barragan, 25;
  • Abel Paz, 26;
  • Gustavo Martinez Perez, 18, and
  • Elijah Hernandez Flores, 50, mason by trade and a native of Guadalajara.
 The Attorney General of the State of Jalisco stated in a press coneference last Thursday, May 10, that Laura "N", 25, alleged member of the cartel Milenio was involved in the abduction of for more than 30 victims in Tala , an act that would link her to death of the 18 people.

Credit: Informador Redacción.

Authorities identify the people that are suspected in the execution in Tala. 
 The Jalisco Attorney's General Office has identified three suspects in the abduction of 14 people in Tala, and potential participants in the multi murder of 18 people whose bodies were found in Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos.
 Attorney General Thomas Coronado Olmos informed of the arrest warrants against: 
Armando Rafael Figueroa Martínez aka "El Cali”, "El Colchón” or "R20",
Juan Carlos Antonio Mercado, aka "El Chato” or "El Molino”

Ángel Rosales Sánchez, aka "El Jabalino” or "R25".

Laura Rosales Sánchez, 25 years old, arraigned
 "The woman confessed that they were operating and abducting people of that area, especially those who were from the town of Tala."

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11 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

It is funny the way you put things Buggs, because from the first moment I read the story it was 18 bodies and two more found in another location.

Speculations don't make facts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The others escaped Tuesday, 12 of them, they were being held near Tala.

Anonymous said...

18yr old engineering student? Why kill him? Or the waiters? Is everyone in Mexico fair game, or is everyone in Mexico guilty? It seems like they just kidnap first, ask questions later, and then end up killing them anyways. They must find this fun, or they suck at intelligence gathering. Either way, Mexico is screwed.

scoop said...

Milenio is a gang that probably has limited connections to drugs and political figures. They kidnap innocents for revenue, because they are unsuccessful at being drug kingpins. Yet they are glorified and called a cartel...... wow real muscle, way to kill some waiters and teenage students make your momma proud. I hope they make your grave a national toliet bowl.

Anonymous said...

Those lames from milenio n zetas kill random ppl that are innocent, n they think that will give them respect? They cnt do that to their enemies because theyre weak, CJNG have to act quick n clean out Jalisco from all this lames

Anonymous said...

According to several mexican news sources, these suspects are directly given orders from Z40 aka Miguel Trevino Morales who sent them to Jalisco because of what happened in Nuevo Laredo.

Anonymous said...

Mira la pinta de los huevones! delinguentes!

Anonymous said...

Look at the occupation and age of some of these victims.Do you all think that every one of these people were guilty of any crime?
Here is the proof that these poxy skanks kidnap and kill anyone.No one is safe in Mexico from these dogs.It could be your child next.
It makes sense,they are not going to jeopardise their lives by trying to kidnap other skanks with guns?So,they kidnap completely innocent people going about their everyday lives,was anyone naive enough to believe this didn't go on?Something radical needs doing to stop this kind of shit.

Anonymous said...

Man,look at this,mention Guzman,Z,CDG,BLO,any of these motherfuckers,and you get a million posts from a million internet bangers.But,innocent people,or news about these people being innocent,just doesn't have the same kind of impact.Everyone wants to know about the fuckers who cause this shit,not ordinary people picked up and killed?I want to see motherfuckers like Guzman,Lazca,Coss,40,Mayo,commandantes,all of em,dumped on the side of a road somewhere,preferably tortured like the young Marines.A few comments?Its an indictment of human mature.

Anonymous said...

Mexican Govt is a disgrace. How can this occur throughout the states with no opposition? These were citizens. I mean an engineering student? Waiters? What the fuck is going on down there? Wheres the outrage from the people?

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