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Three Zetas Admit to Killing Bodyguards

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 |

Three members of the Los Zetas cartel who were arrested during a recent traffic stop confessed to killing bodyguards protecting the governor of the state of Nuevo León in June, a federal prosecutor’s aide said on Nov. 28.

The aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Arturo García Celaya, 24, José Daniel Hernández Guzmán, 25, and Nicolás Yepes Álvarez, 34, admitted to killing two of Gov. Rodrigo Medina’s bodyguards and a bodyguard for a mayor last November, in addition to three police officers in May.

The subjects were arrested at the intersection of avenues of Pablo Livas and Carlota in the community of Progreso in Guadalupe, when they were driving aboard a Tsuru.

After they were taken in to custody elements of the federal forces found a high powered rifle AR-15, a .12 gauge shotgun, as well as fully loaded magazines.

Authorties also seized marijuana, cocaine packaged for distribution, Nextel cellular devices preferred by organize crime and at least three notebooks with data related to Los Zetas criminal organization.

The detainees confessed to working as "estacas" and "halcones" (informants and lookouts) for the criminal group and said they participated in the execution of police officer Carlos Alberto Reyes Almaguer, head of bodyguards for the mayor of San Pedro, Mauricio Fernandez. They also confessed of being responsible in the execution of three policemen from the municipality of Guadalupe, which occurred on May 18 of this year in a mall of the main plaza.
García and Hernández had escaped from prison in December.

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16 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

call of duty black ops shotgun lol

Anonymous said...

is it me or are the z's a bunch of neanderthal looking cave men. how many of these degenerates are there?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the weapon in the second pic is called?

Anonymous said...

Halcones sent to kill the governors bodyguards? Wouldn't they use professional sicarios for a hit against a governor? Something not right about this.

I bet you can get them to confess to anything if you tablazo them long enough. These guys probably don't have a full brain between the three of them.

Anonymous said...

Well the confessions will be thrown out or they will walk out of jail or just turned loose or---

Anonymous said...

That looks like a SRM Calico type shotgun with a rotary magazine.
And Yeah these idiots look like lowlifes even by mexican standards!!

Anonymous said...

Why not shoot them immediately? Now they go to prison and escape again. FCKG Bastards!

Anonymous said...

The one in the white shirt looks like a loser, just trying to say.........ooh poor me!!!! I didn't do something wrong!

Anonymous said...

Delinguentes criminales.
Haha! They are like cockroaches, they all look like they have an IQ of less than 70.

They only know killing. Eat, shit and kill, that's their mission. Como animales.

Anonymous said...

For the person responsible for translating the word "estacas" is another word for sicario. I live in mexico and am familiar with the word.

Anonymous said...

Something is fishy - There are not Handcuffed either

Anonymous said...

they should have given them the penalty of hang or shot ive seen the mexican prisons and they are not that guarded. the prisoners dont even have prison uniforms they were their own normal clothes
they have to buy their own food. mexico has to bring back the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe some of the comments I read! Some of you Americans are so ignorant and stupid in regards to the comments you post. Sounds like some of you are no better than the men in these photos. Fools!

rosa blancao said...

Estoy de a curdo con algunos comentarios puse uno de ellos es mi hermano lo cual si lo golpearon para Que se echara la culpa lo golpearon asta Que digo esta bien pero el es inocentente su nombre es nicolas yepez alvarez I conosco a mi hermano I el no iso nada de lo Que lo acusan solo por Que el esta solo en ese pias I por Que trae unos tatoos en las manos ya eres in criminal inbestigen muy bien I saldra la berda .

Anonymous said...

Por que estaba tu hermano en ese carro con armas? Entonces que hace, a que se dedica Nicolas Yepes?

Nick Rodriguez said...

While we broach the subject of ignorance and stupidity, reference your generalization of Americans; especially considering the fact that you have no idea where these people are from. Well done, moron.

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