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Thursday, January 5, 2012 |

From the Archives:

Teen Tortured, Dismembered, Beheaded by Trafficking Gang in Bethany, Oklahoma.

By Robert Bunker
Small Wars Journal

Key Information:

Via IBTimes Staff Reporter, “Carina Saunders: Teen Tortured, Dismembered, Beheaded by Trafficking Gang.” International Business Times, 23 December 2011:

Oklahoma teen Carina Saunders was brutally murdered as a means to frighten another woman into cooperating with a human trafficking ring, police have reported.

The 19-year-old who graduated from Mustang High School just last year was tortured, dismembered and beheaded. Parts of her body were found stuffed in a duffel bag and dumped behind a grocery store on Oct. 13. She was identified by her distinct tattoos.

Jimmy Lee Massey, 33, has been arrested on first-degree murder charges. A 20-year-old woman, whose name has not been disclosed, came forward as a witness to report she had been kidnapped by Massey and forced to watch the brutal murder in Bethany, Oklahoma, reports The Daily Mail.

Massey was already being held in Oklahoma County jail on drug charges. He has admitted to investigators that he kidnapped the 20-year-old woman and forced her to watch as others tortured and killed Saunders. He also provided details about the crime.

Both women reportedly knew Massey separately, but there is no evidence that the two women knew each other.

Police Chief Phil Cole said: "Evidence in our investigation has led us to believe that she had been expected to provide certain things to this trafficking group and that she had not been performing to their satisfaction."

"We believe there were other people there and they're now the focus of our investigation."

Another man, Francisco Gomez, was arrested in connection with the murder. As Gomez was led into the police station in handcuffs last night, he yelled to reporters "I've got nothing to do with no drugs, no murder, no nothing."

"We surrounded a possible address for Mr Gomez and he surrendered peacefully. He was booked on a trafficking charge," authorities said.

Despite the fact that she was known to run with a rough crowd and use drugs like marijuana, methamphetamine and Ecstasy, Saunders was a "random" choice for the killers, according to police.

Cole said, "Our information right now leads us to believe she was a random choice, as sad as that is. She had relationships within these loosely associated people, and I think that she was a victim of opportunity."

Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland said a judgment will be made in January….

For news channel 4 (Oklahoma City) videos pertaining to this incident see:,0,6407719.story.

For a detailed 14:50 minute news video of a law enforcement press conference related to this incident see NewsOk,

Who: Carina Saunders, 19, born in Oklahoma City and grew up in Mustang, Oklahoma.

What: Torture, beheading and dismemberment.

When: Went missing (per friends) Wednesday, 28 September 2011; Killed, late Sunday, 9 October 2011/early Monday, 10 October 2011; Body found Thursday, 13 October 2011; Identified via tattoos and dental records, Monday, 17 October 2011.

Where: Found in a duffle bag behind a Homeland grocery store at 7101 NW. 23rd and Rockwell in Bethany, Oklahoma.

Why: Used as an example to terrify a group of women who were victims of a human trafficking (prostitution) ring and an associated drug trafficking ring. Note— some of the individuals involved were members of both rings.

Tactical Analysis: A 20 year old woman (name withheld by the police to protect her identity) was kidnapped, blindfolded and transported to an unknown location (some type of room) by Jimmy Lee Massey, age 33, late Sunday 9 October/early Monday 10 October 2011. She was then forced to watch the torture killing of Carina Saunders by a small group of individuals.

Carina Saunders, the victim, was a known user of marijuana, methamphetamine and Ecstasy. She had multiple tattoos.

One of which is a ‘Kween Spade’ with a spade in an oval between her breasts. No other upper body tattoos or tattoos on lower legs/ankles are evident from social networking photos. Due to her associations, she came in contact with the network of some of the members of the human trafficking and drug trafficking rings. Per the police, she appeared to be a random target of opportunity in this torture killing. Little mention has been made of the condition of Saunders from the time of her kidnapping to her death, though similar incident patterns would suggest that she was most likely physically and sexually abused.

The incident intent of the criminal gang(s) was for the 20 year old woman to let the other victims (i.e. sex slaves) of the ring know that, if they did not cooperate with gang member orders, this is what would happen to them too. The woman who witnessed this crime instead went to the police and reported the incident. Jimmy Lee Massey (aka “Big County” or “Country”) was subsequently arrested on 4 November 2011 and booked on drug trafficking warrants— he had also been the focus of a large narcotics investigation. Massey was read his Miranda Warnings and Rights, then waived them, and proceeded to discuss his part in the kidnapping of the 20 year old woman, the torture killing of Saunders, and the dismemberment of her body and its disposal. He now faces charges, filed on Tuesday, 20 December 2011, related to kidnapping, assault and battery, and murder. It should be noted that “Massey also identified other persons that were involved and present in the room and involved in the murder.”

Another suspect, Francisco Gomez, age 31, was then taken into custody on 20 December 2011. Per a law enforcement press conference pertaining to this incident, Gomez is thought to be a US citizen, however, quite a few Mexican nationals have been implicated as also having ties to this incident and/or the drug trafficking ring. This is an ongoing investigation with more suspects and/or persons of interest being sought.

Whether this incident is directly linked to Mexican cartel/gang involvement or inspired by such killings is unknown at this time. Of note is that a NewsOk report has its story on this incident linked to a page entitled “Cartel Connection: Oklahoma’s #1 Threat” with a state highway map and drug cartel-based crimes superimposed over a map of the state of Oklahoma.

This torture killing (decapitation) incident is of much concern because it has all the hallmarks of a Mexican cartel killing. If this incident is directly tied to Mexican cartel or gang members, it will neither be the first nor the last such incident, with a small but growing, number of torture killing (decapitation) incidents now having taken place domestically over the last decade. These include the following US incidents (see Table 2.) listed in Pamela L. Bunker, Lisa J. Campbell, and Robert J. Bunker, “Torture, beheadings, and narcocultos” in Narcos Over the Border:

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49 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Nothing Happens here
Aqui no pasa nada people!
Prohibition 101

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This was posted by "Texcoco" in the B.B. Forum on December 22, 2011


Anonymous said...

This is BS. Those killings in the table were all done by gangs not cartels. Be headings have been happening for thousands of years! Another American scare tactic. I just spent the last month traveling through Mexico and not once did I see anything happen. Not that it doesn't but things are blown up just to scare.

Anonymous said...

Como pudieron matar a esa hermosura. Shame on you guys!!

Anonymous said...

this has no cartel connection it is gang shit or by the looks of it a wanna be gang

Anonymous said...

thats horrible, shes pretty hot. One less hot girl in america.

Anonymous said...

next the U.S.A will be blaming Mexico for all their pedophiles/serial killers/rapists & those who go postal!!

Anonymous said...

@ January 5, 2012 10:02 PM Pues el que ande mal queda mal. Doesn't matter what you look like to these bloodthirsty killers, stay away from them, and don't associate with them. Era una interesada. Adios amiga.

Anonymous said...

Is this Mexico?

Anonymous said...

Well if this happened in America then they WILL get the scumbags who did this. I almost am hoping she was very involved or slightly involved in drug gangs so her death would not had been just random. It hurts my soul inside if I know for sure she was killed randomly over nothing just to make a point.

Hope the scum all get fucked up in prison fucking cowards!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

January 6, 2012 2:35 AM Well if this happened in America.



Anonymous said...

This is a story about pimps. The government threw in drugs to help the investigation. Just like Waco & the Branch Dividians were cooking meth.

Let's hope these pieces of shit get the chair. Fry them!!!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, usa calls themselves americans deal with it. When ppl say americans they think usa, not mexico not argentina not canada...USA!

Anonymous said...

Big deal! Shocking, alarming, and disturbing...yes but the US is or can be a violent place. It's not crime free! The difference seems the perpertaitors were apprehended and will be held accountable. Where as in Mexico, that seldom happens! As far as that lame ass inaccurate beheading chart, well not to long ago less than 2 or 3 years ago..they had a case in Airzona, where a dude was beheaded by cartel members for coming up short on money (I don't see that incident on the chart!) Also, the authorities in Arizona caught those suspects, as well trying to flee back into Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same stupid semantic bullshit...just say USA..AS IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...that should clarify it , even for the most dense....PS>>>FYI ...for the most persistant pendejos, mexico is EUM

estados unidos de Mexico...dosen't say anyhing about america

Anonymous said...

This Article sucks sorry but these are gangs not cartels .. I don't think any drug cartel is stupid enough and be prepared to end their bissness beheading a american girl....these guys were proably on some meth and thought they were in the cartel

Anonymous said...

"There gona deep fry his ass...deep fry his ass" funny song from a classic old school movie called jury duty. With the great actor poly shore. : )

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

This type of activity is spreading into the united states - this is a big deal, the motive was drug-driven - performed on drugs. Human Trafficking? where the fuck are they trafficking humans to?

I guarantee this is related to cartels in some way or the other. Where are they getting their Meth? We all know super labs in Mexico are feeding states like Oklahoma and Texas and Chicago and California and Washington ETC ETC ETC - Cartel influence is affecting our entire country.

Shows like BREAKING BAD are making it more acceptable to do Meth and talk about Meth leading to more teens doing Meth.

We're Doomed - 2012 is gonna be interesting!!!!

We live in a truly sick society - can you imagine Carina's SHEER TERROR as Massey's long sharp knife gouged straight and deep into her throat? Sawing her head off and finally losing consciousness amidst the inexplicable pain caused by the slicing of her jugular veins spewing blood? the vicious, horrible torture that came before that?!?!

The damage has been done. these criminals have won. I'm scared.

Dr. Robert J. Bunker said...

Additional notes:

a. The Oct 2010 Chandler, AZ, beheading mentioned by a commentator is listed in the original Small Wars Journal ( tactical note after the table. This repost by a Borderland Beat writer does not contain it. The table was created prior to that beheading.

b. The table contains some beheadings linked to Mara Salvatrucha/MS-13 (13 signifies alliance to Mexican Mafia in Southern California). Other incidents to Mexican nationals/gang tattoos/etc.
Direct linkages exist between major Mexican cartels and these gangs for illicit drug distribution. Past/current incidents of these gangs engaged in contract hits/as enforcers for the cartels (MS-13 et. al). Re cartels/gangs in general. In Juarez/other cities blurring of local gangs and cartels and even local police (La Linea). Also-- we are not dealing with "drug cartels"-- the cartels are now polygot re illicit economics-- human trafficking, prostitution, extortion, kidnapping, body parts, bulk thefts, CD sales-- the list goes on and on. Probably expect more blurring of cartels/gangs into the future both in Mexico and the US as some of the major cartels become more and more fragmented.

Anonymous said...

January 6, 2012 8:25 AM I'm from Mexico, when we talked about people from U.S we called them Estadounidense, Gabacho, and Gringo to any foreigner. We in Mexico don't call you Americans, I think only you people from U.S call yourselves Americans.
It will be hard for any other person born in the American continent to call you people from U.S Americans when we are all Americans.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins: This is just the beginning ofchickenshit that the cartels are known for. These gutless cockroaches only attack the weak or when they outnumber by atleast 4 to 1. We've been going up against them in the Az. deserts for a couple of yrs now, and everytime, they run like the scum cowards that they are. Most of this could be stopped if Obuma would build a fence. But then he would lose millions from the Cartels/Mex. govt.

Anonymous said...

People have been decapitating other people since the first blade was invented. It's not something Mexican cartels invented in modern times.

Anonymous said...

To: 1:12 pm

With all due respect.

I am from the United States of America. When we talk about people from Mexico we call them Mexicans. Not to be confused with the Americans (from the United States of America) who fought and died in every corner of the globe to bring liberty, safety and security to those oppresssed by foreign invaders such as germans, japanese, Spaniards, Italians, Mexican dictators who enslaved and fought their own people (Santa Anna, naming only one) and innumerable communists. You cannot even save yourself from yourselves. Don't confuse yourself with being the kind of American we speak of, we certainly don't.

Thank You.

martin simonton said...

I noticed one other person that did not post anonymously. Many people speak of fear and scare tactics here, and apparently it works. Crimes of such brutal and an incomprehensible nature should invoke pity not fear. Ones who commit, watch or allow this are beyond justice and sanity. Put them down like an ill dog with compassion but not any excitement that should give this behavior the power of fear it seems to lend toward the weak-minded.

Anonymous said...

@ anon January 6, 2012 12:09 PM,the mid-west has plenty of trailer parks where the good 'ol boys cook up their own batches of bath-tub meth.Stay on top of your news fella,Mexico is not your only meth source...Jethro & Billy Joe Bob have been known to blow up their trailers in the process of brewing up their batch!!!

Anonymous said...

You are born in Brazil but you tell people you are American? How confusing. Just so you dont confuse any other people, when your on an website written in English discussing a crime that occured in the USA, and someone says America, they mean the United States of America. I thought that was pretty obvious, but apparently not. Just so you're clear tonight and for the rest of your life so you dont get tripped up in conversation: when someone says the word "America", 99.9% of the time they mean the United States of America. Use your head buddy....people don't say they were born in Mexico just because they were born in New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

More silly arguments about what America/American means. BB readers sure love to have their pissing contests.

I'll say one thing - if you can call me gabacho or gringo, I can call you greaser or greaseball.

Anonymous said...

@January 6, 2012 9:02 PM
somebody bake this dude a cake this coming from a guy who probably thinks mexican is a race. im half what u call "american" and half mexican and trust me when im at work at my company and i need something do be done right with no bitching ill ask a mexican every time so your right i wouldn't confuse hard working people WITH COMMON SCENE with u any day

jen said...

Those anonymous are either guilty, stupid, or scared. Assholes for the most part. Work in the system with these thugs then talk. I have spent plenty of unpleasant hours with some of the worst of them. They know my name and face. Including the head of the Gulf Cartel. America is a good place. I feel shame and sadness this poor young woman had to endure that torture. All of you that give her and her family any grief should all burn in Hell. This sounds so much like MS -13 that most of you can't imagine. Once again very much sorrow for such a loss.
Thank You,
Jenifer Stratton
Montgomery, Texas

jen said...

One more thing.......Do not be scared or unarmed. You let them have there way and they will. Like I stated before I have delt with plenty. They are just idiots with a motive ........MONEY . Human trafficking needs to end. It is a very gruesome thing.

Anonymous said...

Jen, being NOT scared is one thing, being smart is another. Calling drug gangs names on a website they do frequent and advertise your name and location is not smart. I live much closer to "the action" than Montgomery County, and I am always aware of my surroundings, dont bring alot of attention to myself when in their territory. Just not wise. Dont antagonize. Be safe. Being out on locations in the oilfield has opened my eyes. When your employer will not allow you to travel at certain times of the day, trust me, it is bad. I wont go into details, but things you "hear" about, they are happening. It is a different time in our society.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is going on here. Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a anti-mexican government and pro-cartel movement. Look at some of the post. Look at what people are saying. Even people I work with here in America that have Mexican blood in them seem to be against that government. People are dieing because of the cartels. Stop glorifying their lifestyle and support freedom from terror. Nobody is saying that there is no corruption in the Mexican government. That would be like saying there is no corruption in the american government. But from what I see, it seems the Mexican government is the only ones that are trying to help the innocent people. Sure the cartels may throw money around to buy loyalty from communities. The Terrorist have been doing that for decades. We all need to ban together against the illegal activities. Against the Cartels. And against the corrupt officials when they show themselves. Snitch. Snitch. Snitch. Whenever you see something wrong. Don't fall for the romance of being a thug. If you don't the Cartels will win and they will split that country up. They will enslave the innocent people. they will rape children. What more can I say. Mexico has a great history, I believe they will win and they will become a stronger nation for it.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of clown you up against?In my book this is what is termed anti-USA racist prick talk.Nations were built on conquest throughout history,it continues to this day,so stop whining like the little pussy girl you are,and try to help constructively to help Mexico in some way?If you cant think of anything better than,"its all the USA s fault"fuck off and watch porn.Fuckin ididot.

Anonymous said...

It's time to introduce again in the law beheading by guillotine, axe, sword etc. as capital punishment for those who murdered by beheading or actively supported such murder and to behead again such murderers. If that deters one man from beheading it will be success. Capital punishment for murderers is the must. Rate of murders is way lower where there is capital punishment in the law and where it is used without hesitation against murderers.
I am sure murderers would rather use guns than beheadings to avoid being beheaded themselves. Abolition of capital punishment encourages beheadings and murders in general.

Anonymous said...

some brown/mexican people work some don't. some black/african-american people work some don't. some white/Anglo-Saxon ( remember that next time when you call them gabacho) work, some don't.

Come to Midland, TX. I will pick you up at the airport.And show you what race stands in the welfare line. I'm embarrassed when anyone refers to me as mexican.My parents came here legally, no free ride off AMERICANS backs. When I travel, I speak the local language. Someone comes here and refuses to speak English to me, I ignore them.

Who started the race card? This site is for Carina. Bless her and watch over her family.

Brown in color/ American all the way.

Anonymous said...

To the person who spent a month in Mexico;
Clearly you own property or work here. Most likely you had security or kept away from troubled spots. When I'm there I don't see it, but it's talked about amongst my family that lives there. It's crazy here in Mexico. If you have family here-keep praying for them.

Anonymous said...

@ January 9, 2012 8:18 AM .Brother you talking sense,i take a person as i find them,not because of what race they are.Now,if a group of people are committing a lot of crime,be it white,black,brown,whatever,the name calling starts, it does not matter if you are pointing a fact out.Brother,if i go to a foreign country,i respect their laws and their customs,i do not start blaming that country for my problems.I am surprised to see how Racist,Mexicans seem to have become,and the reason is?Keep down brother.

Anonymous said...

@ anon Brown in color/ American all the way.
January 9, 2012 8:18 AM,YOU are the reason Mexicanos such as my-self dont accept traitors like you!!the worst part is that European Americans will never accept YOU either...your screwed "Brown in color/American all the way"!!

Anonymous said...

divide and conquer! get over the racism people i see it coming from both sides of the river.
better plan
turn in criminal activity whenever possible.
make a neighborhood watch, get a concealed carry, join a sheriffs posse or even join or make a militia so long as it is not a racist militia.
learn to work together because the drug cartels already know how.

Anonymous said...

mexicano time and place

Anonymous said...

To the one who spent a month traveling Mexico. I live 6 miles from the border, in SE Texas, where there have been 9 beheadings this month as well as killings almost every day. You sir/ma'am, are a twit

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate these fucktards weren't caught in Texas. Fastpass their ass to the front of the line.

Anonymous said...

Just more third world style diversity from your friendly neighborhood illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

ALL YALL SHUT UP. I know Carina personally, I was great friends with her. NONE of you know the real story and NO ONE cares about your ridiculous opinions. You are being disrespectful and hurtful to those grieving a horrific loss. My goodness, is respect that far gone now???

Anonymous said...

She was handed over to cartel members as compensation for owed money- 9ozs of meth

A good friend of mine, beautiful girl.

Anonymous said...


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