Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War

Mexican Drug Cartels Making Threats On The Internet

Saturday, August 13, 2011 |

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Mexican drug cartels are using the internet to threaten rival gangs,using video of their captured rival bound and humiliated......

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6 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Show the torture and killing!!!! Thats all I want to see not this talking crap!


Anonymous said...

Mis enimigos threat after valentin was killed. If I'm correct Mr Guzman made that for the Zetas. Crazy thing is most of Zetas pictured in the threat are dead or have been captured.

Anonymous said...

Most Americans think of beheadings as in the Muslim world....They have zero clue as to how bad it is in Mexico. Why did it say oyster on his stomach LOL ? I feel bad for anyone being tortured to that extent unless they tortured someone themselves. I think it's terrible that a halcone or some low level pot dealer ends up dismembered.

filesharingfool said...

brutal sh** like cutting off some1 head has always been around

Correct me if im wrong, but wasn't it Native Americans that used to "Scalp" rival indians and/or white settlers?

Nobody has once ever made a big deal of how gross or brutal it is to "scalp" someone.

Just a thought

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:02 get your head out of your ass. "Nobody has ever made a big deal out of how brutal it is to scalp someone." How do you know this? Do you have any factual info to back this up or is it that you like to pull bullshit statements out of thin air or you are 9 years old?

Anonymous said...

Honestly why do mexicans skip out on the good bits but run a 8 minute interrogation but skip the killing what the fuck?

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