Monday, February 13, 2012

Mexicans Take Kidnappers from Jail, Beat and Set Them on Fire (Addendum New Info)

by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Friday three kidnappers in the town of San-Mateo Huitzilzingo, Chalco were caught in the act while attempting to kidnap two high school students. 

A woman, Otilia Rosales Palomares, witnessing the crime began shouting that the men were kidnapping a son of a neighbor.  The men who were not identified were in a green van.

The kidnappers were apprehended by police and were transferred to the municipal police station.

Quickly residents organized and eventually hundreds fell into vigilantly mode armed with sticks, rocks,  bottles, and 19 Molotov cocktails.  They proceeded to the facility where the alleged kidnappers were being held and forcibly extracted the three men.

What happened next is sketchy, one version is:

The men were taken to the main plaza beaten then placed in a vehicle and set the vehicle on fire while the men were still alive.

Another version:

The men were taken to the plaza beaten to unconsciousness   then set on fire.

Pictures support either story.

Whatever the hard facts may be two of the men were burned to death at the scene, the third was still alive when police gained control and they were able to save the culprit.  He was transferred to a clinic at IMSS where he later perished.

Meanwhile, the municipal police called on the attorney general for assistance as well as the security forces (SSC) and riot squad of Ixtapaluca, Valley of Chalco agencies. 

23 people were detained for their participation in the crime, and Otilia Rosales Palomares, 42, for inciting the crowd.  Three of the detained were minors aged 17 and two are 16.  They are all being investigated for kidnapping and homicide.

The citizens called them all heroes and have announced they will organize to secure the release of their neighbors.

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Material from Tecnocomm and Excelsior was used to write this post

2.13.2012 addendum

A report has been published that I feel important to include with this report.  I would like to preface the fact that I have had problems with the missing pieces of information that would typically be included in a story.  The apprehension for starters, and the multiple stories of facts.  Lynching was one scenario I did not include due to the fact there was no pictorial evidence lending to that scenario. 

There are many reasons and multiple groups that would not want a story of vigilantism to be reported in Mexico, the government is one Organized crime groups another.  They would not promote such stories especially as this has been internationally reported and the vigilantes seen as heroes by the majority of readers.

I don't know the true nature of the event in detail.  Any scenario could be true.  But I do ask myself, why wait 3 full days to report "the truth" , that is highly suspicious to any logical person, of which I am one.  I would think an effective avenue to stop vigliantism is to rewrite which side has the true criminals.  I will add that in some places in Mexico and very prevalent in Guatemala citizens hide under the cloak of vigilantism to harm or kill enemies.  below is the new account  from La Cronica de Hoy ...Paz, Chivis
"The three people lynched and burned alive last Friday in the town of San Mateo Huitzilzingo, State of Mexico, worked as masons lying brick for a living, not kidnapping students, and resided in San Juan Tezompa, it was said yesterday, based in on versions of from neighbors of victims, the media. The press reports also warned that friends and relatives of the lynched are willing to avenge what they considered a bestial crimel. The newspaper El Sol de Toluca announced yesterday on its website that the two men whom a mob of about 600 people doused with gasoline and set them on fire, one who died from blows from the lynching, "They were not criminals but honest builders." This Saturday and Sunday about 250 stores San Mateo Huitzilzingo municipality of Chalco, were closed because of rumors that residents of San Juan Tezompa were coming to avenge the lynching on Friday. In response, members of the Ministry of Public Safety (SSC) maintain surveillance in anticipation of a permanent inter-communal conflict. Inhabitants of San Juan Tezompa consulted by journalists said their community has asked justice system to make the 23 people arrested by the Attorney General State of Mexico (PGJEM), who is credited with having participated in that fact pay for the crimes. In San Mateo, meanwhile, local residents consulted by journalists said that the detainees "are innocent." They also said that during the lynching municipal police "were unable to rescue the hostages" by the crowd of about 600 people angry

Testimonies collected in the village of lynching reported that agents of the Department of Public Safety arrived on Friday night to a gas station at the entrance of the village, but "did not intervene timely." Of the 23 arrested, six were women and 17 men, and between them there are three children, and that the attorney mexiquense Alfredo Castillo, has evidence pointing directly to one .woman as the person who instigated the lynching began with shouts of "justice, justice, are kidnappers ". then were ringing the bells of the village church, which began to form a mob went to the place where the hostages. Also versions of residents of San Mateo indicated that there were five suspects, but two of them managed to escape. Also complained that since Friday night police entered homes and detained the alleged instigators. They said people were arrested simply crossing by the main square, without being related to the facts. Castillo's attorney said he would not allow any mexiquense vigilantism totake justice into their own hands and "those who do, will pay" for it."
Update 2.15.12

There is now an arrest and yet another scenario.  This is the 6th account recported but the only arrest and "confession"

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