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Mexican Fugitive’s Kin Donated to Obama Campaign

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 |

The brothers of a Mexican casino magnate who fled the United States in 1994 to avoid fraud and drug charges raised and contributed money for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, The New York Times reported.

The Obama campaign, however, said it will return the roughly $200,000 collected by brothers Carlos and Alberto Rojas Cardona.

“On the basis of the questions that have been raised, we will return the contributions from these individuals and from any other donors they brought to the campaign,” campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt told The Times.

Juan Jose “Pepe” Rojas Cardona jumped bail in Iowa in 1994 and since then has been linked to violence and corruption in Mexico, where he owns casinos.

A 2009 State Department cable revealed by WikiLeaks notes that Pepe was suspected of orchestrating the murder of a business rival and making illegal donations to Mexican political campaigns.

The daily reported that in January 2011, Chicago-based Carlos Rojas Cardona asked the former chairman of the Democratic Party of Iowa to ask the then-governor for a pardon for Cardona, but the state government turned down the request.

Last autumn, Carlos and Alberto, who also lives in Chicago, began collecting money for the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

According to what Democratic activists told The New York Times, the Cardona brothers, both U.S. citizens and neither with a history of making political donations, “appeared seemingly out of nowhere in the world of Democratic fund-raising.”

Each contributed the maximum to the DNC – $30,800 – while a sister, Leticia Rojas Cardona, a resident of Tennessee, donated $13,000 to the DNC, according to the documents the daily obtained, which added that there is no record of Pepe Cardona making any donation.

The daily reported that although the two brothers live and work in Chicago, they also maintain personal and business ties with Pepe Cardona in Mexico.

Cardona, who is suspected of illegally channeling $5 million to political campaigns in Mexico in 2006, in 2007 survived a murder attempt attributed to organized crime figures.

Source: EFE

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14 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Lovely... What's next? The zetas for Romney?

Chivis said...

Not only did they out the dem fund but also the state and pac funds, it was not just the 30. IMy sense is that they gave the money to relatives to donate after their Max had been established.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious so much for freedom of speech prob a govt owned blog to gather info and silence others from commenting on ongoing cases all things Israeli/Cardenas ...

Siskiyou_Kid said...

It's obvious that these brothers are fundraising in hopes of securing a pardon for their brother, and the Obama campaign was correct in returning the money.

Still, even if a pardon had been issued, these brothers pose no threat to democracy in America, when you consider that the majority of political contributions are raised by lobbyists who represent the ultra-wealthy and multinational corporations who are currently bleeding the United States dry.

Between our bloated Pentagon budget and taxes that are too low to produce adequate revenue for basic services without borrowing nearly half of the budget, we're trillions of dollars in a hole that just keeps getting bigger

We use $6 billion aircraft carriers carrying ninety $200 million F-22 Raptors, costing an additional $18 BILLION. Our enemy is using equipment like $4 box cutters, and $2,500 fiberglass boats, and they're long gone when our $6 billion aircraft carrier show up 6 months after an attack.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Obama should give it back. There are criminal bankers and corrupt politicians that donate to Romney and Gingrich and they are just as bad as a zeta in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Let the lame ass conspiracies roll forth from closed mind through busy lips.

Anonymous said...

Soooo, did this guy think he was going to get a pardon for giving money to the politics of america. He might have pulled it off if he gave more and nobody found out about it. :) That and he would have to wait till the night of Dec 31st 2012 to get that pardon.
I like to judge a president by who he lets out of prison his last day in office. I hope that border patrol agent that got 2 years for use of force get out....with an apoligy.

Anonymous said...

Pero advierten que la disputa no ha terminado. Sus antiguos aliados acusan a "El Coss" de traición y de haber entregado a la Marina y al Ejército a los principales miembros y colaboradores de la familia que convirtió al Cártel del Golfo en una de las principales organizaciones delictivas del país; logro en el que tuvo un papel crucial la incorporación como brazo armado de desertores de élite del Ejército que dieron vida a los Zetas. "Ha comprado la protección del Gobierno federal y ha puesto a los Cárdenas Guillén y sus más cercanos colaboradores con la Marina", asegura la fuente. En varios encuentros con el reportero, explicó que con la caída de Osiel Cárdenas Guillén -detenido en el 2003 y extraditado cuatro años más tarde-, el liderazgo del CDG recayó en su hermano Antonio Ezequiel, "Tony Tormenta", apoyado por Samuel Flores Borrego, "El Metro 3", como segundo en la estructura delictiva y quien se quedó como "jefe de plaza" en Reynosa. En ese esquema, aunque era hombre de confianza de los Cárdenas, quedó tercero en el escalafón.

"'El Coss' traicionó a los Cárdenas Guillén y a 'El Metro 3' con el fin de adueñarse del CDG. Pactó con mandos de la Marina y el Ejército a cambio de que no lo toquen y dejarles, como recompensa, casas con mucha lana", dice. Y advierte que "viene una guerra" por el control de los territorios del CDG. Costilla Sánchez, quien desde el 2008 enfrenta dos procesos penales por narcotráfico en Estados Unidos bajo los alias de "El Coss", "Doble X" o "Doble Equis", es ahora identificado por sus antiguos aliados como "El Judas". De acuerdo con la versión del testigo, el conflicto comenzó en el 2010, cuando Costilla Sánchez buscó un arreglo con Nazario "El Chayo" González, entonces jefe de La Familia Michoacana.

"El Coss" mandó a su cuñado, Ezequiel Campos Ramos, "El Chacho", y a su sobrino, "El Pato" Campos, a realizar la negociación. El pacto consistió en que "El Chayo" -quien fue ejecutado por la Marina en diciembre de ese año en Apatzingán- mandara sicarios a Reynosa a combatir a los Zetas a cambio de permitirle a La Familia Michoacana el paso de droga por la carretera conocida como la Ribereña. "Tony Tormenta" y "El Metro 3" estuvieron en desacuerdo. La Ribereña es fundamental en el trasiego de drogas en el noreste de México. Conecta a Reynosa con Nuevo Laredo, a la entrada de Texas, y facilita la movilidad hacia el sur y centro de México. Las comunidades que rodean a municipios como Díaz Ordaz, Miguel Alemán y Camargo, en el trazo de la Ribereña, se han convertido en enclaves de la delincuencia organizada; en particular la zona conocida como Brecha de Lucio, cerca de Díaz Ordaz, camino a Monterrey.

Anonymous said...

How much did the gunrunners protector Holder get?

Anonymous said...

Los gringos ven dinero y se les abren los ojotes lo reciben con gusto no les importa si vino de drogas que mataron jovenes americanos. Saben por que? ?? Por que son americanos y a ellos solo los mueve el $$$$$ les vale madre si mato american citizens primero reciben money y despues castigan...hipocritasssss.

Anonymous said...

I agree that they were trying to secure a pardon.

Anonymous said...

@Siskiyou_Kid said...Spoken like a true Socialist Maggot!

Anonymous said...


You probably couldn't even read the article so just shut the fuck up. The cartels have killed, tortured, raped, sold their souls to the devil, ALL for money. These are Mexicans terrorizing their own people for money and power. Who is greedy?

Mexico is the very definition of corruption and crime. Its funny how many uneducated Mexicans try to compare their shit hole country to the US while atrocities, massacres, beheadings, kidnappings are happening DAILY in Mexico with impunity.

Y no soy gringo, pendejo

Siskiyou_Kid said...

@1:08 A few countries tried fascism and it was a dismal failure, while socialist countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are some of the most prosperous in the world, with the HIGHEST happiness level.

But, you go ahead and keep drinking that corporate Kool-Aid and keep helping the them buy the best government that money can buy.

I'll continue to get wealthier, and you'll continue to live in a trailer and pee in a bucket.

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