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11 die in Durango

Thursday, March 1, 2012 |

By Chris Covert

A total of 11 unidentified individuals were found dead in several locations in Durango state Thursday, according to Mexican news accounts.
Policia Federal agents in Gomez Palacio, Durango

Near the intersection of the main north south road and Calzada Jose Ramon Valdez in Santiago Papasquiaro city seven victims were found dead inside an abandoned van.  All seven had been shot once the head and then lined up in the vehicle.

Additionally, near the village of Nuevo Ideal, two more unidentified men were found along the side of the highway north of Santiago Papasquiaro.  Those victims were also shot in the head.

An eleventh victim was found in Gomez Palacio in far eastern Durango near a shopping center near Prolongacion Primo de Verdad.  He had been shot in the torso.

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7 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Same old story PSYCO MEXICO. Someone needs to teach the Mexicans how to conduct criminal activitys in a civalized manner,they seem to be very slow learners.

Anonymous said...

Haha GM todavia no pueden con Los M's!!haha Pidan perdon!

Anonymous said...

I have family that lives in these areas and they told me that apparently this happened between and two factions of CDS. Los Chachos(allied with Chapos people) and Los Mayitos(Zambadas people), not sure if this is true, but coming from the people that live there, almost can't deny it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone got a clue which side is in the car?CDS or the other side?Felipe Cabrera,used to have some of it didn't he?Or is it the rogue killing squad takin out CDS crew?Some of you Mexican brothers will know whats up.Que pasa senores?

Anonymous said...

Durango,Isn't the little dude supposed to be living there,and everyone knows it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah i herd that too. Two diff armed wings of the same cartel got into it. Thats why all them rumors of chapo and mayo splitting up started to come out. But it wasnt true.

Anonymous said...

@ March 2, 2012 12:53 PM .Hermano,sounds as if it could be true,settling of scores,between factions,and the big dogs are allowing it to sort itself out?Who knows for sure,i wonder if El Fantasma is some of the fallout from all of this?Who knows?It does get complicated when the same crew is involved.I don't even know whether to believe it was the well known El Fantasma,who has been killed,and i sure don't think it El Bravo.But who knows !

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