Friday, January 6, 2012

Zeta Leader "Mataperros" Apprehended, Suspected of ordering Casino Royale Attack

by Chivis for Borderland Beat

Thursday night federal authorities have captured one of the suspected leaders of the Zetas cartel.    Balazar Saucedo Estrada, who’s known to use the moniker  “Mataperros”, is suspected of being one of the leaders of the Zetas that ordered the attack of  the Monterrey Casino Royale last August.
Saucedo Estrada was apprehended while driving a stolen Windstar Van, in Monterrey,  bearing Nuevo Leon license plates.  He along with an accomplice tried to pass themselves off as “ halcones” , however the feds knew exactly who he was as they had him under surveillance for weeks.
Confiscated during the apprehension were; weapons, cocaine, marijuana, radio frequency equipment, a stack of lottery tickets, data containing names of professionals and business men, and  44 thousand pesos  in cash.
The criminals set fire to the casino causing the death of 52 persons, mid-day at an hour when women are known to frequent the casinos, consequently the victims were mostly women.  According to the surviving witnesses the perpetrators entered the casino and opened fire indiscriminately into the crowd inside the casino.
If anyone is awarded the 15 Million peso PGR reward for the capture, that remains to be seen.

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Some information to compose this post was obtained from Notimex. ( Notimex
or NTMX is a federal agency of Mexico, operated by representatives of agencies
and headed by the Director General, selected by the President of Mexico during term)


More information is coming in, here from the Washington Post:

Saucedo, nicknamed the “Dog Killer,” was shown to reporters Friday in Monterrey in what has become usual procedure in drug war captures.

Jorge Domene, security agency spokesman for Nuevo Leon state said the suspect acknowledged he was involved in the Casino Royale arson and other high-profile crimes in routine confessions that may be permissible as court evidence.
The suspect told police the cartel targeted the casino because its owners hadn’t paid extortion money, a theory officials confirm. At least one of the casino’s owners has denied the claim to reporters.

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