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1 dead, 5 wounded in Mexico border school shooting ‎

Thursday, August 25, 2011 |

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) -- Gunmen attacked a group of parents waiting for their children outside an elementary school Wednesday, killing one man and wounding five other people in a dangerous part of the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez.

The Chihuahua state prosecutor's office said two cars drove up to the school around noon, and two men got out and started shooting, apparently with assault rifles.

The gunfire wounded one man and four women, prosecutors' spokesman Arturo Sandoval said.

Teachers locked down the school, not allowing students to leave until the situation calmed down. Frightened parents rushed to the school to search for their children.

No information on the motive for the attack was released, but schools in Ciudad Juarez have reported receiving threats and extortion demands in the past.

The federal Interior Ministry condemned the shootings. "This is precisely the irrational violence that should be combatted equally by all three levels of government," its statement said.

Mexico's federal government has been urging state and local authorities to improve their police forces with better training for their officers and by investigating officers for possible ties to crime organizations.

The Sinaloa and Juarez drug cartels have been fighting for control of Ciudad Juarez, which neighbors El Paso, Texas. More than 6,000 people have been killed in the city since 2008.

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29 Borderland Beat Comments:

Anonymous said...

Texcoco Mex said

This MF have no respect for kids no more. This is terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Why do these scumbags do such evil shit for NO REASON??!!! what the hell did that guy do? is it HIS fault the school he was at did not pay a cartel money? NO he was just being with his family and he was killed FOR NO REASON!! not only that but they have destroyed an innocent family for nothin too.

This kind of thing really pisses me off. FUCK these evil bastards and their pointless evil doings! God will question their sick actions when their time comes and its bound to come soon seeing as the average Narco don't live long and i'm sure they will probably die slower and more painful than this poor soul did.

What goes around comes around eventually
assholes! :(

Anonymous said...

Yah, come to Mexico! It's safe! Only the bad people have bad things happen to them!

Anonymous said...

It's time for people that love this country to say "Enough is enough". This doesn't mean just the drug lords, this means the politicians, all divisions of law enforcement, or anyone else involved in criminal activity. When 10% to 15% of the population rule the other 85% to 90% there is always going to be chaos. We must demand that our country becomes a country of dignity and respect, only then will it be so. Otherwise it will continue down the road of despair. There has to be a united front to control the indignation of Mexico.

yaya said...

Mexicans: It is your INDIVIDUAL duty to protect your children and ensure their safety. Force your socialist government to stop inhibiting your natural rights to self defense and get yourself some weapons and training. There will always be evil in the world and you complaining that the government is not doing YOUR duty does not remove your responsibility to fulfill that duty. YOU must fight the evil and the large amount of violence in Mexico is the result of its citizens not fulfilling their INDIVIDUAL duty to ensure a just society.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if we legalized weed those people wouldn't have been shot lol

El_Regio said...

These are Chapos people committing horrible acts all over Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Apparently this guy was not some bystander waiting to pick up his kids. The story goes that he was being chased after and ducked into a stationary store across the street from the school. The sicarios opened fire on the store where a lot of the "collateral injuries" happened to the women. The people in the store were yelling at the guy to get out of the store, which he did. He staggered over to the front of the school, where he died. Was his dying action protecting the people at the store, or looking for little kids as his next shields? Quien sabe?


Anonymous said...

Wait so the whole zetas shooting down public schools and kids in ciudad juarez is true?The rumor is los zetas who are in cd juarez to support vicente carillo fuentes are gonna start killing innocent people until the goverment of chihuahua stops supporting chapo.Their accusing the goverment as being chapos armed wing and since their pretty much taking alot of hits the juarez cartel are gonna start murdering children,innocent ppl until the goverment stops favoring chapo,and starts playing fair.Thats what i heard

Anonymous said...

the situation is pretty fucked up, i used to live in juarez and work in EP, but since the job market was pretty dry 3 yrs ago, i decided to move back north. My ex girlfriend who lived there would always talk shit about moving to chicago becuase of how the gang stories she heard, we even compared murder rates between the 2 cities Cdj and Chi, at the time chicago had a higher murder #, but i would argue that you have to break it down and figure it out by capita. as it turns out i was right, but this was before the war broke out. Im i glad to have gotten the fuck outta there when i did. I hear that theres no longer a nite scene out there, which sux, cuz that was its main attraction to everyone on the other side of the bridge...Right about now i wish i could look at my Ex Gf and ask her, "where is it safer?"


Anonymous said...

This may sound insane (and I am a little throwed off) but it is time for the State Police and Municipal Police to stand united with the local cartels against Calderon and the Sinaloans and run the outlaw federal forces and Sinaloans out of town. These criminal are pissing in every plaza and laughing about it. Bitch ass Calderon will not back off his plan to give Mexico to El Chapo on a silver platter and his plan isn't realistic. He cannot take Mexico but he can create enough chaos and need for smaller cartels to resort to extortion and kidnapping that life everywhere is miserable. Calderon and his elite group are the ultimate criminals here. What really bothers me is, so many Americans are sheep like followers that think Calderon is doing the right thing for Mexico. Our media has taken a stance that we Americans really aren't bright enough to process and disseminate news in a productive way so they block the news from us. Ultimately, "we" are becoming the socialist nations and our leaders think they need to make decisions for us without our input.

More power to all politicians, police forces, and cartels that stand up to this criminal act by their president and federal forces to create a monopoly on the drug trade. May God help you lead the way to peace.

I am very tired of Mexico suffering and I do know cartel truces is the only way to have peace in Mexico. I will get blasted by the John Waynes, want to be DEAs, military militia minute men, and the religious right, but what the F***. Who likes them anyway.

I also think Juarez is the perfect playing field for this event to start, and snowball throughout Mexico. Their municipal police and state police along with CDJ have the balls to do this and for that matter have done it several times through the years.

Anonymous said...

Mexico needs more balls,just like in Central and South American countries where they go after scumbag criminals and hang or burn their asses in public....oh wait criminals have rights too and human rights activists blame the innocent successful citizens for oppressing them.

Layla said...

"This is precisely the irrational violence that should be combatted"..with the death penalty!

"Sought out better training and investigative procedures..." This old hat excuses. When is Mexico willing to change its fundamental laws and procedures???

"Where are the gunnman..?" I don't know..
"How will they be prosecuted..?" I don't know
"Who saw what..?" I don't know
"Why are they doing this..?" I don't know
...and there's your problem.

When will the majority of Mexicans come clean with everything they see, hear, know..? Cartels can't kill em all.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the sicarios were using guns taken to Mexico with Homeland Security assistance. Probably. I'm wondering if the US federal government assholes ever considered this type of scenario? With more help from the NRA the sicarios will probably start shooting up maternity wards next. It's time for Mexico to put up a fence to keep guns out.

Anonymous said...

Americans mind your own god damn business haha!

UFFA said...


Anonymous said...

Casino bombing in Monterrey. Come one BB.

ajulio said...

@ layla

Hmmmm. Very good comment. I'm also sick and tired of hearing these types of stories. When will Mexican citizens say enough is enough? When will the American media put more attention on Mexico instead of viewing Mexico like a second class country?

Cut off the head and the body dies. Find out who ordered this crime and shoot to kill. Mexican prisons are worthless. It's time to destroy instead of capture.

Anonymous said...

que hijos de pues que se puede esperar, no saben lo que es respeto...

Anonymous said...

Pinches bastardos punetas I bet I can kick their punk asses they aint shit without a gun

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Zetas just declared war on Calderon in Monterey in the same manner this event occurred. They killed 32 and injured 50 in a casino there. Mostly women. It is going to blow if there is not negotiation.

Buela said...

August 25 @ 8:12

You are correct. Mexican ladies love the casinos. and at that time of day there are sure to be many of all ages.

I posted the story on BB forum about 3 hours ago, with video etc but no article no news source has named any MDC responsible. why are you saying it is Zetas?
did you read something? I would like to see the source and link if you can please post it on my post in forum?

Anonymous said...

Texcoco Mex said

@August 25, 2011 8:12 PM I think that number went up now from 32 to 61 dead.

Anonymous said...

Stupid mexican president needs to use all 192 thousand of the military forces, he needs to send at least 15-30 thousand to sinola alone take the biggest cartel down first no need to legalized weed or bring back the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

UFFA. Guess what ZETAS already do what they want in TEXAS,your obviously not doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

August 25, 2011 4:30 PM

LMAOOOO!!! what you smokin dude?

Anonymous said...

Texcoco Mex said.

UFFA are you trying to tell us Texas is free of gangs?

No more Zetas Cartel, Texas Syndicate, Siete Viejo (gang), Tango Blast, Newton Gang, Mexikanemi, Hell's Lovers, Hammerskins, Dixie Mafia, Bandidos Motorcycle Club, Almighty Vice Lord Nation. Are all this gangs under control now?.

@August 25, 2011 11:07 PM Stupid mexican president needs to use all 192 thousand of the military force.

I don't know if you know, but Calderon did ask to use all the military. It was congress the ones who didn't allowed, congress are the ones who said no.

Anonymous said...

listen ppl , i am a mexican from mazatlan ,and i see alote of ppl talking negativly of chapo and el chapos ppl , but you all must understand , that he is the less of evil of thm all , here in mazatlan we have delt with zetas , and their way of working , wich is extorsion and kidnapping , thank god for chapo, he has almost kicked them all out ,where not stupid , we know hes a criminal , but if you dont fuck with la mafia , no one fucks with you, hes the best option we have right now , the gov. vale verga , they cqant fight these guys , you must understand that in mexico the only weapons that a citizen can "legalley" buy is a 22, 25 ,32 ,380,38special, wich is no match for aks, and grenades, soo i hope el chapo cleans my country from this shit called LOS ZEtaCUAHCES... PURO SINALOA JIJOS DE LA VERGA

Anonymous said...

When will the mexicans just stand up against these cartel fucks? We know it won't be easy but it can be done. When will mexicans just say, fuck it, enough is enough and grab arms and just kill every person linked to a cartel. I know this sound like arm chair talk but other people around the world have done it, even mexicans did it before. Libyans are still standing up to a Government. It's not easy but it gets you somewhere.

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