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8,000 Mexican troops deploy to Michoacan

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 |

By Chris Covert

The Mexican Secretaria de Defensa Nacional and president Felipe Calderon Hinojosa said Wednesday that a total of 8,000 troops have been moved to Michoacan state, according to Mexican news  and official accounts.

General Guillermo Galvan Galvan and Calderon were at the opening ceremony of a base that will house the newly raised Mexican 25th Motorized Cavalry Regiment in Tiquicheo, Michoacan in southern Michoacan.

Michoacan governor Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, Mexican Secretaria Armada de Mexico (SEMAR), Admiral Mariano Francisco Saynez Mendoza,  commander of the XII Military Region, General de Division Ruben Venzor Arellano and commander of the 21st Military Zone, General Juan Antonio Bernal were also in attendance.

The unit's total compliment is 600 soldiers and 60 vehicles. Much of the unit's cadre and officers were experienced soldiers moved from other motorized cavalry units. Colonel Juan Lopez Sanchez is the unit's commander.

The physical location of the base is near a tri-border area near Mexico state to the east and the northern border of Guerrero state. Tiquicheo is astride Mexico Federal highway 49 which connects Morelia, the capital of Michoacan  and Toluca, the capital of Mexico state, as well as Distrito Federal farther east.

With General Galvan Galvan's remarks, Michoacan now rivals Tamaulipas as one of the most heavily fortified states in Mexico.  A total of 8,000 Mexican Army troops, an undisclosed number of Naval Infantry units and about 1,500 Policia Federal (PF) effectives have been deployed to Tamaulipas since the start of the year, mostly to the north near the border crossings with the US.

Many of those forces were redeployed from other southern states as diverse as Zacatecas and Chiapas. 

It is unclear from news accounts just how many troops were moved, and from where to Michoacan.  The state last experienced an upsurge in security forces deployed because of the November 13th gubernatorial elections.  About 1,800 PF effectives had been deployed to Michoacan in July, 2011, along with undisclosed numbers of Mexican Army and Naval Infantry forces.  The PF deployment came with about 170 vehicles including armored cars, 15 ambulances and four helicopters, including US made Blackhawk utility and Russian made MI-17Sh helicopters.  PF troops generally do not announce when they leave so it is unknown if those troops remain in the state.

The increases in troops strengths in many of Mexico's trouble spots comes a year after a total of 18 infantry battalions were raised by SEDENA to deal with the problem of exhausted units.  Prior to the raising of the new units, some army units in the field had not been been relieved in months.  The new forces presumably allows Mexican Army units to rest, refit and retrain, giving military zone and region commanders better flexibility.

Up until last year Michoacan was considered to be La Familia de Michoacana territory.  Since that time, some members of the criminal group were captured, some were killed fighting Mexican security forces, while others split off and formed a new criminal gang Los Caballeros Templarios or Knights Templars.  The losses suffered by La Familia at the time were so severe as to cause PF spokesman Luis Cardenas Palomino to claim the group was finished. 

In fact several narcopintas allegedly put up by La Familia members announced the group's intention to go out of business in December, 2010.

And now, according to a recent posting in the Jalisco Nuevo Generacion drug cartel, itself the recipient of the loss of two of its top leaders, have announced its intentions of destroying Los Caballeros TemplariosJalisco Nuevo Generacion's territory is Jalisco state which borders Michaocan to the east.  Some small groups of Jalisco Nuevo Generacion cartel operatives are known to operate already in eastern parts of Michoacan.

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18 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pinche puto calderon made a pact with sinaloa and jalisco to deploy more soldiers in Michoacan to cause damage to the CT but wait till the new president gets bought out by the ZETAS then ima laugh at the huge genocide in Sinaloa and jalisco ahahahhahahahaha

Anonymous said...

8000 soldados mas los federales mas algunos marinos mas cdjng haora si que dios nos agarre confesados por que esto va enserio

Anonymous said...

Ct strategy is gonna b simple kill EVERYTHING not wit them

Anonymous said...

That's when the US comes in, nobody messes with America's best drug supplier, even the president of Mexico!!

Anonymous said...

Not even with the help of these assholes are they gonna take that state blood and bullets are the only things they're getting for free in Michoacan

Anonymous said...

Its funny because I was there last month. These guys are everywhere harrassing everyone that just happens to be standing on their own porch. If you get caught with a bit of weed, you are going to get a beat down. But everyone knows when they are coming around town. Its a cat and mouse game.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it? Why dont they deploy troops in MTY or TAM? Or Juarez or Sinaloa. Since they always seem to be on the news about killings every day. Michoacan has been calm lately other than the CT putting up banners. Then you get this armed mariachi singing a song about how they will come after Michoacan and Guerrero. What is going on here? Why is Calderon and his armed Mariachi want Michoacan? Is it cause of his sister? Is it cause both him and his armed mariachi got kicked out of Michoacan? They are so heated up all that it will cause is a civil war. These people are tired of the abuse from the military and to have an armed mariachi come in and stir it up more. Why pull the bulls horn if you got nowhere to run.

Anonymous said...

Gracias chapo por hacer tus pendejadas! Ponte listo porque vas a ver chingo de sangre cabron. Aqui se va ver quien tiene mas intelligencia, los michoacanos no son dejados . Muy pronto te van a bajar de tu viaje. Jajaja arriba michoacan y El Chayo . Michoacan al million hijos de la verga!!

Anonymous said...

It would be more effective for Mexico to concentrate their troop deployments on the border! Mexico needs to secure their half of the border and put a stranglehold on the DTO's ability to smuggle drugs into the US! Obviously, there is no way to stop 100 percent of the flow but heavy border enforcement on the Mexican side (import/export) will make a difference. DTO's exist because of the heavy profit potential but if you create an environment, where the cost to smuggle drugs to the US out ways the profit than DTO's will go out of business! This of course will rely heavily on Mexico's military being able to resist bribes and corruption, which is another problem.

Anonymous said...

Then you have narco subs and shit

"lito"brito said...

@ March 23, 2012 10:05 AM

you nailed it ..if Mexico would guard their border with the USA and Guatemala..and we the USA would guard our border in and out would really screw the DTO'S

why is that not happening?..obviously some one(s) is /are reaping the profit ..big time

Anonymous said...

tamaulipas got marines all over and look whats happening...... these deployments mean nothing

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but Beltranes ()yes not Zetas) are destroying CDS in there home state the soldiers which are allied & sent to help CDS

Anonymous said...

Sinaloa cartel expanding to Michoacan?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Michoacan and sinaloa put together will take out zetas

Anonymous said...

What ever. All these dumb ass bigtime drug dealers and wannabe goveners of mexico need to stop bullshitting. I aint nobody, but i know that being about business and only business lets u live another day to ask God to forgive our sinfull ways and puts enough money in pocket to enjoy yourself have a good home and spoil the shit out of the ones that count. But all theyre doing is getting big ass heads wanting to prove quen es el mas cabron e que tan grandes trien los pinches huevos, que solo estan buscando el fin de ellos en este mundo mas pronto. I say God forgive me for my thoughts and i pray for those who get caught up in these situations, the innocent as well as the lost. Its in Gods hands and if u know right from wrong or u believe in God and the other or u dont, eigther way let them take the nose dive into thier eternity the way they decide. The most powerfull thing to do if you want to make mountains move, is pray and by faith and by Gods word those mountains will move. Only God knows whats really going on for the bible says the government is corrupt. For it is written. Im a sinner and yes temptation is a*%&#@# %&#*& but thats why im saying these big time drug dealers ansd gov. Officials think theyre real big and real smart and real powerful, Dejalos! Alcabo si asi es, asi tenia que ser. Pero si en real mente queren ser grandes, intelligentes, y vivir en mansions on streets of gold they, think twice on on how theyre living now. This life is not even a sample of what we are offerd when the times up. And those innocent victims of these childish games, don,t worry about them because God erases all that from their memory. Its sad to us when we hear about their terrible situations, and thats not even close to a small sample of suffering compared to what shall be suffered when the time is up. I know.... Yeah yeah yeah, in one ear and out the other. Or is it " what is this syco talking about, she got way off the subject?" take it however u want everything revolves around time and how much is left and Gods word. Eternity is neverending and i'm even scared about where ill end up. But i pray that i go to through Gods gates.

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