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Mother Pushing Stroller in Texas Hit by Bullet from Mexico

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 |

A woman pushing her child in a stroller in downtown El Paso, Texas, was struck by an assault rifle bullet fired from across the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on Tuesday, mayor John Cook said.

El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen said the woman was a 48-year-old mother who was pushing a child in a stroller when she was shot in the upper right calf

After Juarez police responded to a carjacking about half a mile from the border, a gunfight broke out between police and the carjackers, Cook said. A bullet -- a type used in assault weapons such as M16s -- penetrated and exited the woman's calf, he said.

The unidentified woman, 48, who was shopping, was treated at a hospital and released with minor injuries, and her child -- whose age Cook did not know -- was not hurt, he said. The mother, a Mexican citizen, is a legal U.S. resident living in El Paso, Cook said.

"I don't think there's any reason for El Pasoans to panic or for anyone else to panic," Cook said. "El Paso still remains a very safe large city."

About 50,000 people have been killed in raging drug violence in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon launched an army-backed offensive against the powerful cartels shortly after taking office five years ago.
Juárez police found, chased and exchanged gunfire with car theft suspects Tuesday morning. The suspects crashed less than half a mile away from the border.

More than 10,000 of those deaths have occurred in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico's murder capital across the shallow concrete channel of the Rio Grande from El Paso.

The incident on Tuesday marked the first time that a person in El Paso has been struck by a bullet fired from neighboring Ciudad Juarez since the city began its slide into an abyss of violence in 2008.

That year, Mexico's powerful Sinaloa cartel took on Juarez cartel rivals over turf, littering the city of low-wage export assembly plants with its daily toll of gunshot victims and mutilated corpses.
Top Marker depicts 200 E Overland Ave Downtown El Paso where woman was struck by bullet

But rounds fired in Mexico's drug war next door have previously struck buildings in the Texas border city.

Two years ago, bullets fired in a gunfight between a suspected drug gang and Mexican authorities struck city hall, smashing a window. Rounds have also struck a building at the University of Texas at El Paso campus, although no injuries were reported.

Politicians in the United States have voiced fears of possible spillover violence from Mexico, although El Paso, a sprawling southwest Texas city of 700,000 residents, was named the safest city of its size in the United States for the first time two years ago.

And Cook said that violence in Ciudad Juarez and other Mexican border cities has been declining.

"It's unfortunate that a carjacking like this is going to get national attention when Mexico is actually doing a pretty good job controlling the violence," Cook said.

He said there is no indication that Tuesday's incident was cartel-related.

The ordeal prompted two elementary schools and a middle school near the border to be locked down for half an hour, according to El Paso Independent School District spokeswoman Renee De Santos.
Source: Reuters and El Paso Times

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26 Borderland Beat Comments:

ajulio said...

WOW, what a story. We do the drugs. We send the guns to mexico. They use the guns to kill each other. Then an innocent woman gets shot from a stray bullet. That bullet was probably sent to mexico from the U.S. just to be sent back to us with a bang. And once again, another innocent person gets hurt.

Another great story from Buela Chivis.

Anonymous said...

Lucky lady...what's the outcome of getting shot like that?? Thank god she's ok


Anonymous said...

Calderon should have made that sign bigger

Chivis said...

The victim will be ok, and has been released from the hospital after treatment for her wound.

The wound was caused by a hard nosed full metal jacket, which they are saying maybe M16 the military version of the AR15. Since the errant bullet was from a shootout while apprehending the carjackers it is feasible the police fired the shot depending on verification of weapon type. I wonder why so many stray bullets enter El Paso. Its just a matter of time someone will be killed.

I was interested in knowing how far a M16 could project a bullet. There are so many variables, but essentially the speed is 6336 MPH (30 ft in 1/100th second) and 2 miles distance if one shoot straight up, however horizontal shots are apx 1 mile + depending on weather etc.

Juarezs stray bullets have hit buildings, such as city hall, university of Tex at El Paso, and a high school....yep...crazy stuff

Anonymous said...

There is no indication that the incident was cartel related. Though this sounds calming, it actually is alarming. If not a cartel then it must be just an ordinary Juarense having a shootout with police after a carjacking. It is crazy that this is discounted as routine. Meanwhile El Paso remains safe. Your odds of getting hit by a stray bullet are roughly the same as getting struck by lightning. Let's hope the storm blows over.

Anonymous said...

That's sum crazy ass shit man just send the marines and american armed forces and this will be over soon

Anonymous said...

Bigger sign? To hide behind maybe?

Anonymous said...

UT Brownsville has also been hit by stray bullets from gunfights between CDG and Mexican Military. Fortunately no one has been injured.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the US gov purposely sent weapons to Mexico, but if you read the story below this about the federal authorities seizing C4 from cartel members you would see tthat only military grade explosives come from the military. And in a country where prison wardens and corrections guards allow40+ cartel members to kill rivals and then let them escape, its not a huge stretch of the imaginationto think that the Mex military are supplying the people that they are supposed to be fighting. However, I do agree that US citizens need to stop their daily consumption of drugs, illegal or prescription.

Anonymous said...

Yes everyone, El Paso is really safe, check the statistics, if you're standing in the right place

Anonymous said...

....better hope U.S citizens dont start getiing killed in that bullshit you got going on in Mexico. Fuck around and have OUR Army and Marines go in there and mop that ass up real quick.

Anonymous said...

you act like mexicans are scared of the army and marines

Anonymous said...

Yeah right , the us is making too much off of the cartels...helping support the economies , crooked ass politicians , border patrol stretched to a transparent state , this will get worse before it gets better , people are already getting killed over here because of the stupidity that goes on down there. Stop the fighting overseas and start protecting our borders and we will have enough manpower to put all along the border and mind our own damn business......

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Americans have died in Mexico I think I read 100 last year so,
The US isn't going to do anything so stop fantasizing about good ol US oA going in and making things better.

Anonymous said..., I didnt "act" like Mexicans are scared of the U.S Army or Marines. What I suggested was that if our military got involved, they would kick the cartels ass and stop all that shit going on over there REAL QUICK. Mexico should hope and pray we get involved, its obvious that the Mexican government cant do shit to stop it.

Anonymous said...

@2:53 PM

You just don't get it, but I don't blame you since most U.S Citizens are clueless of what's going on in Mexico and why either.

Anonymous said...

....I dont give a fuck about Mexico, u can have that shit over there.The U.S doesnt have any interest in Mexico thats why they dont give a fuck about doing anything over there. Also, the U.S has long since issued a travel advisory for Mexico warning citizens not to visit that shithole country. If U.S cittizens died in Mexico, well they were warned. Shoot each other up over there, bring that shit here to the good ol U.S of A and get fucked up....just sayin'

Anonymous said...

"it is obvious that the Mexican government cant do shit to stop it"

Mexico is a sacrificial victim of American prohibition laws "and cant do shit to stop it"

Anonymous said...

"...and mind our own damn business..." This is by far the best comment here. The american people like to say "send the marines. Send the army. Send Rambo and John McClane" yeah right. Keep playing those Tom Clancy video games people!

Anonymous said...

send all them queers over they cant finish off thr punk ass taliban

Anonymous said...

Mexico isn't a victim of shit. These are Mexicans committing atrocities on their own people.

Anonymous said...

For the last fucking time
US troop will not go in not now not in a century only if they want to go to war wit them.

Anonymous said...

you talkin out your asshole. the u.s. has d.e.a. ice agents and everyone else there and americans get killed kidnapped robbed and fucked.....just sayin'

Anonymous said...

.....close the borders send the illegals back to Mexico, bring all our troops back from overseas and let these other countries fix their own shit, FUCK EM! Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

That is correct!! only if USA want a war with Mexico will go there and is not going to happen ever!! Think before you post your retarded comments here and mix your bloody fantasies,war is not a bloody videgame were you do a mess and stared again like nothing and fresh.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The jizay said...

I've noticed a trend on both sides of the border happening and it's quite scary. Here in corpus christi young adults and kids are glorifying the cartels and their bloody business. Most of them are hispanic but some white kids are on the wagon too. I can understand this because we have rap music which totally alters good behavior. This I know I was one of those kids. Time hot the better of me and I grew up. But, that's not the case for everyone. Some continue rot and dont fully get the true image of the destruction it's causing. u.s. Citizens dont live there all we see is the money and power which if the only things we u.s. People care for the mexican citizens I don't get why the young there glorify this shit and want to be apart of it. I do hear many mexicans condemning the narco culture and I respect that. That itself is courageous. I hope order is restored and the people can feel safe.

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