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"El Grande" Extradited and First Court Appearance in US

Borderland Beat

Sergio Villarreal Barragán, known as “El Grande” because he stands over six and a half feet tall, was extradited to the United States on Tuesday May 22.

Villarreal Barragán was an alleged former leader and lieutenant of the Beltrán Leyva Organization (BLO) from 2007 to 2010 where he was heavily involved in the drug trade, specifically cocaine, and handling the cartel’s finances.

The United States requested his extradition to a Texas court where he will face charges of drug trafficking and money laundering. According to the U.S. Department of Justice spokeswoman, El Grande allegedly confiscated upwards of $100 million (USD). He appeared before a court on May 23 and, while in the custody of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), now awaits his next court date.

Perhaps equally as important as the extradition was significant to the cooperation between the U.S. and Mexican governments is the report from multiple sources that El Grande was responsible for naming the four Mexican military officials that were apprehended earlier this week on suspicion of colluding with the Beltrán Levya Organization in the past.

Of the four arrested, one was the former undersecretary of National Defense (subsecretario de la Defensa Nacional) and one other was still active in the service at the time of his arrest while the other three had retired within the past decade.

(Read more about the officials here).

While the investigations into the officials are still ongoing, El Grande’s role in naming names and exposing the connections could be significant. Additionally, as Proceso reported, El Grande cooperated with the Federal Attorney General’s Office in Mexico (Procuraduría General de la República, PGR), and very well may do the same in the United States, perhaps becoming a protected witness for the DEA.

Before joining the Beltrán Leyva Organization, Villarreal Barragán served as a policeman in the Coahuila Judicial Police force and then became a member of the Federal Police (Policía Federal). After becoming involved in organized crime in 2007, he quickly rose through the ranks among the Beltrán Leyva Organization.

In 2009, the leader of the cartel, Arturo Beltrán Leyva, was killed in a shootout by members of the Mexican Navy, which severely divided the cartel as various factions arose to battle for the vacancy. El Grande took part in the infighting at the time, but was captured not a year later in the state of Puebla, also by the Navy. At the time of his arrest in September 2010, the Mexican government had a reward out for the cartel leader of 30-million pesos.


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  1. I'm mobile but I think that's a San Antonio spurs t-shirt! Buttering up already! I hope the judge is a rockets or mavericks fan

  2. "lito"britoMay 27, 2012 at 12:01 PM

    ruh escape stop a supermax prison somewhere..for a long long time

  3. He copped the la Barbie deal.before la.Barbie could make a deal, gave up the the 4 generals and several under cut the deal.that la Barbie was supposed to cop.
    Atte...el Patrick Swayze

  4. .
    The Higher They Climb The Harder They Fall

    With more guys like him who know the dirty little secrets it's easy to see that the so-called criminal organization powers and power structure are but a House Of Cards. With just the right wind they all come falling down

  5. He's never going to have a good sleep again. The beds in those concrete closets they call cells are not made for men his size.

    It's encouraging to hear how much he's blabbing.

  6. all mexican narcos spill the frijoles when busted. seems to be a given and business as usual.

    The point about the size of prison beds is a good one. They will have to accomodate his size with a special bunk, or he could sue... cabron grande..

    hola Brito!

  7. he's going to witness protection he'll be living better than your average joe. somewhere in wyoming only in america

  8. He wont be el grande in prison lol he gonna be el BITCH!!!! Wont be so tough when u surrounded by killers and people twice as hard as u

    1. If u want to talk about thugs then this us as hard as they come by those standards this man is no bitch , he stopped a coke shipment in Mx city intended for el chapo because it was not authorized those sir are balls!

  9. I love the Mexican military's way of taking pictures. They'll arrest some guy that's 6 feet tall, and he'll be surrounded by 2 soldiers that are at least 4 inches taller than him. That way the narco looks even more pathetic than usual.

    I think they couldn't find a pair of tall soldiers for this guy so they went with the opposite approach. Find a couple of 5 foot 6 soldiers and make "el grande" look like a narco freak version of the incredible hulk.

    Brillient [sic].

    1. Hey fool stop haiting this cat is over 6'6" always haters with stupid comments!

  10. just like wolves brave with others when alone cowards with tears inhuman scumbags

    1. Yuup take their followers away the guns bet theyd run so quick these guys are r to pick up a gun but never wanna fight fist to fist now who is the bigger coward!!!!

  11. He's not going into witness protection. He's doing whatever sentence he gets in a prison.

    He made a deal so he maybe can get out in 15-20 years.

    He looks like a walking heart attack. He won't ever see freedom.

  12. Find a couple of 5 foot 6 soldiers and make "el grande" look like a narco freak version of the incredible hulk?
    Man,do you people read any of theses stories?
    This motherfucker is 6.6,he is gonna make me look small,and i,m 6.0.This dude is fuckin huge.
    The soldiers next to him could be 6.0,if they Marina,whatever,anyway i don't know where the fuck i going with this shit,i,m out

    1. Size means shit! I bet this Marines BALLS are BIGGER than el Grande's face! Just look at el Grande's face, punk ass bitch is about to cry! :-)

    2. U love how inmature people hate on El Grande like if they knew him,,,who are you guys to judge???

      El Grande will go down in history as a straight warrior who was always loyal to Don Arturo,R.I.P. Not like la barbie(straight bitch).The only reason why he let the marines arrest him is because his kids and wife were inside the house,el grande was a loyal intelligent person.Oh and those 100 million dollars that the US wants its only chump change

      What have you guys done? Why are we reading about this man?

      Next to him or in front of him you internet punks wouldnt even dare to look at him.

      And who ever replies its because they felt offended by the truth.

  13. LOLOL. This Punk ass Bitch will be going Super Max. Its over forever for this Puney Little Bitch. He was Only Grande to the little 5ft. People who he ran with. This Loser will now see what went around , came around.
    Anyone who thinks he will get off easy is wrong.
    A deal with the U.S. is more like an extra Hour in the "Yard" at his Supermax Hell!!! Good This Pig deserves it.
    Okay stupid Mexican Dope Dealers- Whos Next???We have Plenty of room for you filty , Dirty worthless traitor slobs. LOLOL!!!

  14. He deserves what he gets. He was responsible for beheading a cell that worked at the Mexico City airport. He was always too aggressive for his own good. I wonder what the connection was between La Barbie's arrest shortly before his? Could La Barbie really have known El Grande's whereabouts?

  15. I bet hell run shit even in supermax just like the mexican mafia stupid fucks

  16. La barbie should have came first, this guy doesn't have the dirt the barb does, this guy means nothing to nobody. La Barbie would bring up names that would crush the Mexican gov like no one could imagine. He's prolly still livin the same lifestyle but with protection.

  17. Wtf did happen to barbie havnt heard shit bout em

  18. Is there a link to that mexico city airport beheading story? I remember that, from 2008, but can never find a link now. That was El Grande? The story I liked, was the two of them, Barbie y Grande sharing amenities and toiletries inside prison, when they were fighting just weeks earlier.

  19. La Barbie Doll,was making deals and snitching for months before he got popped.All the sad fuckers who idolise these skanks should know that they are puro 100% rats.Man,you more of a man if you work day in day out at a job you fuckin hate,but you gotta do because you got a woman and children to take care of,you made children with your woman and now you got to be a man.But more and more men are pussys who can't hack it.More and more men are straight up bitches.Fuck all these clowns,and the pussys who worshiup them.

    1. You're right about that. Husband and wife are supposed to be the superheroes of their kids. You work your ass off to provide for whatever your children need. You loved them and teach them to be good and honest at what they do everyday. To show respect for their school and their home and to respect people. But I Think everything has changed with time. Let me tell you, I hate working in the oilfield, but I do it because it is a good paying job and because I have a wife and seven kids. But hell! I'm the happiest man in this world, because although I'm not rich, I love my family and they love me. Be happy! I pray that bs ends soon. God Bless!

  20. I remember reading that, he told all his bodyguards to give up, and went peacefully, his wife and kids were all upstairs, and the Marines were ready to go in like Arturo, but they have him the option to surrender, or something along those lines. I read that on here, but I don't remember if it was a comment or a story.

  21. As if there is no corruption in US prisons. The gangs run those places. The more mexican traffickers they stuff in prison, the more drugs will go along with them. They do business with US prison gangs too. Inside and out and I wouldn't be surprised if these cartels control some prisons.

  22. Another worthless Mexican occupying American prisons.

    I like how May 28, 2012 7:59 PM stated, "El Grande will go down in history as a straight warrior who was always loyal."

    No loyalty to his former police coworkers.

    He will go down as a worthless loser who is solely responsible for his kids not having a father and his wife's prostitution.

  23. May 28, 2012 7:52 PM
    "I hate working in the oilfield"
    Saludos to you brother.Ey man you been busy,7 kids.You know man,the daughters try you the most.
    When they start to get an interest in dudes,man,that shit is gonna kill me.
    You got the best in life brother,you working hard as a man should and you feel like a man,knowing that you are earning the money to look after your woman and children.Is there a more fulfilling way to live?Is there a better way to live?There are some of us left.But too many men turn pussy and make excuses.Keep turning brother,you the real deal.
    Good luck man.


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