Monday, January 30, 2012

Juarez Police Attacked Again, 3 Sicarios Dead

Source: El Diario
This morning a confrontation between Ciudad Juarez municipal police officers and sicarios was registered in the streets of Manuel Gómez Morin and Manuel J. Clouthier Avenue leaving a toll of three sicarios killed and one preventive police officer wounded.

The incident took place shortly after 8:00 am as a group of gunmen onboard 6 trucks surprised the officers while they were refueling at a gas station and the officers managed to repel the attack.

A version of the incident also suggested that at the same time of this attack, at another location, the police station at Benito Juárez also came under attack. This police station is located in the community of Zaragoza, east of the city of Ciudad Juarez. In this incident it is  said that the police also managed to repel the attack, but it has not been confirmed by authorities.

At the moment of the attack on the police station, the officers were in the middle of a shift change, with dozens of municipal police officers inside who were able to repel the failed assault.

In the first attack a preventive police of patrol unit #651 was injured when he was struck by gunfire by some of the first shots fired by the sicarios. Once the sicarios realized they were outnumbered, they fled. An undetonated hand grenade was left not far from the police unit.

One of the suspect's vehicles that was fleeing the scene was cornered on Avenida Manuel Gómez Morín and Manuel J. Clouhtier, forcing the occupants to descend and run into a vacant lot.

 The gunmen refused to surrender and began shooting a the police officers who returned fire killing the sicarios.

 The sicarios were wearing bulletproof vests, were armed with grenades, two handguns and an assault rifle AK-47 known as "cuerno de chivo," as well as a late model Chevrolet Silverado.

 The confrontation led to an intense mobilization of about 100 police units.

 The attack occurred around 8:00 am and lasted for about 15 minutes. This latest incident occurs at a time when preventive police are being forced to take shelter in motels after suffering numerous attacks by organized crime.

 At the end of the confrontation preventive police continued in their operation searching for more suspects, that resulted in the arrested of at least one man in the hotel Waterfill.

 So far the municipal Public Security Ministry has not issued an official statement.