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5 Juarez cops die in shooting -- UPDATED

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 |

Updated with new information including identities of the victims and other new information

By Chris Covert

Five  Juarez municipal police agents were shot to death and another three were wounded in an assault at a residence in Juarez Wednesday night, according to Mexican news accounts.

El Diario de Juarez news daily identified four of the dead as Juan Rodriguez, Maria Romero, Blas Barrera and Brenda Ulloa.  The fifth victim was identified only as Ceballos.  The police agents were all from Cuauhtemoc and Babicora police stations

The attack took place at about 2030 hrs near the intersection of calles Oasis de Lisboa and Rafael Murguia in the Praderas de los Oasis subdivision.

The officers were attending a cookout at the residence when they were shot.  Uncredited reports say as many as 20 shooters entered the residence and fired on their victims.

 El Diario de Juarez also said none of the five officers would be buried with honors since they were off duty when the shootings occurred.

According to La Polaka news daily, the killings were preceded by several narcomensajes or narco-messages against Juarez's controversial mayor, Hector Murguia Lardizabal, and his police chief Julian Leyzaola Perez, both civic functionaries with a hard nosed reputation in the city.

According to La Polaka, a total of 18 municipal police agents have been shot since the start of the year.

Juarez has been in the thrall of a deadly competition between local operatives with the Sinaloa cartel and the Juarez cartel,and their enforcement wing, La Linea.

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15 Borderland Beat Comments:

J said...

It is heating up everywhere, how far can this go? Between Chapon/Z40, and Juarez renewed fight against Sinaloa, the bodies are going to keep piling up, but the stakes seem to be getting higher, maybe we will see some closure in some cases.

Anonymous said...

Institute an intensive border inspections campaign of bot in and outbound traffic wit each incident. The narco slime will feel the impact of their actions odirectly if they rely on smuggling. If they aren't smugglers then the smugglers will take care of them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2:42 AM That's brilliant. Got any more tidbits of wisdom for us?

You must be the dipshit that yells everything and can't spell.

Anonymous said...

It seems foolish, as a cop in Jaurez, that you would be attending any "drinking" parties, when your a prime target of the cartels. You can't let your guard down and this incident sounds like a setup!

Anonymous said...

there was obviously a snitch.....probably a friend! how sad is that?

Anonymous said...

Ye man,"we got a couple of cops partying here,and they think everything is cool"Begs the question,would any of you be partying and drinking in circumstances like that?Anyone coulda made that call,supposed friend,acquaintance,didn't even have to know them.They were just COPS,shady shit all the time.

Anonymous said...


He genius, as long as there is a market for drugs in the USA nothing is really going to change.

Anonymous said...

No entiendo, si son policias por que no los pueden identificar. Oh lla se dejan los nombres en anonimato.

Anonymous said...

My first thought is, El Chapo is heating the plaza and the blame as always will fall on the Juarez Cartel. It's probably one of his nasty diversion tactics. Secondly, they were probably not some innocent cops having some beers at a drinking party but they probably are connected with a particular side. They could have screwed something up or the other side found out about them and that is the consequences.

@ J...Until PAN, and Calderon reach their inevitable end, there will not be even a beginning to and end to any of this shit. All the big guns are just biding their time for the point when Chapo doesn't have the feds and the military to back him up with his splashes in the puddles.

Corruption...Duh...The whole system is corrupt. The stream was poisoned at it's origin, the top. If you don't believe and understand that, then you actually believe that the US government isn't corrupt either and that the DEA can actually win this war.

Anonymous said...

Yea what a regular rocket scientist huh? Lol. Must be one of those guys who thinks anyone in the government of Mexico or the USA gives a shit

Anonymous said...

Hey genius, What about kidnapping extortion etc?

Anonymous said...

Lmao that's original !!

Anonymous said...

Son policias.. Ya Los traian, aun tenian cuentas pendientes aunque Los de Juarez isieron UN trato con Los de la municipal despues de que leyzaola vino a limpiarle El terreno Al chapo y se fueron con la finta de que El chapo se iba apoderar de Juarez. El teto se cambio de bandos con Los de sinaloa y leyzaola pero Como ya sabemos Los de Juarez no son dejados y estubieron matando UN policia por dia por traicionero y Al leyzaola por vendido. Los aztecas Los an de aver matado porque aun hay polis metidos con sinaloa y Los de Juarez aun tienen muchos halcones y chotas .. Falta loco para que se vallan vontra El teto

Anonymous said...

awesome kill more fuckem theyle never stop the war on drugs

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