Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Military Seizes 120 Helmets from the Knights Templar in Michoacan

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Miguel Garcia Tinoco

I'm sure they are rendered completely helpless or at least greatly hindered by this inability to properly play dress-up.
During a routine patrol through the village El Mirador, a town of Apatzingan, Michoacan, the Mexican Army seized a total of 120 helmets, similar to those used centuries ago in the era of the Crusades, and were secured during a military operation in Michoacan.

The helmets were allegedly used in ceremonies and rites of passage for members of the criminal group known as the Knights Templar.

Reports of the 43 Military Zone, based in Michoacán, show that the seizure was made in a camp of this criminal organization located in the Municipality of Apatzingan.

Onsite in the camp located in the town of El Mirador, where they apparently carried out rituals for new members of the criminal group.

In total there were 120 insured helmets, all made of plastic material that simulate those used by the members of the military order founded in the year 1119, serving the church and was known as the Knights Templar and Knights Templar .

It was this army by the name "The Knights Templar," which inspired part of criminal group to break away from the cartel La Familia Michoacan in March 2011.

Military elements have increased their presence operating in several towns of Apatzingan. The demarcation is considered high crime and it's where several altars have been in honor of the Knights Templar.